Uber Offer codes that Really Work

Uber offer codes for Paytm: Get 75₹ off on your next 5 trips for all new as well as old users

  • Grab the uber offers before the expiry.
  • Login to your Uber app and choose Paytm as your payment method.
  • Apply the coupon before avail the Uber offer

Uber Offer Code: PAYEASY1

Uber offer codes: Score 50% off on premiere Uber trips with Paytm wallet up to 5 next rides

  • Highest amount of discount is up to 100₹ off on premiere rides.
  • Only specific users are eligible to receive cashback.
  • Make sure you apply the promo code to avail the offer.

Uber Offer Code: INDRIDE50

Uber offer codes: Flat 50% off at Airport Trips(Except Mumbai)​

  • Valid only for selective Uber users
  • Applicable just in India
  • Expiry date is 30/11/18

Uber Offer Code: EXPIRED

Flat ₹500 off on Intercity rides on UberGo

  • Only 25% of a discount user can be eligible to receive 100₹ in the total fare
  • Applicable just for Selective users
  • Valid till 30/11/2018

Uber Offer Code: EXPIRED

Uber offer codes: Flat 100₹ off on 10 UberGo premiere offers

  • Only 25% of a discount user can be eligible to receive 100₹ in the total fare
  • Valid only in Lucknow, Jaipur, Ludhiana
  • Applicable for Selective users only

Uber Offer Code: UBERIND

Uber Intercity offers:Flat ₹200 off on Intercity rides on from Ludhiana to Amritsar

  • Flat ₹200 of a discount user can be eligible to receive
  • Valid for first two Rides
  • Available only for First intercity offer

Uber Offer Code: L2A

Uber Intercity offers: Flat ₹100 off on Intercity rides in Ahmadabad

  • Flat ₹100 off a code user for Ahmadabad User
  • Valid only first Intercity trip
  • Applicable only as a cash payment

Uber Offer Code: AHM100

Uber Intercity offers:Flat ₹300 off on Intercity rides on UberGo from Chandigarh to Amritsar

  • Start the sweet journey with and enjoy the flexibility of Uber for Chandigarh. Redeem the given coupon before requesting a ride and begin a trip with your family and friends expedition.
  • Payment method must be cash
  • Tolls and other charges must be paid via cash directly

Uber Offer Code: ASR300

Flat ₹200 off on your next two Uber rides for Yatra Users

  • Yatra Users can get flat 500₹ off on two Uber rides, relish the excellent spots
  • Applicable to successfully flight booking on Yatra
  • Apply the given promo code at the promo section
  • Yatra will mail you the discount coupon then you can redeem it at Uber while requesting a ride


Offer Code: EXPIRED

Uber Offer Codes and Deals

Flat 75₹ on next 5 Uber trips when you with add new MasterCard​

  • Add the new MasterCard in your Uber payment section and chose as a payment method
  • Maximum 75₹ off up to 5 rides
  • Check full tnc on Uber App


Save 50% off on Uber booking up to ₹50 when you pay through Paytm UPI

  • Chose your payment as Paytm UPI
  • Make sure Paytm UPI end with @paytm
  • One user is eligible to receive up to 5 times
  • No minimum booking is required


Get 100₹ Off voucher on Uber booking when you with Kotak UPI/VPA Payments​

  • Get the 100₹ uber voucher when you pay through Kotak UPI/VPA
  • Make sure your payment method is Kotak UPI/VPA
  • Offers valid till 30/11/2018


Uber Offer codes for Lite User: Get ₹50 on next 3 Uber Rides

  • Get ₹50 off on next 3 Uber rides
  • Book via Uberlite
  • Limited period offer


₹100 off: Pay via PhonePay​

  • ₹100 off when the payment done via PhonePay App
  • Cashback amount within 24 hours after the ride

Uber Offer Code: EXPRIED

How do I apply offer codes?

Uber offers promo codes and discount codes. Because everything has an expiration date, these offer codes also do, so apply when you ask for the ride because once the ride is completed, these codes will automatically deduct the amount from your total fare.

Learn more about Uber

The technological advances of the past few decades have made our day-to-day lives much more comfortable and hassle-free. In 2009, two young entrepreneurs created a transportation service that now has become part of our everyday lives, and Uber offer codes could not prevent us from trying it out first.

In a few minutes, a driver will be at your doorsteps for your service to drop you off at your given location by clicking a button. With Uber, people can not only keep their own money in their own pockets or save good money for the next ride, but also make their life more comfortable in the transportation sector.

Uber entered the Indian market in 2014. Initially, it covered most major cities, and since then it drastically altered the mode of transportation for ordinary people. It was already established in more than 50 countries before it set up in India, and now people across the globe want to travel with Uber. You may still be wondering if you should use Uber or not if you have not yet tried it.  

What is UberPool?

Booking your favorite Uber car as per needs and budget and distance, calculate your price with the variety of car and then chose confirmed it because Uber has provided something for everyone.

UberPool is one of the top notched service given by Uber, and you can share your journey with another Uber customer with an affordable price and gladly.

UberPool is most cheaper and 60% less as compared to other services of Uber, so if you are in groups and want to take the ride alone, hence UberPool is more reliable for your journey, it entirely depends on you which service you chose.

A diversity of vehicles may cause mood swings, and people used to think luxuries journey are not everyone cups of tea, but now you can book a top quality car from Uber application, and if the price is high apply the given coupon from CouponSpirit, and that it’s buying a car or hire a car, it all becomes trend

Why is UberPool good for drivers?

With UberPool, passengers can share a ride for a cheaper price, meaning more passengers are able to use Uber more often. There are more trips and passengers in areas where UberPool is available, so you will have less downtime. 

UberPool: A step-by-step guide

A request for UberPool is received

The UberPool indicator will appear when you get a request, which means the passenger has selected to share their ride with other passengers.

You pick up your first rider

You can see the first pickup address in front of you. Set the two-minute countdown timer when you arrive at the pickup location. You can cancel a trip and select Rider no-show in the Uber app if your passengers don’t show up within 2 minutes. Within the Fares section of your partner dashboard, you can view cancellation fee amounts for your area.

If you choose to walk, you can avoid unnecessary detours by picking up at a nearby corner. When a rider chooses to walk at pickup, an indicator will show up in the app.

Receive an additional UberPool request

UberPool may add another request to your trip while you are on your way to the destination of your passenger. The navigation will update automatically, and you may be sent to pick up the next rider before dropping off the first one.

Riders who drop off

The app will display the order in which you should drop off riders. It is determined by the route and where everyone is going that determines the order of pickups and drops offs. You may drop off your second rider before your first rider. Once all riders have been dropped off, you can assign ratings to each passenger.

You may not have to go out of the way because some riders may have chosen to walk from their dropoff location to their destination. The app will indicate this.

About Uber Offer Codes and Coupons

Uber Offer codes and coupons are the best strategy of any company to increase sales and make the case for needs. Coupons and offers usually attract more customers to the company and that how it boosts up the demands of a particular service in your area.

Coming to Uber, one of the best transportation technologies the world has ever seen, you need a car, open an app, request your car of your need or preference, and then request it, make sure you one of our discount codes in the coupon section. After the completion of the ride, coupon begins to show it magic, by deducting the few bucks from your total fare. That how all the discount code runs.

Uber Offer codes For Paytm Users

Since Uber built the Indian market, the two companies partnered in 2014. Paytm offers some proposals for customers to get reduced money from the total fare by way of cashback. A number of Uber discount codes have been entered into user accounts for a low price, and often seen discount offers begin once in a while. Another digital wallet, Paytm, has partnered with Uber as a payment method, and they too provide customers with an offer code.

By choosing Paytm as your payment method, you can get a discount on your next trip if you use a digital wallet.

Paytm wallet discounts are separate from PhonePay wallet discounts. The payment method is different from Paytm, so you have to choose the payment method for your next trip. After booking a cab via PhonePay, you will be eligible for a cashback of a certain amount according to the terms and conditions.

Wallets like these offer numerous offers periodically so the user can make the most of it, and save some money. If you encounter any error regarding your cashback, you can get in touch with their support team.

What is an Intercity Uber offer code?

Traveling between existing cities is known as Intercity travel, and travelers are well aware of Intercity rides and how they affect their pocket by traveling between those cities every day. A user of Uber can therefore use an offer code in order to make their trip a little cheaper than the daily price.

CouponSpirit has new codes that will fill your pocket with money. Who doesn’t want to save money in their everyday lives? Money always looks good in the pocket, not in the heart.

From Chandigarh to Jaipur to Amritsar, and many other places, take a ride and apply the given promo code before making an inquiry about the cab, but keep in mind few of the discounts are only available for a short time.

If you are using offer codes, make sure you use them before the expiration date and don’t forget to apply. Often, passengers forget to click the apply button.

In recent days, Uber has introduced several Intercity offers, and rides between existing routes are pretty common. If you live in an Intercity, we have great offers and exciting codes for you.

How To Book An Uber Intercity Ride For Travel:

Step 1: From the Uber app’s home screen, tap the ‘Intercity’ tab.

Step 2: In the ‘Where To’ section, type your destination after clicking on ‘Get Started.

Step 3: Select the type of car you want and check the estimated fare.

Step 4: When you select ‘Intercity,’ your ride will arrive within minutes.

Here are more details:

  • Several methods of payment are accepted, including cash, Paytm, Amazon Pay, and U4B payment methods only.
  • You can use the Uber price estimator to estimate fares for your next intercity ride.
  • There are no state taxes, one-way tolls, or parking fees included in the fares. These must be paid separately.
  • There are popular routes like Delhi to Chandigarh, Mumbai to Pune, Kolkata to Digha and others that you can book on.


Now install the Uber and thrill the most delightful ride at a low price with an apply our offer code. Seek to make payment via debit card or credit card or Paytm wallet to grab the extra discount on your journey, and keep updated yourself for daily coupon updates so that you never miss any chance to lose any coupons CouponSpirit also keeps you updated regarding any query or promo codes.

UberTaxi: More Reliable and More certain

Uber is offering another great service by introducing UberTaxi. It will be glorious to see how the company will keep working to bring more services to your doorstep so that any individual does not miss any chance of a pleasant ride. It must be a time-saving journey for a user, and even local drivers can earn money by moving to transport technology Uber.

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