Uber Black Driver Salary

Uber black driver salary

How much do UberBLACK drivers make? 

Is it worth the investment to purchase a car for UberBLACK? 

How can UberBLACK drivers maximize their income?

Drivers often wonder about these questions, which are crucial if a profitable driving strategy is to be developed.

In addition to the earnings information we provide, you’ll find plenty of useful and informative resources if you’re thinking about driving for UberBLACK.

Let’s crunch the numbers and figure out whether this service is worth it based on what drivers make.

What is uber black?

Uber black driver salary

In Uber Black, riders connect directly with professional drivers via the Uber app in order to access high-end cars.

In the beginning, Uber Black was exclusively a black car service, transforming it into a convenient, yet equally glamorous service.

It takes as little time to make a request, get picked up, and drop off as UberX. 

Riders, however, can expect an elevated experience from beginning to end: leather seats, an elite driver, and perhaps even a Tesla to show off to their friends.

For drivers, this means an increased profit per hour is right around the corner.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • There is a maximum of 4 passengers in an UberBLACK (or 6 in an UberSUV).
  • The clients are picked up in a new, luxury black sedan or SUV (usually a 2010 or newer model).
  • Uber chauffeurs are expected to dress professionally (in uniform or formal suits, similar to what you would expect from a high-end private driver).
  • Unlike other Uber services, UberBLACK ONLY provides black cars (including those with a black leather interior).

How Much Do UberBLACK Drivers Make?

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Most people are interested in how much money one can make driving UberBLACK.

The only way to answer that question correctly is that you can make a lot more money per mile and minute than you could with UberX or UberXL! 

 It doesn’t mean, though, that you will ultimately make more per hour.  

The rest of my remarks will follow.

The rates of UberX were higher during the beginning than they are today!

UberX, for example, was $4.50 per mile in New York City when it was first introduced.  UberBLACK charged

$9.00 per mile!  

There were higher prices for uberX back then than for taxis.  

In New York City, the uberX service now costs $1.75 a mile – less than half the price of a cab – and the UberBlack service costs $3.75.  

UberX charges exactly twice as much.  

In general, it is at least two to four times more expensive than local uberX rates.

One of the best things about driving UberBLACK is that you can make a great deal of money fast.  

The amount of money you can make in an hour can, for example, range from $100 – $200 on the basis of traffic conditions, distance, and city.  (If you’re extremely lucky, you can make $200 if the right conditions are present at the right time, in the right market).  

It’s not bad considering how much minimum wage is struggling to be paid to UberX drivers.

This isn’t the whole story, though.

The Uber offices would be flooded with sign-ups if everyone made $100-$200 an hour!  

Doctors and lawyers might even be seen running down to sign up!  On average, Black drivers do not make $100-$200 per hour. However, some hours are better than others.

With UberBLACK, you get much fewer trips than with uberX because it is a lot more expensive. 

It All Depends on Where You Are?

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UberBLACK drivers’ earnings are largely determined by where they drive.  UberBLACK is more prevalent in some cities than others.  The most prosperous cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, would be perfect for UberBlack.

The following are two factors that are essential for UberBLACK to be viable in a particular city:

  1. There must be a large number of wealthy individuals
  2. There needs to be a lot of showoffs and wealthy people

There are certainly plenty of wealthy showoffs in New York and Los Angeles!  In addition, they are excellent UberBlack candidates.

While Phoenix is a wealthy city, it’s not nearly as wealthy as New York or LA, and its wealthy people tend not to be quite as extravagant as those of New York and Los Angeles.  Los Angeles or New York would be their home!

You need to think about your market’s characteristics if you plan on driving UberBLACK.  

Do you know whether there is a large group of wealthy people living in your neighborhood?  

Will they spend an additional two to three times what UberX costs to get a little extra comfort?  The practical kind of wealthy person will always spend their money frugally, regardless of how much they have?

How much money do UberBLACK drivers earn in Los Angeles? 

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Approximately $52,104 is the annual salary of UberBLACK drivers in Los Angeles.

The average UberBLACK driver in Los Angeles makes about 2 trips per hour and earns around $16.70 per trip ($33.04).

Assuming an UberBLACK driver in Los Angeles works 30 hours a week, their income totals $1002 per week, or $52,104 annually.

An Analysis of the Numbers

Usually you can see that both uberX and UberBLACK drivers in New York City spend a lot of time on the internet if you compare their daily invoices.  

In other words, we’re talking about a minimum of 10 hours.

It is likely that the driver will have made 15 to 20 trips during those ten hours.  

By the end of their first week, UberBLACK drivers will have made 4-7 trips. 

 In the UberBLACK case, the driver will have earned at least $200. UberX will have earned in the range of $150-$200.

The lower end of an UberBLACK driver’s earning potential is the higher end for an uberX driver.

Often a Black driver will make as much money as an X driver, but with much less effort, a lot fewer miles and a lot less hassle.  

There would also have been a lot more waiting time for him.  It’s just that more of those hours will be spent idle than driving, even though he’ll put in the same amount of time “online.”.

We define “online hours” as how many hours a driver is online in the driver app on his or her phone and ready to take calls.

UberBLACK drivers might be sitting in a Starbucks waiting for a call, while uberX drivers may be whizzing around in a hurry, completing $5 trips straight after another $5 trip! 

 Oh, and you’ll occasionally get a lucky call for $7!

There is a possibility of making a lot of money with UberBLACK, but it’s not guaranteed.  

The Uber model changes every few months, making it a risky long-term investment.

The requirements for Uber Black drivers

Getting an Uber Black driver’s license isn’t as simple as getting an UberX driver’s license.

Uber Black takes strict measures to ensure only the best drivers earn through Uber Black, in addition to the minimum requirements set out by Uber for all drivers, including proof of insurance, a cleared background check, and at least a year of driving experience.

The minimum rating requirement for Uber Black is one factor taken into consideration since Uber claims Black is a luxury service. 

The minimum star rating for uber black drivers should always be 4.85.

It is also mandatory to carry commercial insurance for uber black drivers. 

If your job involves driving passengers, this commercial insurance requirement will cost you more money; however, it reduces your liability.

Finally, check the requirements in your local area before you enroll. Services like rideshare and black cars are subject to some additional requirements by local and state governments.

Drivers must, for example, obtain an airport permit in order to be picked up at the International Airport of Los Angeles if they are required to have a state business license in Nevada.

What are the requirements of Uber Black vehicles?

Uber black driver requirements

In order to ensure the top quality of Uber Black vehicles, strict vehicle specifications must be met.

Drivers also need to have black leather interiors and black exteriors on their luxury vehicles, and they must adhere to all Uber cosmetic requirements.

It doesn’t just increase your ratings to keep your car in perfect shape. For most people, a luxury car that doesn’t have stains or damages should be their priority

In order to ensure riders get the most out of their special occasions, black vehicles are provided. When you go on a date night, you should remember it’s class, not what you left in the back seat of your car.

It is important to remember that while the appearance of the car may meet the requirements, its model must also be eligible. For vehicles that are five years of age or newer, the following high-end models are accepted in most cities:

  •  A6, A8, and A8L Audi
  • 5th- and 7th-Series BMWs
  • The Lexus lineup consists of the LS, GS, GX, and LX
  • A Lincoln Navigator, a Continental
  • Quattroporte Maserati
  • A Mercedes-Benz model lineup includes the E-Class, S-Class, GLU, SLS, and GLS models
  • Volvo XC90 and S90

Uber Black SUV requests may also be available for larger SUV models, such as GMC Yukon or Cadillac Escalade.

By contrast, UberXL is Uber’s luxury equivalent, meaning you can earn higher fares by providing the same transportation services as UberX.

How much will I make without expenses?

Uber black driver roll royce

If you are unsure whether Uber Black is a worthwhile venture with all those rules in place, you are not alone. Uber drivers, however, make the most money when driving Black cars and Black SUVs.

Compared to UberX drivers, Uber Black using drivers are able to earn nearly double what UberX drivers do before tips.

The higher service costs approximately four times as much as a regular fare, or twice as much per minute. In addition, surge pricing will increase your earnings when driving in busy areas when the demand is high.

As an independent contractor, you are responsible for covering the costs of your own work.

Therefore, take time to save the self-employment taxes from your paycheck, and track business expenses (such as fuel, insurance, and expenditures) during tax season to maximize deductions.

Why ride with Uber Black?

Uber black driver income

All trips are driven by professional drivers

Professional drivers will provide you with superior service. The driving requirements for Uber Black are that drivers maintain a 4.85 star rating, are insured for commercial driving, and comply with state- and local-level livery laws.

The business class of back seats

You can enjoy a stylish ride in comfort with Uber Black and Uber Black SUV, featuring luxury cars with leather seats.

Features designed around your perfect ride

Consider every detail of your perfect ride, including the level of conversation with your driver and the temperature. Uber Black and Uber Black SUV users can request customized trip environments with Ride Preferences, a feature that lets them customize the trip environment themselves.

A more flexible pickup schedule

The Uber Black and Uber Black SUV services provide you with an extra 5 minutes to get to your car. After that time, there is no waiting fee or cancellation fee (except for airports).

Premium customer service

You have access to premium support when riding with Uber Black or Uber Black SUV. If you complete a trip, you can talk with an agent for up to 24 hours. You can contact us by opening the app, going to Help, and then tapping Call Premium Support.

How to ride with Uber Black?

Uber black driver car requirements

Follow these steps to ride with Uber black:

1. Request

You can find your destination by opening the app and typing it in under “Where to?”. At the bottom of the screen, choose Black after you have verified that your pickup and destination addresses are accurate. Click on the Confirm Black button.

When your driver is matched with you, they will appear on the map with their picture and vehicle details.

2. Enjoy the ride

Prior to getting in your Black, verify that your vehicle’s details match those shown on the app.

You can always request a specific route from your driver, even if your driver has your destination and directions.

3. Check it out

When you arrive at Black, your credit card will be automatically charged, so you can exit as soon as you arrive.

Remember to rate your Uber driver to help make the service safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

What’s the Benefit of Uber Black?

Uber black driver rating

The return on investment for those wanting to drive for Uber’s more expensive service, Uber Black, is definite for those willing to put in regular hours.

You can compare Uber Black rates with Uber X rates (Uber’s basic service) to see how much more money you can make when you drive a black car.

According to UberX, the price per mile is on average $0.40. This goes up to $7.22 with Uber Black, which is 18 times more. With three times more money for your time, you earn 3 times more per minute than ordinarily.

Therefore, Uber Black is a lucrative choice, especially for those who already meet the requirements below.


Uber black driver earning


The Uber Black service is among the most lucrative Uber services available to drivers. There are some advantages to this, but it requires quite a bit more than basic Uber services, including an excellent luxury vehicle and commercial registration and insurance.

Uber Black may be the right choice for you if you have the time and money to pursue these requirements, or if you already possess them. Because you are now your own boss, you’ll want to track your miles and expenses for tax purposes, just as you would if driving for Uber were part of your job.


Make sure you don’t put your finances on the line by driving UberBLACK.  The car may seem like a good deal when you still have no money to pay for it, but it just won’t work because it won’t give you the stability you’re going to need.

Moreover, Uber allows an unlimited number of cars in any single city, making it a long-term bet that can be risky. There are tons of drivers signing up for the platform every day.

Despite a rise in Uber’s “Black” passenger base over last year, drivers are seeing their earnings plummet.  Due to Uber’s continued recruitment of Black car drivers, more Black drivers have been seen on the roads.

A minimum-rating requirement of at least 4.80 was instituted to cut down on the number of Black cars on the road.  However, so many Uber drivers were over 4.80 that whatever reduction has occurred has not been enough to offset the continued increase in Uber drivers.

It is our opinion that UberBLACK does not have a high potential for long-term profitability.  It is not a great idea to go out and overspend on a car solely for the purpose of driving for UberBLACK.  By doing so, you could put yourself at risk financially.

Here are some frequently asked questions

Uber black driver money

Let’s answer some common questions you may have about Uber Black now that we’ve covered all the must-knows.

1. Can I become an Uber Black driver anywhere?

Most of the cities in which Uber operates allow Uber Black drivers to join. In the event of too many Black drivers signing up in your city, the company may temporarily halt sign-ups. Prior to looking into rent, insurance, and more, you should make sure that you can join.

2. Is it possible to rent an Uber Black vehicle?

Uber Black offers the ability to make money with Uber XChange even if you don’t have a qualifying car and buying one is not an option.

Uber partners with Fair for long-term trips at a moderate price to help drivers of Uber find local vehicles with Turo and Hyrecar.

3. If my luxury vehicle does not have a black exterior or interior, what options are available?

With Uber Select, you may be able to earn more while driving a luxury sedan or luxury SUV that doesn’t quite meet the requirements for Black car. This service is available for other automobile brands as well, such as Infiniti Q70, Range Rover, Jaguar XF, and Porsche Panamera.

4. As an Uber Black driver, am I eligible to accept multiple ride requests?

Depending on whether your vehicle is eligible, you can choose to request multiple products at once. The earnings for luxury vehicle drivers are lower for UberX and UberXL, so some drivers choose not to accept their requests. If, however, Black or Black SUV requests are slow, you might save some time by enabling those requests.

5. As an UberBLACK driver, how often must I get my vehicle inspected?

UberX drivers must get their vehicles inspected at the same frequency as regular Uber drivers. Depending on the regulation in your area, local car maintenance requirements will differ, but most mechanics will only require maintenance every year. Inspections are provided free of charge as part of the Uber Greenlight process.

6. What is the best way to reach Uber customer service?

To contact Uber’s customer support team, you can choose among a few options. It includes in-app assistance, phone support, and in-person locations for support.

7. Does Uber Black make more money?

The Uber Black drivers have the opportunity to earn more per mile, minute, and fare per hour. Based on a base fare of $2.20, Uber X drivers make nearly four times as much money as Uber Black drivers.

8. Do uber black drivers open doors?

In the case of UberBlack, yes. When a Driver is performing UberAssist, they might need to assist a rider; for example, opening/holding doors.

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