How to be a Top Dasher

How to be a top dasher

Students in my school were divided into two groups: those who wanted gold stars from their teachers and those who scorned them. The Top Dasher program at DoorDash has some fans who don’t agree with it.

How to be top dasher

There are almost every day Top Dashers getting ridiculed on the DoorDash reddit.

  • The reason is to convince people to accept low-level orders through corporate BS.
  • With 500 deliveries under my belt, I do not have ambition to become Top Dasher.”
  • It is better to have a scheduling system earlier than Top Dasher.”

Does Top Dasher care as little about your success as much as DoorDash would like you to believe? 

Is this just the cool kids teasing the overachievers? 

It is another of the dashers’ favorite programs, but it is not widely used.

What is the Top Dasher Program?

Dashers who achieve the highest level of excellence are recognized and rewarded in the Top Dasher program!

Dashers who qualify will receive special rewards to acknowledge their efforts to provide DoorDash customers with a high level of service.

In what way does the program work?

You will be considered a Top Dasher on the 1st day of each month if you meet the criteria! 

On the Account page of the Dasher app, you will find the rewards you will receive for the month, as well as how to access them. 

These rewards can be redeemed until the end of the  month.

What are the requirements to qualify for the program?

Become doordash driver

The following criteria must be met by the last day of this month* to qualify for the program next month:

  • A minimum of 4.7 stars from customers
  • A minimum of 70% acceptance rate
  • At least 95% of the task is completed
  • During the past month, there have been 100 deliveries completed
  • A minimum of 200 deliveries of lifetime products have been made

Unless you meet the criteria mid-month, you will not be eligible for rewards the next month if you have met the criteria by the beginning of that month.

You will still be able to access your rewards through the end of the month even if you lose qualification midway through the month. (Source)

How to become a top dasher?

Doordash dasher

Are you struggling to raise enough cash through the doordash app? 

Following these Doordash driver tips will steer your earnings potential a mile away

1. The busy hour is a good time for a dash: Best time to dash is

  • During lunchtime (11am-2:00pm)
  • Dinner (between 5pm and 10pm)
  • Weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) are especially busy

2. Make sure you are near hotspots: Market hotspots are the areas in your market with the highest frequency of orders for delivery.

3. Schedule a time to deliver : Taking care of your own schedule, gives you priority access to priority notifications

It follows equation of: Higher order volume = higher profits

 4. Maintain a high level of customer service: Your delivering income can be significantly increased by customer tips.

5. Increase your delivery rate per hour: Make sure you are prepared for all types of weather. During low competition, Doordash works best.

6. Take advantage of Doordash promotions and incentives: If you accept a delivery in a zone with a peak pay, you earn a bonus in the app incentives. Doordash will notify you when you reach a certain number of deliveries and you can earn extra money.

7. Maintain a mileage log: By deducting your business mileage and expenses, you can significantly reduce your tax bill.

8. Don’t let your acceptance rate drop: Your acceptance rate should be high for these reasons

  • If your rating is low, you are not allowed to schedule early
  • If your acceptance rate falls below 70%, you are not eligible to participate in the Doordash reward program and drive
  • It is possible to deactivate your Dasher account with Doordash

Top Dasher isn’t worth it to some dashers: Dashers Perception

Become top dasher

The ability to dash whenever you like may seem like its biggest benefit. 

However, many Dashers think that Top Dasher has more downsides than benefits. 

It is worthwhile to see the other side of this same shining coin. 

The reason is as follows.

In order to maintain a high acceptance rate, you must accept too many orders that offer low payouts. 

Top Dasher has been criticized for accepting too many orders with low payouts in order to achieve a 70% acceptance rate.

Dashers should accept no poorly paid orders as long as they don’t have to — they can’t be deactivated for low acceptance ratings.

Because order requests display the payout, many Dashers decline orders with low payouts (as low as $3 in some cases) and await better opportunities.

The more selective strategy can mean that you don’t reach the acceptance rate requirement for becoming Top Dasher, however it can also result in a larger paycheck.

Scheduling doesn’t have a great deal of benefit. 

Benefits associated with the Top Dasher program have also been criticized for not being a very beneficial perk in the grand scheme of things.

When the app is opened, the red colors of busy zones indicate that high order volumes are occurring. 

There is a possibility of dashing when busy zones are present (red in color). 

If a market is not very busy (shown as gray), Top Dashers can still Dash, but why would you want to Dash in that case?

Using the Early Access system before using Top Dasher can allow you to plan the best time to use Dash Now when a market is busy rather than using Top Dasher. 

Using this system, you won’t need to schedule your orders as often as Top Dasher, and you will have the freedom to refuse as many low-paying orders as you like without worrying about being on the Top Dasher list.

All Dashers may suffer from low payouts because top Dashers are contributing to the problem. Several Dashers have expressed frustration with the low payouts of orders, and with 

Top Dasher encouraging them to accept any orders that pay less than what they receive. 

According to this logic, DoorDash would have to increase payouts if Dashers rejected all low paying orders.

What are the benefits of the Top Dasher program?

Doordash Dasher payment

From the above, we already get to know the perception associated with criticism of some dashers. 

Lets know about the perk offered by the top dasher program.

Dash Anytime

In spite of busy times, Top Dashers can schedule a dash by clicking on “Dash Now“. 

In order to minimize the number of Dashers traveling on the road, please continue scheduling time slots.

Additionally, you can always dash in any nearby zone using the Dasher app. 

If you are able to schedule or dash when it is convenient for you, it does not mean it is always busy. 

Obviously, we recommend using the dashing feature in red areas (but you’re still welcome to do so in a gray area, too!

More Deliveries

You will get priority for new orders when things are slower. The tie will be broken in your favor in the event there are two nearby Dashers who can take on an order.

Get order priority

The Dasher with the highest priority score will get the order if two Dashers are eligible

How Important Is Your Restaurant Choice?

The best or worst restaurants are not defined by any specific criteria. 

There are often differences in reputations between locations of the same chain. 

As the popularity of food delivery apps increases, restaurants are becoming better equipped to handle online orders. 

My food is usually ready in a few minutes or less thanks to Dashers.

The Best Way to Maximize Tips & Ratings

Doordash delivery driver

Some Dashers can be disheveled and do not care about performing well, while others may be perky and wear red lanyards with their warming bags. 

The three tips below will allow you to launch yourself into the upper echelon of Dashers with minimal effort.

1. You should always be presentable. The attire you wear should be professional, so don’t wear any DoorDash gear or wear a cardigan. As a bare minimum, wear clean, wrinkle-free clothing.

2. The key to success is communication! You can copy-paste the most relevant text message to a restaurant customer whenever you arrive for an order (you can store them on your phone’s Notes app):

3. When delivering the order, place it in a warm bag. It’s no fun thinking about the filth on your hands, but customers would rather you not touch their food.  

How much does doordash pay ?

You can earn more money and achieve financial goals by doing a same-day pay job with DoorDash. 

How exactly does Doordash delivery work?

Earn moeny from Doordash

Customers who order food through the DoorDash app are able to pay you by having the food delivered to them.

The Doordash process is quite simple, so you can easily understand how they earn money. You pick, deliver, and earn money when a customer places an order.

Tony Xu (CEO of DoorDash) announced some changes in the way drivers are paid recently. As a Dasher, you probably know that you are paid differently depending on where you are, the day of the week and the hour of the day. Indeed reports that Dashers earn an average of $18.67/hr.

Here are some tips & tricks on how to earn $1000 a week with doordash 

start earning from doordash

Online food delivery services aren’t exclusive to you, so you’re not alone. 

Millions of Americans regularly use DoorDash, UberEATS, GrubHub, and other services. With technological advances and changing cultural customs, food delivery has grown exponentially in this decade.

How would it be if you were on the receiving end of a delivery? Does DoorDash offer a good working environment? Do you want to be a part of that group of people who deliver your food and then disappear into  the night? 

Some of these tips and tricks might seem repetitive or quite common to hear, but with consistency, you will surely succeed and be rewarded for it.

Wonder no more, good readers!

#1. Decide what you want

Getting yourself motivated to the exhausting 12-hour delivery is the very first step you have to take.

Your goal helped you to be successful. Doordash offers flexibility, but if you pay extra attention to delivery you may be able to grow even further.

If you work hard, perhaps you can make more by delivering with Doordash, as the goal encourages you to work 12 hours.

You must make at least 10 deliveries a day in order to touch the $1000 threshold in a week. No matter how many hours you worked,

#2. Profile photos can help you gain handsome tips

Make sure you put a good profile pic in the first attempt because your customer has no idea who you are – they don’t know that you have a tiny car, your name begins with your last initial, and hopefully you have a small smiley face.

Your profile pic dictates a great deal about who you are. You are judged by how well you present yourself. “Make sure your profile picture is good and high-quality.”

#3. Take the time to analyze the market

The tipping culture in Los Angeles makes it a great place to earn money.

It is common to see strange figures in different cities, and students often receive a lower tip on campuses or at places with students.

If you live in a city with a lot of Uber eats, Doordash, and bike drivers, then you’re in luck.

In urban areas, you’ll have trouble competing with them

#4. Stay on top of your local trends

“When you start passing every single small and large order to make more deliveries when you are a new driver.”

According to Doordash, it is more important to learn and experience through quantity than quality.You may backfire on yourself if you accept every order hoping to get a big order from an untrained customer.

As time goes on, you’ll discover the best restaurants that have more deliveries and you should never avoid small deliveries, since 3 small deliveries mean 3 different tips.While you may be perceived as having different results in your market, it’s important to adapt the scale.

#5. Take Over Your Downtime

Doordash driver

Customer orders are never known in advance. Have you ever had two cell phones?

If you are more comfortable staying online for longer periods, then you can do so.

Sleeping and taking breaks are great ways to disconnect. Therefore, you promised yourself not to succumb to  that temptation.

You can stay online while taking other courses in the app – you can set aside time for those that you are enrolled in.

When delivering in suburban areas, it is advisable  to park near McDonald’s, Applebee’s and Red Robin’s.

When you deliver, make sure you consume your own homemade food to reduce costs.

It is possible to prepare the food at home, then carry on with the delivery when the time comes.

Would you like to see great results? The next 30 days, you should not eat fast food.

#6. Ask for odd things that could end up being big tips

You encounter many experienced drivers on the road. “What types of odd requests did the driver receive during the trip?” could be an interesting question to ask.

You are likely to be asked to bring cigarettes on your way, and sometimes customers request that you bring other items as well.

If you fulfill your customers’ requests and wishes during the trip, they will give you more tip.

The result of denying is a negative impression and rating.

Unless the customer is forcing you to bring alcohol during the trip, contact customer service to let them know if the customer did not respect the rules.

#7. Keeping an expense record is important

If you take into account tax and expenses, the total amount you receive is not actually earned from the side hustle.

Taxes and depreciation take up 30% of earnings. Being a 1099 worker can be difficult at times.

You can see how much money you earn by subtracting 30% from your actual paycheck.

Keeping track of your expenses will help you reduce some of the unwanted expenses.

Why it’s Worth Being Top Dasher?

tip and tricks for best dasher

Early Access scheduling and being selective about orders are the keys to maximising profits, according to many Dashers. 

There are, however, occasions when Top Dasher can solve real problems and increase earnings.

The hardest thing about working in competitive markets is finding good shifts, even with Early Access scheduling. 

You might not be able to find good hours in the busiest markets without Top Dasher.

You may be able to lose hours if you leave your scheduled area for too long, as the scheduling system locks you into your scheduled area. While you’re running, you will be able to switch zones with Top Dasher. 

That’s particularly helpful for people who live on the border between several different areas.

Is being a top Dasher Right for You?

Food Deliver app Doordash

Dashing should not be hindered by petty squabbles among schoolmates. 

Getting Top Dasher status can be the difference between working lucrative shifts and earning too little money each day for some. 

It is easy to make fun of the go-getters who follow orders, but for others, it is the difference between earning enough money each day and not being able to.

You don’t have to opt for Top Dasher simply because it exists. 

You can decline low-paying orders all day long, so don’t worry about the Top Dasher high approval rating requirements if you prefer to decline low-paying orders over cherry picking orders.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Doordash delivery job

Would DoorDash peak pay be worth it?

If you drive during Peak Pay most of your earnings tend to rise, or if it actually depresses them due to too many other Dashers on the road, you should avoid it.

Does DoorDash penalize you for declining orders?

Although Dashers are independent contractors, they are entitled to decline any opportunity for delivery; however, by accepting a delivery order, they agree to complete that delivery. The  completion rate is the percentage of deliveries that a Dasher completes from those that they accept.

How does DoorDash handle an acceptance rate of 0?

What are the consequences of a low DoorDash acceptance rate? As a driver, you can only currently gain or lose loyalty points based on  CUSTOMER and COMPLETION ratings.

What makes you a top Dasher?

The criteria required to be ranked as a top dasher are many. An average customer rating of 4.70 is required. Over 95 percent completion rate is required. Deliveries must have been completed over 100 times during the previous month, with an acceptance rate of 70%.

Who are elite Dashers?

Dashers who are elite finish their orders as quickly as possible (and don’t drive like maniacs) communicate with merchants and customers effectively when necessary, and always go the extra mile when necessary.

What happens when you reach 100 deliveries on DoorDash?

The dasher should receive a $5 bonus after completing 100 deliveries. With 100 orders, Doordash has certainly made more than $5 in profits. To show their appreciation, they should at least give back $5. If you run 1000 dashes, you’ll get a $10 bonus.

When are DoorDash’s busiest days?

Generally, peak times coincide with meal times, so lunch (11:00 AM to 2:00 PM) and dinner (4:30 PM to 8:00 PM) are often the most busy times for dashing – which should mean that there is more money to be made! It is possible to book a dash up to five days ahead of time when the lunch or dinner rush occurs.

Are DoorDash customers able to see your rating?

Individual customer reviews and ratings are not visible to DoorDash drivers. Dashers can, however, determine which customer left a positive or negative rating if they regularly check their overall rating. It might be difficult for those who are new to DoorDash to navigate the app’s newly updated ratings system.

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  1. I am a top dasher and I decline few orders the most of my declined orders are from Walmart because you never know what the order is. It could be 10 cases of water delivered 10 miles away and on the top floor of a apartment complex. In old with a bad back but doordash does not care about me or I would be able to opt out of all Walmart orders if they did and I keep a notebook that I keep up with my declined orders as well as my accepted orders and the acceptance rate is wrong and they know it give taken 16 orders in a row and my acceptance rating has not changed and I know I have not declined 16 orders in a row so I know and they know as well. They do this to keep me making these low ball orders


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