What is Redbubble?

What is Redbubble?

Redbubble is an online retailer of print-on-demand products founded in 2006. 

Redbubble makes products by allowing artists to design them while handling manufacturing, selling, and shipping. 

The products on Redbubble’s homepage can be viewed by anyone, or they can be viewed individually in the storefront page of a seller. 

Redbubble takes the remaining percentage from each design sold, while giving the artist a commission. 

Upon registering with Redbubble, the seller can adjust the commission percentage, or artist margin, by raising or lowering the prices.

There are many designs on Redbubble that include “fan art,” which is art based on existing third-party content, including characters from television shows and movies. You can do much more with Redbubble. 

It offers lots of products, including hoodies, socks, and t-shirts. Furthermore, the store sells decorative items like blankets, pillowcases, stickers, and wall-art.

How does Redbubble work?

Redbubble is the place to get quirky art printed on practically anything you can imagine, from water bottles to shower curtains. 

Applicants can choose from a wide variety of products and upload artwork to be printed on. According to Redbubble, there are more than 700,000 designers and independent artists sharing their work on the site.

Redbubble is a provider of affordable art as well as socially responsible and sustainable long lasting products. 

The products are printed on demand, and 95% of the packages come from the region where the orders are placed. Aside from its partnership with energy experts, Redbubble invests in projects that help economize and offset the carbon emissions from shipping.

The FLA Code of Conduct requires all third-party printers and manufacturers to comply with it, so you can rest assured the products will be made by people working in humane conditions.

How to Make Money on Redbubble?

If you’re an emerging artist looking for extra income, then this may be helpful to you. 

Whether you have established a practice or are looking for a way to reach more customers without having to maintain an extra inventory, we have the perfect solution for you. 

If you want to share your art with the world, then print-on-demand services like Redbubble are the perfect platform for you to do so while earning a little extra income.

These firms are excellent because they provide you with access to a whole community of people who want art, which you may not otherwise be able to reach. It is easy to earn passive income by uploading your art, and there is no cost to you. You won’t have to worry about fulfilling orders once your art is available in your shop. The money will roll in. You do not have to handle the printing or shipping.


Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is ‘Fan Art’ in Redbubble?

Redbubble Fan Art Officially licensed designs based on your favorite things, created by artists who share your love of that stuff. The coolest t-shirts, stickers, posters, and home decor you won’t find at the mall.

#2. Is Redbubble going to focus exclusively on Fan Artists?

Redbubble’s universe includes a great deal more than just Fan Art. These programs don’t represent a major shift in direction. The gallery is dedicated to being a place that supports artists of all kinds.

#3. Does redbubble own your art?

By uploading your original art to Redbubble, you own it.

#4. Why is Redbubble launching its Partner program?

Our goal is to provide Fan Artists with amazing opportunities to engage with brands you love, create officially licensed art, and gain exposure for their creativity. Currently, we are looking for balanced partnerships that benefit the rights holders and the artists equally.

#.5 How to submit a work to the Partner Program?

The design you submit to a brand must be tagged with a relevant keyword. Once uploaded, your artwork will be temporarily suspended while it is reviewed. Listed at the top of all Guidelines pages, under Submitting Your Design, you will find keywords specific to each property.

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