Instacart vs Shipt: What Grocery Delivery Service Work Best?

Instacart vs Shipt

We now have a lot of opportunities to earn money in the gig economy. Helping busy families get what they need while earning extra income can be as easy as dropping off groceries. 

Getting started in this side business could be as easy as signing up for a food delivery service such as Shipt or Instacart. Just like Lyft, Grubhub and Postmates drivers have requirements, similarly both has eligibility requirement is that you have access to a vehicle, and experience, education, or training are not necessary.

What is the best grocery delivery service for you? We’ll compare them side by side.

Instacart vs shipt

Instacart: What is it?

One of the most famous grocery delivery services is Instacart

A San Francisco-based company worth approximately  $8 billion, the company was founded in 2012. 

As a result, the service has established partnerships with leading local and national retailers and is currently available in more than 4000 cities.

The company is also able to deliver urgent orders within one hour of receiving them. Alternatively, grocery deliveries can be scheduled up to six days ahead of time. 

On their way home, Instacart offers a physical grocery pick-up option.

Shipt – what are they?

Founded in 2014, Shipt is a delivery service based in Alabama. 

Presently, they can be found in 260 available locations and counting. 

In addition, the company has the fastest growing online grocery market in the U.S.

They toil with many famous retailers of available locations. This means Shipt delivers not just groceries, but also electronics, home products, and everyday necessity.

How do Instacart and Shipt function?

In terms of how they work, these two apps are very similar. When you schedule your hours in advance, both apps let you see available orders once you’re “on.”

However, there is one significant difference between Shipt and Instacart, just comparison similar to Ubereats vs Postmates : Shipt estimates your delivery time and earnings, while Instacart gives you an exact estimate.

Both Shipt and Instacart allow you to accept or reject orders. Small orders might be rejected due to the lower payment.

When an order is accepted, you drive to the store and begin shopping. Using the app, you can list the items you need, and if a product is out of stock, you can contact the customer about substitutions.

As with Instacart, Shipt gives you a prepaid debit card you can use to pay for your groceries, and you deliver them once the groceries have been paid for.

Availability of Shipt and Instacart

When deciding between Shipt and Instacart, availability is going to be a major factor. There are far fewer Shipt delivery locations in the United States than there are Instacart ones. Instacart had a tied partnership with Costco.

In addition to being present in most major U.S. cities, Shipt has significant expansion potential in the southwest, plains, upper midwest, and west coast regions.

Currently, Shipt is only available in 270 cities throughout the United States, while Instacart is available in thousands.

Target acquired Shipt in 2017 and the company has continued to grow. By 2020, there will be 270 markets, compared to 27 markets in 2016. This trend will likely continue.

You can check whether Shipt available in your area or not, and same for  Instacart.

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How Much Do Instacart and Shift Cost?

Shipt and Instacart both cost the same for an annual membership, but the price for those who don’t want to pay $99 upfront is significantly different.

Shipt Passes” are available for $10 each on the company’s website. You can place a Shipt Pass order without being a member. All orders over $35 qualify for free delivery if you’re a member. For orders under $35, the delivery fee is $7. You won’t be charged the $7 delivery fee if you use a Shipt Pass.

In order to cover convenience costs, individual items on Shipt are priced slightly differently from in-store prices. On a $35 order, you should expect to pay about $5 more with Shipt. However, not all retailers charge the service fee. 

Instacart also doesn’t require you to purchase a membership. The optional Express membership costs $99 annually or $9.99 monthly and includes free delivery on orders over $35. Without it, the typical delivery fee is $3.99. During peak times, this may be higher. 

Stores set their own prices on Instacart, and the pricing policy varies depending on where you shop. That means that some stores set higher prices for items purchased through Instacart than in-store, while others don’t mark things up. Instacart also charges a 5% service fee ($2 minimum).

Who has better service: Instacart vs Shipt?

There may be some differences between these services, but they generally offer a similar selection of products.

On its website and mobile app, Shipt offers email, phone, and live chat customer service. Besides offering live chat or phone customer service, Instacart also has a special number for old folks to contact for grocery order assistance

Which membership offer is better?

Instacart vs shipt in terms of membership

Those who frequently use grocery delivery services will find Shipt Everyday to be the best value when it comes to pricing alone. 

Buying the annual subscription for $99 removes any fees associated with orders  over $35.

Additionally, Shipt makes it easy for regular Target shoppers to access discounts and coupons in-store.

However, Instacart serves a larger portion of Americans and Canadians than Shipt does, as well as citizens living in suburban areas.

Instacart Express, the company’s membership plan, is also $99, but there is still a service fee assessed on orders. 

You may wish to check with Walmart to see if their in-house delivery service is available in your area, however, if you generally shop at Walmart.

You may find one of the grocery delivery services a better option than the other depending on where you normally shop and which services are available in your region.

Who pays more: Instacart or Shipt?

Instacart vs shipt how do they operate

Both Shipt and Instacart pay fairly well, with drivers making between $15 and $20 per hour on average

According to Shipt, its drivers can make as much as $22/hour, but that’s certainly not the case for most shoppers.

The amount that full-service shoppers make is calculated using a complex algorithm by Instacart. 

A number of factors go into the calculation, including the number of items in each order, the type of items, driving distance, and the degree of effort involved in making the purchase and delivering it.

On average, shoppers who use Instacart are rewarded for large orders and for shopping during busy times. Working during the holidays, for example, will probably earn you more than working a typical weekday. But there is a scam associated with Instacart Shopper.

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Bottom Line

instacart and shipt for consumer

The fact is that both of these grocery delivery services are valid options if you are looking for an extra source of income. 

Your hours are flexible, you get paid a good amount for the work you do, and you can work for multiple companies at once.

The decision to use Shipt or Instacart is more likely to be determined by your location.

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