Uber Houston Promo Codes & Statistics

Ah! Houston – home of Texans, and having the largest medical center, while writing this article, I came to know one of my Houston friends that residents of Houston eat more than twice a week.

 If we start counting such facts about Houston, then the list won’t stop.

Before jumping to the Uber part, I’d like to say you are a great person if you belong to Houston, and it appears that the article is about Houston, so did  you know?

You are-most a number of the language is spoken city in America after New York and LA.

Okay! I should stop now.

Apart from the cultural part, the people of Houston also contribute to the economy through Uber.

How Much Money Does Houston Driver Make?

Earning money is entirely dependent on the driver how much he wants to drive, we can say how many trips did it take at the end of the days.

So, if you ask the different drivers about their income, different opinions, you will get.

Still, I want to highlight my points, how much drivers make?

Usually, people think driving for Uber and Lyft does not worth it, but the drivers have different opinions and beliefs.

I want to share one encounter with drivers, and I asked him directly, why did you join Uber?

He said, “he became an Uber driver in 2016, like any other driver he thoughts the jobs are too good to be true”.

Flexibility, no angry boss, meet new people and decent payment policy.

Initially, everything was going great, like any other side hustle-but he also agreed that rising in the gig economy made fierce competition, but still, it is worth it to drive for Uber plus he loves driving.

He told me, fare amount is calculated by base fare, charges per miles, and time taken during the trip.

He took two trips that day one trip for $22.65, and another was $24.81 not including my trip, he worked for 3 hours, and drove about 50 miles.

You read a lot about Uber driver earnings – see my points are about the gig economy rules and policy. The more you work – the more you earn.

The best part you can take a day-off without approval, whenever you want, and this is the common favorite choice I come across among the drivers i.e flexibility.

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Uber Houston Promo Codes

Getting a discount on trips is pretty cool, you saved money without efforts apart from searching hour and hour looking to receive the maximum amount of discount voucher.

Uber stake 640*428

Opps! But searching is kind of hectic work too!

Uber offers promo codes for all over the USA. There is no exclusive promo code is available for Houston – but don’t get disappointed still plenty of ways you can reduce the fare.

Right now Uber promo codes are for New Users and they are:

Maximum savingsPer-trip savingsUber promo code
$25 offUp to $2.50 off each of your first 10 tripsNEWRIDER25
$18 offUp to $3 off each of your first 6 tripsNEWRIDER18
$16 offUp to $4 off each of your first 4 tripsNEWRIDER16
$15 offUp to $5 off each of your first 3 tripsNEWRIDER15
$5 off$5 OFF Uber Promo CodeReferral Discount

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Uber Promo Codes for Existing Users

Uber Houston History

There were days yellow cabs were called King of the taxi industry. With passing time, yellow is just a color, and Uber is an upgraded version of the taxi.

In 2014, Rod Rice was the first driver to get licensed for driving Uber after retiring at the age of 40 from radio anchor in Houston.

City council of Houston approved the set of rules for Uber, and Lyft drivers could legally drive as a rideshare driver.

In between, Rice got by an officer who gave him a dozen reasons for violating the taxi ordinance.

However, Uber fined all the charges and sorted out agreement detail in Houston, “Rice said”.

Uber in the Houston Economy

  • Uber’s contribution is about $257 million to Houston’s regional economy in a gross regional product. Ubereats is not included in this economy performance of Uber.
  • Uber rider benefits were $347 million annually after considering time-saving, cost-saving and amenity.
  • The average savings of rider per trip in a combination of $3.97 cost saving, $3.87 in time saving, and $6.29 in amenity value.

Uber Eats Promo Codes in Houston

You are hungry! the delivery boy drops the food, you are drunk and stand alone on the street, the driver receives you and drops you at your home.

Put the task on TaskRabbit, someone will come and do it for you – and we are familiar with the concept of  Airbnb.

Gig economy or demand services have changed the lifestyle of human beings. It made us lazier than ever.

One of my friends texts her mother if he needs something from her mother in the kitchen.

No, I am not that guy.

Uber Eats is a food delivery service and product of Uber.

In simple terms, it is the bridge between restaurants and customers.

Fortunately, news users have the advantage of almost free food. Some of the current and fresh promo codes of Uber Eats are:

Maximum savingsTerms and ConditionsUberEats Promo Codes
40% offFirst OrderSAVE40
$10 Off $15+For Select American Express Cardholders
No code needed!
Up to $30
Order Online & Save With Uber Eats Promo Code
No code needed!

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Uber Houston Rates and Estimates 

Prices of Uber are fluctuating, and entirely dependent upon the services you are requesting for.

The more luxuries services you booked, the more holes you get in your pocket.

Poor Jokes!

Services in Uber are available for everyone, and prices are too good for them if we compared them from the yellow taxi cab and competitor like Lyft.

Let’s dig a little further and check out the prices of these services.

ServiceMinimum FareBase FarePer KmPer Min
UberX + Car Seat$8$2.55$1.75$0.35

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