How To Change Uber Password and Email Correctly

Password is very sensitive for any login credential, rider and driver must avoid sharing such private detail and if someone known your Uber password, then here is the guide how to change uber password.

However, whatever we do at some time we need to change the password to avoid getting hacked and password undesirably moves to the wrong hand.

Our duty to keep updating the password and other login credentials if any misuse found.

That is the reason I am going to explore how to change Uber password and email?

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How To Change Uber Password?

Changing the Uber password is no different from any other method, you need to remember your email login.

Many users initially put the incorrect email login and later it difficult to change the password as you may forget the password and lost the account because you do not have access to your mail.

The simple way to regain the account is that, go to the Help section – put the email then Uber will send you link and follow the instructions given in the link.

How To Change Uber Email?

Changing Email in Uber is super easy, surf the Uber little more you will find account setting and this setting will help not only to change email, but also the password.

  1. Go to the Uber App
  2. Next click on the Menu Icon on top of the corner.
  3. Click on Setting Icon
  4. Tap on The Profile Icon
  5. Update the Email in the email section
  6. Verify the current password
  7. Voila! Done you have received an email of successfully updating the password.
how to change uber password
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Uber Sign-in Not Working?

Common problem and every fourth person on planet face password issue and one should also keep changing the Uber password.

The number one reason of blocking account is suspicious activity.

Some users tries to manipulate or violates the Uber rider policy and henceforth their account got blocked and if you think you are did nothing wrong and account got blocked, you need to contact Uber support team.

There are other options available to regain the account, forget password guide you through resetting password.

But if you are sure your password is correct then you can submit this form and re-identify your identity.

style="font-size:18px">Some of the reason you may not able to log in

  • You have an outstanding balance on the account
  • Uber may not able to get the payment from a previous ride
  • Multiple Logins attempt you made.
  • Uber does not allow the service in your location
  • You got blocked due to suspicious activity
  • You have not confirmed the email before creating the account.

Frequently Asked Questions

how to change uber password

Do We Need To Change Uber Password After 90 days?

Changing Uber password might not help you much and if a hacker gets access to your account, it’s most likely that account goes on the wrong hand and they have full access to manipulate the details and if the account has banking credential information they may cause you damage. It won’t help much.

Why Do We Need to change password?

  1. Password is not unique
  2. Easy to guess
  3. Does not contain alpha/Numeric
  4. Not easy to memorize
  5. Forget your password and looking for a new one
  6. Using the same password everywhere

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