Zomato Delivery Boy Set an Example For Everyone

This article is not about how much zomato delivery boy earns or how can someone become zomato delivery boy. Today’s article is not about the money related but it’s all about the determination and willpower. Today’s generation spending most of the time on social media by scrolling and finding inspiration and complaining about his/her life while one zomato delivery boy set an example for everyone.

On the internet, I have seen and read many articles about zomato delivery boy, how do they deliver the food on a bicycle in hot summer days. Indian summer season almost same as dessert and only the rare species can have the potential to go out and deliver the food in firm hot days.

Cycle of food

As of today, about 5000 cyclists operating in 12 different cities and deliver the food and zomato keep trying to build the bridge between the distance of customers and restaurant. To ensure the timing of delivering of food Zomato CEO Mohit Kumar- ensure that cyclist only will cover 2.5 kilometers of distance for delivering food.

So how does the company attempt towards strongly undertaking periodically climatic difficulties such as summer and monsoon? “We have thought about those issues, and honestly, we are still looking at a way to meet the challenges. As of now, we have decided to limit the distance to 1.5 kilometers during peak summer.”

Mohit Kumar-CEO of Zomato

Moreover, the company moves a further step and start to give the job the handicap or disabled individual. Many consumers observed while ordering the food, a short description of zomato delivery boy pop up on a mobile screen. Furthermore, the feedback and appreciation getting all over the country assure the zomato that they are on the right track.

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Zomato delivery boy puts a big question mark to the youth who are grumbling about the job and want to make money in prompt without the proper skills. The guy is setting the example over the internet by pedaling and delivering the food to the consumer on time.

He is the one who is ruling the internet today by serving and doing his job and make a big impression on everyone and setting the example that we should do our work. At the end of the day, such people put a smile on inspiring many people like us and keep spreading inspiration and motivate us to do work and be always grateful that what you have and ready for the circumstances if come in our life.

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