Uber background check: The Utmost guide

Uber background check: The Utmost guide

Uber’s infamous background checks are probably already well known to anyone interested in working for Uber. 

Media coverage of Uber has been quite intense, and several of its potential drivers ask a lot of questions.

If you want to become an Uber driver, or rent a vehicle to drive for them, you’ll have to pass a background check. 

It is hard to get hired for Uber because of its stringent requirements, and many people wonder if this will impact their chances of getting hired.

The following is a thorough explanation of how background checks work, and what it takes to pass one!

What is Uber background check?

Uber Background check

Each driver and applicant must undergo an Uber background check in order to be considered. Uber receives a background check report from a third-party company that examines public records. 

Lyft Background Check

Based on the results of the background screening, Uber decides whether to accept or reject your application. Uber provides a free background check.

What does Uber actually look for?

Often, Uber gets sued by its riders, drivers, or even the states in which it operates. 

Considering the litigation risk of exposing a potentially dangerous individual to the public, Uber must protect itself from such liability. 

Checking your background reduces that liability to a great extent. 

Uber’s responsibility to keep riders and drivers safe is just as important, if not more so, than threats of litigation. 

During this stage of your Uber onboarding, we will thoroughly review your DMV and criminal records.

Uber’s websites indicate that Your license must be free of any disqualifying records. These might  include:

  • Within the past seven years, major driving violations such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) or reckless driving
  • If you have a criminal record, it must be free of the following: A history of more than three minor moving violations in the last three years, such as speeding tickets (20 mph or more over the speed limit), or failing to obey traffic laws.
  • Convictions for felonies 
  • Crimes involving violence
  • Seven-year summary of sexual offenses
  • If you have unresolved charges against you

What is the average duration of an Uber background check?

Uber background check: The Utmost guide

Most people wonder: what is the approval process for Uber? 

The typical wait time for Uber is three to ten days. 

Based on our experience with answers to this question, we say that it can vary and that it depends on many factors how long it takes to perform the background check.

Agencies typically complete all the screening processes in 14 days on average. 

Individual circumstances may affect the length of a background check.

What to do if you are deactivated after a background check?

Uber Backgound check then appeal

A new violation of their current standards on your background check could result in Uber deactivating you. 

It’s possible that Uber will still deactivate you even if you’ve passed the background check before and your record has stayed the same, especially if they updated their standards or if the employee who looked at your profile made a different decision.

In the future, you can try to reapply for Uber, but there isn’t a way to directly appeal its decision. Even though the chances of you getting re-hired are very low, trying is worth it if you want the  job.

When will I be able to start to work for Uber?

Uber Driver Background review

It will not be difficult for you to find out whether you passed the third-party background check since Uber will email you the results. 

Applicants check their background checks at any time using the applicant checker. 

Depending on the status of your background check, you will be notified:

  • Is complete
  • Awaiting
  • Clarified
  • Take into account
  • Disputation

Any questions about why a background check is taking so long can be answered by checking Checkr’s site or by contacting them. Call (844) 824-3257 for contact information about CheckR.

Bottom Line

By the end of this guide, you should understand how the Uber background check works and what to expect from your application process as well as what not to do if you have concerns about your background check. 

Your Uber driver account is now active, so you can accept riders and earn money right away!

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