How To Become Airbnb Host

What is Airbnb host?

Airbnb host allows the owners of the room to give an opportunity to welcome the guest at their apartments, villa, and bedrooms where the guest can enjoy the peaceful journey without any hassle or issue.

How to create and become Airbnb host?

Becoming an Airbnb host, and earning money through your service is simple and the best thing you can do with your empty houses, apartments, flats and many more.

Here is the complete guide of one can set up their accounts at Airbnb and start earning money.

  1. Go to Airbnb official site and chose become a host at the top of the website page, the procedure is similar to all sign-ups. You need to put email, name, a unique password.
  2. That’s it, Tada-Tada! Your account is ready and now you need to set up the room description by providing the details of rooms and spaces. Put everything in order to attract guests.become airbnb host,become airbnb host,become airbnb host
How to become Airbnb host 648*516

Step: 2

After the full verification, you will see the display like this above image and click on the profile icon.

To provide the entire detail about you and your rooms, make sure you write an attractive and engaging article about your place.

First takes the pictures of your beautiful rooms because the images always play a crucial role while scrolling for rooms.

Click on the edit profiles to make changes and provide details of your service.

How to become Airbnb host 648*516

Step: 3

What is “Trust and verification”?
Here you need to provide the details of government id with clear image and image of yourself which is taken recently and all those documents need to upload in this section.

You also need to verify your email if you haven’t yet verified.

How to become Airbnb host 648*516

Reviews and Reference are the most primary things in any business. Here you can see the views, opinion, feeling, idea, impression, response.

The impact of your guest who visited recently.

Reference means that it sounds if the guest refers to some other guests because of your service and co-operation and vice-versa. Skip this part because right now you don’t have any.

Payment structure

Set the detail of your payment at the account setting, where you see the payout button.

Click on it and provide all the precise details of your banks. Ensure you are getting paid for your assistance.

How to become Airbnb host 648*516

Listing the spaces

Listing the space indicates that what you are serving and presenting to the guests.

In this section, you have to be much act as a presenter. Represent your rooms in such a way that guest loved to be in your house.

I am going to guide you the process I made my listing, however, you edit the description, images many times.

Airbnb host

I am trying to keep it shorts and more natural to you so that you can too “list your space” in a professional manner.

  • Place type: What is your offering to guest in Apartment, House and secondary unit etc? You also need to mention the property. It is all the primary aspects.
  • Bedrooms: How many guests can you accommodate? Provide the number and number of beds you are to give if requires there are an additional beds options available. That means if you can allow more beds that better for you and your guests.
  • Baths: How many bathroom and bathtubs are available for your guest at the apartment.
  • Location: Put the detail of location. Where it is exact situated and if you can provide more detail such as it is situated near the beach where can guest observe a beautiful sunset. Could have a great morning tea in the balcony.
  • Amenities: What are you going to provide them? Click check on the radio box if you have extra offers to give such as T.V, Gym, Shampoo, WiFi etc. These are the crucial part of the guest’s perspective. Offers what you are capable of and potential of being the best host.Airbnb host
  • Shared place: Do you have extra space to offer them such as kitchen, parking, laundry dryer? If you have, do mention them that good for the service and might help to earn more.become airbnb host,become airbnb host,become airbnb host,become airbnb host,become airbnb host,become airbnb host,become airbnb host,become airbnb hostAirbnb host

Setting the Scene

Upload the beautiful pictures of spaces. It should be so engaging and beautiful, takes images in a landscape mode then you will able cover more spaces and corner.

Hire a professional photographer, takes hundreds of images and select the best of them.

Images are one of the best sources to draws the attention of guests.

Airbnb host 4 Description for ‘Located on the hills of Nice, a short dist’ - Airbnb

Description and title

Describe space in a beautiful way.

The way the guest loved to spend the vacation at your place, write what are you thinking, be genuine, straight, honest about the description.

The title should be eye-catching, once the guest has seen, they couldn’t stop themselves to check out the other features.

Airbnb host 4 Description for ‘Located on the hills of Nice, a short dist’ - Airbnb

For example: It is small/large beautiful and comfortable rooms situated at the lakeside where one can observe the incredible environment. An alternative personalized staff available 24 hours at the service.

After the short distance, you can see the national museum which has a beautiful collection of the prehistoric period and historical monument also situated there. Rooms are large enough to roam and with full privacy.

Booking setting

Airbnb has set some ground rules for the guests such as provide valid government id, verified the email address and mobile number.

In the same way, the host can put an additional requirement if they would have.

Anything related to your space and you want that the guest must know these few things, you can list there.

Airbnb host 5
  • House rules: Do you allowed the guest to smoke, party with high volume, any pets. Put the house rules at this section to let the guest know, what do you want from them and let them know what is relevant for them such as they are under surveillance or not?
  • Calendar: Setup the date that you want to give the rooms for rents, there are block and unblock options available for the host, if the host doesn’t want to host certain days so they can easily block those days. Remember your calendar is visible to the guests.
  • Price setting: Airbnb gives you two options price adapt to change and fixed price. Adapt to change is recommended, your price of space keeps fluctuated according to the demands. Fixed price indicates no changes made.
  • Price: Put the base price, the minimum and maximum price of your space.
  • Welcome offer: Put the offers, and it also recommends Airbnb host to provide offers and decrease in your spaces for the first time visitor.
  • Lengthy stay: Charge according to the stay that means weekly basis or monthly basis as you want. You can also provide the discount with the specific stay. If the guest stays more, then the more discount given to them. Fluctuated your price if you want to earn more, and want your guest to stay for a longer time.

Local laws:

  • Regulation– Many cities have some laws regarding home sharing, which might be found in a different ordinance. In some cities, home sharing is prohibited.
  • Registration: You may require to get a permit for house sharing or license for allowing the guests, make you do have all the document before listing in the Airbnb.
  • Taxes: You may responsible for the certain taxes.

Finalizing the list

Once all the relevant information is done, the host can preview the looks and see the how it appears to the guest.

If anyone wants to edit any change, you can. Make sure your rooms and availability are clear to the guest.

Things you should know as an Airbnb host?

What if I cancel the reservation at the moment?

Depending on how many times of host canceled the reservation. The following fee will be deducted from the payout after cancellation.

The cancellation fee amount charged under the following guidelines

  • If you cancel the reservation, in more than 7 days before check-in, they will deduct $50 from the next payout.
  • If you cancel the reservation, in less than 7 days before check-in, they will deduct $100 from the next payout.

An automated review will be posted to your official page where everyone can see that you canceled the reservation at the last moment.

Unfortunately, you won’t able to delete that review, but you can answer to them why did you cancel the reservation?

Clarify the misunderstanding if you want to maintain the reputation.

Loss of reputation: After the cancellation, you are not eligible to maintain the Superhost Status for one year because of a previous cancellation.

Account suspension is also applicable to you if you cancel the three times a year then you are no longer be a part of Airbnb family.

Manage your listing

Often check your pricing and availability calendar at your dashboard section.

Try to add something new to your amenities. Regular guests do not love to see the same thing that you haven’t maintained or try something new. Guests love to explore new things.

Try something if you want your guest to revisit your space.

Advertise your listing

Post your listing to the social media site or craigslist. Let the world knows that you are the Airbnb host, try to advertise with the blogger. If you have a budget, do advertise your list it helps you to welcome more and more guests.

Alert tabs

In the account setting of a dashboard, check all the relevant notification is on. Check the guests request frequently and reply to them within 24 hours after checking the availability of your space.

Frequently Asked question

My guests cancel the booking what should I do?

If the guests cancel the reservation, Airbnb automatically will notify you and unblock the date on your calendar so that you can host another guest. Guest refund activated if they cancel in particular time.

Airbnb host cancellation policy
  • Green line: The green line indicates that they refund the full amount of accommodation fees, if cancellation made within 24 hours of check-in date. For example, if the check-in date is 4 January and guest cancel it on 3rd January. That means full refundable accommodation will be granted.
  • Yellow line: If the guest cancels in less than 24 hours, then only the first night is non-refundable.
  • Red line: If the guest comes and chooses to leave early, the accommodation fees for the nights not spent 24 hours after the official cancellation are fully refunded.

What if I need to cancel due to the sudden death of a close family member or any inescapable circumstances?

You may have a chance that Airbnb gives you refund or reject the penalties.

If you able to provide the document of an unexpected circumstance or any other events that are out of your control.

You need to present the proof of incidents such as a death certificate or news article of that person.

Next thing you need to contact the Airbnb and explains all the points and submit all the required documents they ask.

The next step they will let you know. Follow the procedure through it.

As an Airbnb host, you can ask anything to them any query related to listing, cancellation, visa issue, unavoidable events happen. Send emails to them.

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What if my guest steal my stuff?

Take pictures of all the main things. Anyways, the room you are going to offer them is full of furniture.

There isn’t anything that the guests will steal.
What they will steal?
A television or bed!

Not keep any cash, jewelry, collectible or artwork can have limited protection. Ordinary clothes, damages occur at any part of the building then Airbnb is not responsible as it not listed in the service.

What if my guest breaks something?

If you need to claim the security deposit, you can do so in the resolution center within the 14 days of guest checkout or before the next days check-in.

  1. Go to the resolution center
  2. Chose the relevant reservation
  3. Request the compensation for the damage
  4. Submit the details of the damage and put the costs associated with the loss, and click on continue

If the guest accepted to pay for the loss, then the agreeable amount will release your payout in 5-7 days.

If the guest decline or doesn’t respond to you, go to InvolveAirbnb to the resolution center, Airbnb will pay for your damage after getting all the documentation.

Make sure you do have all document related to the loss such as pictures and other things. You are Airbnb host they take good care of their host.

What is a Resolution center?

Resolution center allows the host and guest to send or request money related issue to the Airbnb trip. Airbnb host or guests both party can put the query of missing or damage something while check-out. You ask for payment or refund at Airbnb resolution

You have 60 days to submit your query after the check-out for the non-security deposit issue.

As Airbnb host, you have 14 days after guest’s check-out to make a claim on you security-deposit and want to refund from the guests.

Last but not least, if you have any query or question related to this article, please feel free to comment. I will do my best to find an answer with a proper explanation

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