Why Travis Kalanick Sold His 20% Uber Stake?

Travis Kalanick sold his 20% Stake, and soon, he will step out of the CEO position.

Travis established the company in 2009 – many people and investors wondering why he is resigning and no longer want to be part of the company.

The biggest mind says that the fear of competition.

No wonder since 2009 Uber and Lyft change the lifestyle of millions of people around the world.

Change the face of the sharing economy.

Since 2009 the growth of the rideshare industry is marvelous, not the people whose life has been changed but also affects the growth of the automobile industry.

Drive for Uber

Not only the Travis who is selling his shares but also the earlier investor will be cashing out the money soon.

Those who recently invested will face a mega loss.

The automobile industry realized that car selling is longer the central business, but the rideshare is.

People step out of the car and using the cab for daily traveling.

Innovation and technology give rise to the driverless car.

Of course, automobile industries are not stupid, and they also started and working on the development of the rideshare program.

Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Tesla, and many automobiles sector realized the future is the driverless car.

The first comes will always be considered the winner.

However, this freaked out the Uber and Lyft- they know how will gonna market change soon.

Though Uber and Lyft have the benefit of a client base and they will try to be a partner with first driverless automobile manufactures- but each party has to distribute the revenue.

Elon Musk said he’s gonna start with the 1 million  Tesla’s car and tesla owner can add their car to rideshare (RoboTaxi) program, and they can earn money by going to the driverless mode.

Mercedes, BMW, and many more are in the rat race, and they just need a high software code.

You just have to wait and soon we will see a big car in the street and imagine you went out on a date with a beautiful partner.

Would you prefer to ride in Mercedes or BMW?

The competition will be in high mode and competitors will try their best to survive in the industry.

I hope you will get the point of what I was trying to say.

Inspired: Edo Makich

In the future, you will see many more choices regarding the rideshare car.

You’ll have multiple options to choose your favorite brands car,

and when competition fierce, you know what will happen to the fare.


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