Lyft background Check Guide

Lyft background check: Here’s everything you need to know Lyft drivers must undergo a background check before they can earn income as rideshare drivers.  To ensure riders are provided with safe rides, Lyft ensures that every driver in their company complies with state and federal safety regulations. Often, when people are preparing to apply to … Read more

Can I use Lyft without the app

Can I use Lyft without the app? Rider hailing apps like Uber and Lyft make it easy for people to get from point A to point B at a price generally lower than taking a taxi. Yet these new transportation options are largely ignored by those without smartphones or those who aren’t able to use … Read more

Lyft Tipping Guide | How Much You Can Expect?

Lyft Tipping Guide

Lyft tipping Lyft is a well-known transportation service that deals with the operation and custom designing of mobile applications that help hire different kinds of vehicles applicable to the location.  Initially, Lyft operating vehicles contain a Lyft logo that represents a moustache in pink colour. Lyft’s tipping policy is quite simple and effective than other … Read more