Select Best Payment Methods for Uber

PayPal, Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Debit Cards, Uber credits are the mode of payment for the riders to choose the suitable method of paying after the completion of the trip.

After the end of the ride, money automatically got deducted from the riders suitable payment methods for Uber. 

I know you will be wondering which are the best method for making a payment to the Uber driver.

It depends on individual choice while choosing a method the rider has given multiple choice to make a payment. 

How to change Uber payment method

However, in the USA credit card payment mode is considered as the best method for Uber.

About 78% of riders preferred to make a payment with a credit card and 9% riders would like to make a payment with Paypal.

The interesting point here is –  cash is the king in developing country and first choice of payment method in India and Brazil.

While everyone is must be thinking, credit should be ruling over all the payment methods, but it seems cash is widely appreciated in the developing and it appears most of the population in these countries are unbanked, and cash preference is widely recognized.

UBER PayMent Method
Source: Statista

According to the statistics data of 2017, the best mode of payment for online shopper was credit cards. 

It is easy to use a credit card to your online application and make a payment, you just need to add the card detail and made the secure transfer of money and save it for later use.

Similarly, UBER allowed credit card as a convenient way to make payment for the trips.

How to Pay UBER?

When you are in online business then entirely company depend on to getting paid that is the reason many e-commerce companies integrate several wallets, visa implement to make more revenue.

UBER implemented several payments mode for rider convenience around the world.

VISA service is best considerably around the USA, might be thinking that VISA is the winner in this game but you are partially right, developing countries like India, Mexico, Brazil where more than 50% of citizens are unbanked they chose the CASH payment mode is best and reliable

for them.

  1. Visa
  2. PayPal
  3. Paytm
  4. Cash
  5. MasterCard

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How to change the payment method for Uber?

  • Open the UBER application.
  • Tap on the Payment or before requesting change the Uber mode of payment.
  • Make sure you would the correct payment or have an outstanding balance.
  • Choose the most convenient method such as UBER Visa, Visa/Mastercard, and Paypal.

UBER Credit Card

UBER Credit card

UBER offers visa and Mastercard as a mode of payment for the convenience of the rider. According to the statistics more than 382 million people enrolled in the visa card.

Visa integrate into almost everywhere such as local shop and mobile payment.

Soon it will become boon in the upcoming year when you can find visa checkout around every corner near the city, currently, 20 million people enrolled to visa checkout as the mode of payment.

So if you prefer to make a visa/MasterCard which is the best method around the USA. It is a fast, secure and reliable for UBER as well as other e-commerce shops.


Uber paypal

PayPal is a name enough company, it is the most famous wallet around the globe and you are very much familiar with.

According to the graph of superfly insight of 2017, more than 20% of the rider in the USA make payment to UBER through Paypal.

Paypal attracts more user through their convenient payment, if you have seen in most e-commerce shopping website there is a gateway of PayPal.

PayPal redirects to the visa and MasterCard through the payment that is why it makes them one is equal to three in shopping field.

As I said, PayPal that all of us are familiar with, and it makes the best style of getting paid for freelancer and even considers a suitable wallet for international transaction among them.

UBER Visa Review in Brief

Uber payment methods 800X600

When the company launches own services, the rider and members expect that will bring something new to the show and might have been helped to save their pocket with cashback and discount vouchers.

UBER Visa is a part of the expectation and rider is hoping to have a little savings from their rideshare budget and might help them to use UBER Visa card and gain the points.

Now, if you are thinking to apply for the UBER Visa and hoping to save money then you are right.

There are ample of perks for apply UBER Visa, users will get the UBER Visa reward in the form of rewards, you will get $1 if you purchase goods that means you get 4% rewards points and it should be 4 points.

One point is equal to $0.01 and you can use those points on purchasing a gift card, ordering food from Uber Eats and online shopping to make a payment. 5000 points are valued of $50 Uber Cash and $50 Gift Card if you spending in a year.

UBER Credit Card or UBER Visa Card Application

  1. Go to the MENU section present at the top of the corner of the UBER app.
  2. Tap The VIEW Offers in the payment section, there you will find the apply for UBER Visa Card. Tap it and fill the required detail.
  3. Once you filled the detail, Uber will review your form and once you approved you are eligible to use the Uber Card.
  4. You will get a notification once you approved.

What are the Benefits of UBER Credit Card?

UBER credit as considered one of the smooth transaction mode for making payment along with some points which help the users to get cashback in one or another way.

  1. Cardholders are not supposed to pay the annual fee.
  2. Cardholders have an opportunity of saving $100 within 90 days if they spend $5000 in a span of three months, that means $55.55 in a day.
  3. If the cardholder supposedly pays the mobile bills every month using Uber visa card and might he get the mobile phone supplement insurance up to $600.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Uber unable to accept the payment method?

Such an encounter happened when rider/users put the incorrect detail card detail. You have to update the card detail and made proper verification otherwise your card would not get accepted and you could request for a ride.

Uber error adding a payment method?

Updating and still facing the error then you need to contact Uber Help center and put the queries in brief. UBER representative will shortly reply to your query and explain the exact reason for the error and they will guide you the best  way to solve it.

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