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Uber Boston Services and Prices

Uber Boston offers ample of services and driver job opportunities in Boston.

  1. UberX (a friendly budget service and have a widely accepted by the passenger, you can say one of the best services in uber car collection)
  2. UberXL (upgraded version of UberX and can fit six passengers)
  3. UberBLACK (a luxurious car with black interior often rider used it for a business trip)
  4. UberSUV (a premium car for six passengers)
  5. UberPOOL (Uber Boston offers carpool services so the rider can share the trip with another rider and similar to the sharing cab).

Uber Boston Rates


  1. Base Fare: $2
  2. Per Minute: $0.20
  3. Per Mile: $1.24
  4. Cancellation Fee: $5
  5. Service Fee: $1.15


  1. Base Fare: $3.50
  2. Per Minute: $0.35
  3. Per Mile: $2.45
  4. Cancellation Fee: $5
  5. Service Fee: $1.15


  1. Base Fare: $7
  2. Per Min: $0.45
  3. Per Mile: $3.95
  4. Cancellation Fee: $10
  5. Service Fee: $0


  1. Base Fare: $14
  2. Per Minute: $0.50
  3. Per Mile: $4.30
  4. Cancellation Fee: $10
  5. Service Fee: $0

Uber Boston Rules and Regulation

In 2011, uber hit in Boston and within no time uber set the foot, made the amazing impact on the people of Boston.

It rapidly convinced the people to adopt the convenient technology of online taxi booking and Bostonian welcome with both hands.

However rival rideshare company Lyft started the operation after the two years of Lyft, and it was the first founding of Lyft in East coast.

In 2017 according to the report, nearly 35 million trips or an average of 96,000 every day were taken in Massachusetts.

According to the data released by Boston official, there were every 67 trips taken per minutes on uber and Lyft of the day!

Best car for uber Boston driver

Overall this is not the good figure, and administration is frustrated about the result entirely the result affect the globally.

The real estate professional Noel Atamian said: “discouraged with the abundance of ride-hailing drivers double parking on the roads of the Boston,” you will find any random or unorganized car on the street of Boston.” They are the jamming the streets of Boston”.

Uber Contact Number

After that, a law passed on uber and Lyft driver in Massachusetts and it considers most strict rules are followed by Uber Boston driver than anywhere else in the country and implementation of the law changed the entire rideshare industry including local taxi cab and now everything is going on a right direction.

A driver should have expensive commercial insurance and good for drivers, and passenger.

  • Rideshare driver pay more toll tax than the local taxi of Boston
  • The background system of checking is getting strict first driver clears the background checking by uber and Lyft and next round is taken by the state Department of Public Utilities. Moreover, the mechanism is also get determined by the State Law of Enforcement officials.

How To Become Uber Boston Driver

Tips to Maintain High Rating in Uber

Uber Boston Forum

Uber Boston Forum allow you to give the answer of your queries and mainly forum consist, member of full experiences driver riding day and night to make money and rider can put the query in Uber help soon your problem will be solved.

Uber Boston Forum

Uber Boston Airport

Passengers were curious to get received by the uber or Lyft cab driver because Boston is the first city didn’t allow the pickup service from the Logan Boston International Airport.

But in 2016 Governor Baker allowing the bill to uber and Lyft driver to pick up from the airport.

Everyone loves the idea of fast service and at a lower price and ridesharing exactly does it.

After the bill services, passenger feels comfortable and thankful to Baker.

Uber Boston Airport Promo Codes

Some people were not happy with Governor Baker resolution while the tourist thankful after Baker’s decision of implementing the bill. Unfortunate ones were generally local cab driver, and the issue is worldwide it’s common.

Universities are the main pickup section and source of getting the passenger to the Uber driver in Boston.

Experiences driver well aware by the fact-Boston the college town and then it’s a business center.

The presence of top Boston University, Brandeis, Cambridge College, MIT, Tufts and the University of Massachusetts Boston, make it an extremely rational center.

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