Does Uber Eats Refund Cancelled Order?

If the customer canceled the order within a fraction of seconds, then Uber Eats do refund the amount.

Once the merchant accepts or confirms the order, then you are no longer eligible to get the refund, and even Reddit users complained they didn’t even get the food after cancellation..

And I know it is frustrating and disappointing, but this is how they deal with cancellation.

The reason is quite simple, merchants like Mcdonalds and KFC are quick to accept the order, and they have used the material, and once the order is made, the delivery guy that costs their gas money and time they could have spent accepting an order that someone wants.

Uber Eats Refund Policy

This is a binding agreement between the merchants and UberEats that customers are charged a full cancellation fee if he/she cancels the order.

Biggest food chains like McDonalds and Ubereats confirm the order within a fraction of seconds, they prepare the food even quickly so because food is ready and their products have been used, delivery guys head to the direction and then you cancel the order, it will require the customer to be charged full price.

They accept the order faster than the speed of a light, so you need to control your fingers and  think twice before cancelling.

You may be able to reason with the UberEats customer support, but they can’t help you with anything because it is an agreement between merchants and UberEats.

How To Cancel the UberEats Order?

Do it before merchants accepted the order

  1. Go to the order tracking page of the UberEats app.
  2. Tap “Cancel Order”.

If you are late, contact the UberEats Support team and they will cancel the order for you.

Note: You won’t get a refund.

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  1. I had canceled my first order before 5 minutes so either or how long and when do I get my refund back sent to my account I haven’t gotten it at all yet … i had canceled and did other orders but from canceled no money back refund back yet


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