Instacart Scam by Shopper

Instacart scam by shopper

Instacart has made grocery shopping a much more pleasant experience for millions of Americans. Among the supermarkets and local grocery stores that the delivery app partners with are Aldi , Safeway, and membership clubs like Costco.

They accept orders through Costco’s website from major grocery stores, which then are transported to one of their part-time employees.  Instacart tied up with Costco is quite benefecial.

Nevertheless, with so many places on the Internet these days, scams are possible.

Is it possible to be scammed by Instacart? The chances of you experiencing a scam as a customer or a shopper are high? Keep reading to find out!

As with most apps, Instacart has seen its share of scams, but it’s essential to note that fraudulent activity in 2022 makes up a very small part of the overall transactions on the app. The app is largely used by good-faith shoppers, and only a small number of customers are there to scam.

Instacart scams are listed below, as well as how you can avoid them (or deal with them later), as well as whether you should trust them. Check it out!

‘Instacart customers’ targeted by bots

Customers pay contract workers to shop for groceries and have them delivered. 

A shopper normally opens the Instacart shopping app and, while scrolling through the list of orders, clicks on those they want to fill. 

Some shoppers, however, are employing third-party apps developed by software developers to claim the best orders for themselves – alongside the legitimate Instacart app, which is free.

Thus, the app tilts the playing field for shopper competition, without affecting Instacart and leaving the company with no business at all. In line with the dark web research firm, DarkOwl, apps made by third parties can cost as much as $150 to $600 in cryptocurrencies or bank deposits.

Instacart accusation

Instacart grocery delivery

The stay-at-home era has overwhelmed Instacart with orders, and the company is struggling to keep up with the demand. 

Following customer complaints that delivery slots were difficult to secure, it announced that it was beefing up its offerings and accelerating the process. 

However, another thing is taking place as well. 

As more people lose their jobs, fall behind on their rent, and are afraid to shop for themselves, complaints about personal shoppers flood Instagram.


are the details:

InstaCart shopped and stole our groceries, tweeted  @ThatLeroyGlow. I am on the verge of losing my order due to ‘Tanisha M.’ in South Florida! tweeted @Sherly8811.  

A customer at Instacart tweeted, “yesterday your delivery driver fulfilled my order &  then disappeared. I can only assume she had a terrible accident or stole my groceries.” 

Whenever there’s an issue, customers should contact the company’s customer service department. 

The company is also planning to add more in-app customer support features.

To help gig economy workers earn more consistent tips, instacart came up with a new app setting. Further safety measures will be implemented.

Instacart violation or data breach

Instacart Scam

Instagram identified a security incident in which two employees reviewed more shopper profiles than were required for their work in tech support, the company wrote on its blog. 

As part of a routine audit, Instacart Art discovered the breach.

Instacart found it possible for these individuals to view names, email addresses, phone numbers, and driver’s license numbers in the information they viewed. 

The incident did not involve the downloading or copying of data, and the access to customer information or profiles is not suspected.

As a precautionary measure, Instacart has offered free credit monitoring for two years to 2,180 shoppers who interacted with the vendor’s agents. 

Currently, a third-party location has been suspended.

Instacart Shopper Theft

Instacart Scam by Shopper

The majority of Instacart shoppers are there to give great service and earn great tips, learn more about Instacart tipping to ensure good service with shopper. but some are also taking advantage of the lack of physical oversight.

The thief may steal one or two items from an order, or he may take the entire order.

Ex-shoppers are actually using Reddit message boards to urge other shoppers to quit shopping and remind them to “take their free stuff.”

In other words, just steal the last batch they had ever made before quitting.

Whether Instacart refunds or reschedules, it can be deeply disappointing for customers who were looking forward to their order.

Entering customers’ accounts and breaking them

The only way to prevent this is for Instacart to perform more thorough background checks. Just like how Uber, Lyft and Postmates perform background check to verify drivers.

Several TikTok creators have written stories about getting scammed into posting account information that anyone could use to access their Shopper accounts (see this creator’s story).

Shoppers, do not provide your phone number to customers if it’s associated with your Shopper account. Now that we know how scammers operate, do not give out your phone number under any circumstances.

How do they scam you?

An Instacart shopper scam using a generated code. Instagram generated the code. As the scammer attempted to access your account using your phone number, the app is now requesting the code they sent to your phone.

Scammers will enter the code and change your personal information including banking to their own if you give them the code.

Once your earnings are drained, they can then use your account to accept orders and run up your customers’ orders. Instacart deactivates the account when it adds 25 to every item and takes the increased tips. It’s nothing new. It’s the same as the flower guy scam.

What can be done to fix the Instacart scam?

Instacart Scam by Shopper

The only thing you can do if you feel that you are being scammed or if you are experiencing problems is to report it. Now, how do you report an Instacart problem? It is easy to report a problem to Instacart’s customer service department by calling 1 (888) 246-7822.

  1. Visit and sign in
  2. Click on “My Account” at the top-left of the screen
  3. In the upper-right corner of the My Account page, click “Contact Us”
  4. Click on “Submit” to enter your contact information.
  5. You will be asked for additional information regarding your issue
  6. Your information will be reviewed by Instacart, and they will contact you to assist you
  7. Call 1-877-818-2427 to reach Instacart customer service with questions

Ensure your safety

The sudden disappearance of your package does not have to cripple you. The following steps can help you protect your money and yourself:

  • Paying directly with a credit card for Instacart is not recommended. Rather than using Instacart’s customer service, PayPal is a superior method of payment. Paypal can assist you with your finances more efficiently than Instacart can.
  • Keep in touch with the driver while they are on the way, and record their name. When a dispute arises, it may be requested.
  • Simple orders are best, and try to give clear measurements and quantities so the delivery person won’t get confused (or lead to theft).
  • Do not ignore your delivery person despite nothing. By stepping outside, they are putting themselves at risk of contracting infectious diseases. We benefit from their work because it allows us to stay socially distant and reduce social tension.

There’s always the option of shopping yourself if you decide that delivery isn’t worthwhile to you. According to the statement above, you increase your chance of being infected with viruses, but by taking preventive measures and using protective gear, you can greatly minimize the chance.

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