Uber Austin Driver Pay

The year of covid-19 stopped Uber Austin Services.

However, recently lockdown lifted, and you can see Uber and Lyft drivers working on the streets of Austin again.

A driver has been having a tough time this year, and many of them became unemployed and lost jobs.

Calculating driver salaries is more complex than calculating delivery guy services and during covid-19 figures might have been different.

How Much Money Uber Drivers Make in Austin?

Everything depends on the market, is always and will always depend on that – and also how and where you drive it, there are no such comments as “fact” I know some driver makes $1000 per week after taxes and expenses, and one thing remembers that gas is used by anybody who owns a vehicle regardless, and still want to keep under control.

The question is how much you can make in Austin, and the answer is how much, and how far you drive because safety is important, someplace is safer to work on, and some places are not good for business.

According to Job portal websites Indeed which stated that Uber drivers could make around $$31,964 on average in a year by driving in Austin, and this is below the national average income.(source)

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Uber Austin Airport and Hotels

Everything depends on your strategy.

If you drive aimlessly in a high gas price area anywhere in the city without a plan, then probably you are not going to be profitable.

Get a plan,  the game of drop park-ping game, and for your information, you should at least find out the “alcohol flow” of your area, then I am sure you will do quite well.

The best place to make money as an Uber driver is Airport, and the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is the biggest outside the bustling Dallas-Fort Worth & Houston metro areas.

The airport can help you get a long trip, and you can earn most of the money during the trip.

Almost every city and state driver tries to pick up most of the passengers from the Airport to get a long trip.

The hotels and bars are also a good place where you can get the best ride – you find many tourists at hotels and alcoholic riders in bars and restaurants.


You can make decent money in Austin by picking the rider in Airport, Hotels, and places where the places of alcohol are high.


know, what am I trying to say!

If you find the strategy and make a good plan with perfect execution, you can make up to $600-$800 per week in Austin.

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