Is Driving for Uber Worth It?

Uber is  changing the way of transportation throughout the world. Do Uber Driver feel the same thing?

Around more than 63 countries taking the services on Uber cab every day for transportation – and it’s grown enormously.

Established in 2009, Uber has changed the way of the transportation system, the advanced technology has made human life more comfortable and brought it on the fingertips. 

Study says about 69% of Americans would like to prefer Uber for transport and this sharing economy service is not known as Uberisation.

Uber has created opportunities around the world for students, remove the employment for many youngsters, give flexible jobs to the people who want to work as a part-time to meets the daily ends.

Is Uber Driver Worth It?

Yes, It is.

If you are one who loved to be a independent contractor, then driving for Uber and get paid could be life changing choice?

It has flaws and condition, and we need to check each point.

Let have a look!

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What are the Popular Reasons for Driving Uber?

Average Uber Rating
Why drive for Uber
Uber Facts
Uber Salariess,

Uber considers the driver is an independent contractor having full flexibility, and control over the rides and choosing the time to work.

Four reasons driver people want to become an Uber partner

  1. Money
  2. Flexible
  3. Meets the people
  4. No Boss

Initially, when I asked ten friends of mine; Why would you like to become an Uber driver? They said Uber pays their driver adequate money and who doesn’t want money to meets primary needs.

Same question I asked the ten drivers during my one trip; Why would you like to become an Uber driver?  Six of them said flexibility is the main reason for joining Uber and they said they have time to give and their family. I must say, they also class of souls who do not love 9-6 shift job.

I was smiling and thinking that everyone can’t become the traveler and tour around the world, at least Uber driver having moments to explore the entire cities and get paid.

Some of the Crazy Uber Facts

  1. According to Uber, 59% of Uber driver had a full-time job before becoming the driver, and 8% were unemployed
  2. This percentage indicates the Uber created a lot of opportunities to the driver life.
  3. They moved from corporate jobs to a flexible job and working as an independent contractor.
  4. 78% of uber partner are satisfied by driving a Uber cab and having a great experience as an Uber driver.
  5. 14% is the female’s driver in the Uber, and 48% of drivers having an advanced degree or students.

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Tips to maintain Uber rating

What are the Pros and Cons of Driving for Uber?

Pros of driving for Uber


A driver has the ultimate elasticity to schedule the ride. The application allows to turn off and go online or offline, and they can work as much as they want.

2. Meets new people

Different people from diverse background you will find all kinds of customers while driving for Uber. 

The student to veterans and countless people with different experiences.

3. Surge Pricing

Rising in the price of trips during the peak time such as high demand in the area and less cab possible or rainy season. 

Such a situation benefits the driver to earn more money than regular driving.

Cons of driving for Uber

  1. Earning below the expectation

There will a time when a driver cannot complete even the expected ride and convinced themselves with a shortage of trips as sometimes demand is very less and more cabs available in your area.

  1. A poor rating system

The driver can rate rider and rider can rate the driver on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. 

However, if the rating of the driver falls below the four-star, then the driver might get dismissed.

3.Car maintenance

The driver is responsible for entire expenses.  They need to maintain the cost to the interior – no scratches found in the car.

Average Uber Rating

Sharing economics attempting to build an excellent service to the customer. To maintain customer gratification, they implement the rating system.

After the completion of the trips, rider probably does not think much about the rating for the driver but on the other hand driver, entire driving career depends on rider rating. It’s crucial for them.

According to the policy of Uber, the driver must have defended the rating of equal to or greater than 4.6.

Is Uber Driver Worth it

If the rating slips below the 4.6, Uber considers to be kicked out of the system and show the exit door to the driver.

As a result, the driver has no choice either go with rideshare alternative or change their profession.

How Uber Rating System Work?

The driver rating distribution chart article published in Business Insider, which clearly explain the rating system of the driver and the reason for the falling rating?

Average Uber Rating
Why drive for Uber
Uber Facts
Uber Salaries
Business Insider

The charts say that the rating distribution between the drivers who earned the rating below 4.6 is viewed on the edge of deactivation. 

Sooner or later if the rating did not get improve driver must prepare themselves for the consequences. 

Uber is known to be quality service for the customer. However, Uber send the newsletter to the driver to let them know about the performance in the week.

The acceptance rate is necessary for a driver, multiple neglecting trips leading to the slippery in rating. The driver must need to maintain the acceptance, simply if the driver is not in a mood driving, they must go offline and complete the work before the comeback.

Average Uber Rating
Why drive for Uber
Uber Facts
Uber Salaries

Source:Business Insider

There is a high misconception amongst the driver that the below-average rating befalls due to the traffic which makes them reported not in time at pick up location.

Uber stated something different about befalling of rating, and the main cause the drivers are receiving less than one star is harassment and poor attitude with riders.

Uber Driver reviews

Average Uber Rating
Why drive for Uber
Uber Facts
Uber Salaries

why drive for uber, why drive for uber , why drive for uber

#Deleteuber was trending on twitter because Uber was tried to create the profit from the controversy by increasing the surge price at the airport. This caused immense criticism to CEO Travis Kalanick and on the other hand, competitor Lyft gains positive reviews.

The chart shows the reason for leaving Uber and negative reviews stand among the top reason user left Uber and move to lyft or another alternative.

How to see your Uber Rating?

Drivers are not supposed to know the rating of the trip Uber does not give the access of name, last name, and email details of a rider who rated them.

However, drivers can only estimate the rating depending on the rides went previously and can determine the average rating based on it, but Uber keep updating about the rating and acceptance at the end of the week.

On the other hand, riders can view the rating after the five trips at the payment and account settings menu. 

Uber allows the rider to know the average rating as a customer given by the drivers.

Uber Driver Salary?

Average Uber Rating
Why drive for Uber
Uber Facts
Uber Salaries
  • Salaries of Uber driver solely depend on the number of rides, surge pricing and airport pickup and drop-off.
  • Normally the earning of Uber drivers is $15-$20 an hour without the surge pricing. Airport picks up and drops service add $5-$10 to UberX driver for an hour.
  • Surge pricing is found on Friday and Saturday nights where the Uber driver can get benefits of 1.5-2x which means they can get $25-$30 for an hour.
  • Apart from weekends, Uber drivers have benefits of surge pricing on morning and nights time of weekdays.
  • Uber charged 20% as a commission and driver has to net-tax of about 20%.
  • Car maintenance cost is also added to the list. Overall the pie chart represents the revenue of Uber driver.

Source: ridesharedashboard

What it’s like to drive for Uber

Uber connects drivers with passengers who need rides, and passengers order rides and pay through the Uber app. Uber’s driver-partners are paid based on the length (including time and distance) of each ride.

What many drivers like about Uber is that you’re in control of your schedule. You can drive when you want and for how long you want. That means you can drive when you have an extra hour or an extra six hours.

Here’s how Uber works when you’re on and the driver mode is activated:

  1. You’re matched with nearby passengers, and the closest driver gets the ride. However, you are not given much information about the fare, but can accept or decline passenger requests.
  2. You will receive turn-by-turn directions for picking up the customer and then navigating them to their destination as soon as you accept the ride.
  3. You receive 100% of tips from customers who use the app.

Besides paying its drivers weekly, Uber also offers Instant Pay, which enables cash outs up to five times per day. The cost of each Instant Pay is $0.50, but the Uber Debit Card from GoBank is free for Uber drivers.

How to get 5 star uber rating

Best Time To Drive for Uber and Earn more Revenue

Finding the best time, or can say peak time to generate more revenue as a driver. After talking to many drivers I’ve concluded, and I’ve divided into categories.

Average Uber Rating
Why drive for Uber
Uber Facts
Uber Salaries

Location: It is not important where the driver has been located, but it is very important where the rider located, and requesting for the ride. Location is playing the role of generating revenue if you are driving for Uber.

Rush Hours: During the traffic surge price are frequent but the traffic you may encounter is uncommon, the peak hour time you know is 4 PM to 7 PM and moreover the rush is found is usually in these times and many drivers I have encountered hardly or, equally get a chance to make the most of it from surge pricing.

Concerts and Sports Events: If the popular team and favorite popstar are selling the tickets to the audience to get the seat then as a driver you will also get the riders to your backseat of a car with a good surge price.

Such events generated more revenue often if a rider takes a ride at the end of the event it easy for them to earn an amount.

Peak time:

  • Morning time is 5 AM to 8 PM ( Depend on City and Location)
  • Evening Time is 4 PM to 7 PM
  • Friday and Saturday Nights 1 AM to 3 PM ( Bar closed )
  • Needless to say, rain hike the Uber price often.

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