Uber Contact Number USA| Uber Customer Service Number|

Uber is a billion-dollar company, and everybody knows.

Uber support teams are always ready to help the riders as well as a driver regardless of the situation.

There are way that we can get the Uber Contact Number.

There are several methods we can get in touch with the Uber support team, such as call, online chat, email, and within the app.

Before contacting Uber, we must read the article and FAQs of our related queries.

Uber tries to answer the basic queries of riders and drivers so that they can have minimum issues.

Still, we know, every individual has a different problem, and they faced situations during the trip, and I am here to put the effort to cover the best to get in touch with the Uber team and get the Uber contact number.

What is the Uber Help Section?

One way to contact the Uber support team is by reaching through the help section and sending an email to your query, and the Uber support team will reply within 24 hours.

Small issues such as money deducted due to technical problems and wanting to switch another mode of payment, retrieve the lost item, and question about the airport pick up and drop location.

The answers to all questions are available in the Uber Help section, and if it is something else, then contact Uber through the Uber help center.

Make sure while sending the message, you do not break the thread because if you do so, then you have to explain everything again as you will get the new representative.

The Uber support team worked well, I tried, and within 24 hours my issue got resolved, and money has been credited in my Uber account.

Live Chat

Official social pages will also be used as a fast reply and guide us with proper instruction to get in touch with Uber.

Social media pages reply might be a little late but it is the best way of online chatting, and Twitter and Facebook will reply within 24 hours of your message.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit there are Uber pages where-we will find the answer and instruction to get our query solved.

What is the Uber Contact Number?

Of course, we can always contact Uber directly within the apps.

Uber support team available for drivers as well as riders 24/7. 

It is easy to get in touch to Uber support team though the apps, 

  1. Just open the app.
  2. Click on “Help section”.
  3. Click on-call support and apps redirect to call.

We also get in touch with Uber in an old fashioned way. 

Uber has a direct call number to get connected to Uber Support: for driver support, please dial 0808 169 7334, riders can access the line at 0808 169 7335.

Call Uber, if you have serious issues such as harassment and have a rough fight with the driver or rider.

Uber Apps Support?

The easiest to contact Uber is through the apps. Drivers and Riders are welcome if they want to connect to Uber.

Their response might not be too fast, but they will reply and solve the problem.

Uber Customer Service Number

Riders and drivers have different apps.

To report an issue, you need to select the trip you had an issue with and put details and let Uber know the problems.

Once the issue is reported, an Uber representative will be reached and resolve your query.

Uber Support Portal

The three easiest to get support from Uber are calling, help section, and contact through social media pages.

The support works through an email, and if we sent the email.

After the email is received, they filter the messages and give a response similar to the help section and don’t have high hopes from the support team as sometimes they bounce from one rep to another without giving the proper explanation of our query.

What are Uber Greenlight hubs?

Specialize training center for the driver and teach them how to take care of passengers and install a car seat, how to improve their rating, and their basic necessary knowledge before becoming an Uber driver.

Uber Driver is supposed to apply for Uber drivers through online as well as offline.

The offline procedure is carried out under Uber Greenlights and more such as the serious case of sexual harassment.

Riders can collect the lost items in Greenlights hub if the driver handover to the Hub team.

Moreover, issue with the riders and want offline support, you can reach out at the Greenlight Hubs.

Currently, greenlights hub is located in more than 650 places around the globe positioned to teach drivers how to be nice and how to handle passengers while driving.

If you have a query and want to have person to person support, you can visit the Uber Greenlight Hub at your nearby place.

Final Thought

There are several ways to contact Uber, and we can use any possible method to reach them out and sort out the query.

Uber customer service is up to the mark, and I am sure your query will be resolved.

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    • Before blocking the account Uber sent an email and let you know why your account is no longer active, low rating, suspicious activity, outstanding balance, these are the common factors, also you can contact them and asks the reason.


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