How to Get 5 Star Uber Rating?

It is very important to have a good Uber rating to sustain in Uber.

A bad rating might lead to a disabled account.

Uber’s working system is unique and changed the face of the sharing economy completely.

It allows the rider to request the ride at any time anywhere and almost in every developed country.

Uber gives the driver only 15 seconds to accept or decline the ride, and the driver needs to think about whether he can take a ride and arrive on time at the pick-up location.

After accepting the ride – the driver proceeds to the rider location to pick up and notify him by arriving by tapping arriving now.

Once the rider arrives at the location and gets into the car, the driver asks him before clicking the start now to make sure the ride started after the rider’s verbal consent.

The trip starts and the driver navigates to the destination as soon as the trip is over, the fare amount is calculated within seconds, and receipt display on the screen, and after that the driver goes back online and back to the business.

The driver has perks to have full flexibility to go online or offline, start their business anywhere and anytime.

You know, Uber is a kind of new idea in the internet world and the most successful start-ups in the transportation sector among both rider and driver..

Maintaining a rating is not an easy take, but if you are following the guidelines every day – I am sure most of the riders will give the best rating.

Rent a car for Uber driving

How Does Rating System Work in Uber

After each successful trip, a rider can leave a rating between 1-5 stars, also may have written the feedback for the best experience, same goes for the driver, the driver also has a chance to give a rating between 1-5 stars to the passenger.

The passenger wants to have a good rated driver and desire to have a good experience or at least don’t want to have a bad experience.

If the driver rating is below the expectation of the rider  -then maybe the rider declines to have a ride with the driver or requests a new trip with the new driver.

If the driver has a bad rating, then there are high chances the driver will lose access to an Uber

driver application.

Fortunately, Uber has a feedback option for the client to leave suggestions so the driver can improve the service in that area,  however, there are plenty of ways for the driver to achieve a good rating.

Is Driving for Uber Worth it?

4 Ways help you to achieve best Uber Rating

There are many perks for a rider – Uber provides the reliability of experience.

For example, if the riders request the trip – he knows the estimated time of arriving.

There are many perks of being a rider, and it helps the driver never go out with a shortage of trips.

Driver and rider share the same ETA on the device – rider expects the driver to approach the pickup location at the estimated time.

Hence Uber suggested the driver accepts the ride only when he’s ready to start the vehicle and prompt him to reach the pickup location.

Being late is one of the reasons drivers lose the rating, and it common these days that drivers lose the rating because of delays in arriving time. Traffic and incorrect addresses put the driver in the back-seat, and they got late.

So is highly recommended for the driver the GPS for avoiding delay in client location or study the city during the downtime the easier the driver navigates the city the happier the client.

If you are struggling to maintain a good rating and don’t want to lose access to the application, then you need to know more about your clients than what your clients are looking for and want to impress them through your consistent service, following these tips will help you to achieve a 5 rating trip.

Best Uber Car for Driver


The rider expects the driver to come at an estimated time, and delay in arriving is the common reason that driver receives a rating below 5.

Uber rating - Always On Time-min

To avoid being late in arriving Uber suggests the driver use GPS, and only accepts the trip when he is online and ready to start the vehicle or prompt in reaching so studying the city to navigate during downtime also helps the driver to use the time efficiently.


There is no formal dress system in Uber, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about your appearance – how you dress or care for hygiene may be a reflection of your devotion to providing a 5-star rating trip.

Dressing well can also make a trip easier because riders love to give driver 5 rating who represents themselves in a professional style.

#03- Service

Riders love to have extra service such as opening the door for him/her, which shows the ethical – and professional dedication towards the service.

Even serving the cold water or having the extra mobile charger.These little things impress the rider and he left with no choice other than to give you 5 stars.

Uber rating - Service-min

#04- Avoid asking 5 stars

Even serving the cold water or having an extra mobile charger. These little things impress the rider, and the rider has no choice other than to give you 5 stars.

Cancel the trip segment

If an unwanted situation occurs that you wanted to cancel the ride, remember, don’t start the trip rather than end the ride quickly, hit the cancel icon, which is present at the top left corner, and choose one of the reasons for not executing the trip in the below-given list.

Remember you have always had an option do not charge clients, be sure your clients shouldn’t charge the cancellation fee because you are the one who declines to have a ride after accepting it.

That indicates ethics toward the service, and the rider has a great experience and one more thing try to avoid the cancellation as much as you can, the driver also has to maintain the acceptance rate, the lower acceptance rate, the more poor rating or service.

Offline/Online segment

Once you sign in to the app and select the vehicles – you will see the go online button- before tapping the button make sure you are ready to receive the rider without any delay.

However, if you are not ready to take the rides, uber highly recommends you to stay offline – that means if you are in a shower, bathroom, eating, or any situation, which prevents you from driving or you are in an uncomfortable state to start a ride.

The top reason drivers love to work with Uber is a flexible schedule since Uber has constant providing 24 hours service, you have a great chance to go on and off at any time or anywhere.

Excessive calling segment

Booking a cab in the Uber application is as simple as tapping any button – the rider just needs to ask for the ride by tapping “Request a trip” on a smartphone, and ride connected to the nearest driver on the road.

Once the driver accepted the trip, all the driver’s details such as driver name, phone number, rating, image, and estimated time of arriving will appear on the rider’s device, and he received an automatic message of confirmation.

When the driver approached the pickup location, then let him know the rider by tapping the “arriving now” button again – the rider will get a notification of “arriving the driver” to his/her smartphone.

However, the Uber algorithm tries to avoid calling as much as possible,  and also suggests to the driver not to call the clients excessively – because it may cause to fall in the rating, and the rider may get annoyed or disturbed which more likely to give a poor rating.

But – if the driver has any confusion in mind about the direction – then the driver can call the rider to confirm the route.

City Knowledge

The most common complaint received by Uber about a driver is a poor route choice or lack of knowledge about the city.

To avoid choosing the wrong route follow the following guidelines-

First thing you needs to do is ask the riders directly-

If they respond yes, it is better to prefer the custom route provided by the rider and arrive at the pickup location.

The second thing, which is highly recommended by Uber is to use GPS, or wave application as a backup.

Try to learn the usual landmark and local streets during downtime – because the better you know your city, the more efficiently you drive.

Riders never leave a chance to give a low rating for poor route choice, and if your rating slips below the expectation, then you may lose access to the Uber application.

Accepting the trip module

Accepting the trip is quick and simple, whenever a rider requests a ride, uber connects it to the nearest driver, on the other hand, a beeping notification will popup on the driver application, the driver will have 15 seconds to accept the ride.

The ETA is displayed on the app to let the driver know how far away he is from the rider.

Remember, if you are receiving the request that means you are the closest driver available on the roads – no other driver is fast or closer than you.

If you accept the trip, a rider will receive the quickest pickup possible, which is a great experience for the passenger.

If you reject the trip, the request goes to another driver who is far away from the passenger

Resulting in poor performance for both rider and driver because the driver has to maintain the acceptance request – so if you don’t want to take a ride just go offline. Otherwise customers switch to Lyft.

Lyft Driver Requirements

Cashback mode

Uber is an entirely cashless app that why riders love to take a ride in Uber and this is the main reason why they have been able to grow so fast, that why riders love to take a ride in Uber, and this is the main reason why they have been able to grow so fast.

If there is ever a technical issue occurring during the trip, such as you start the trip early or you end the ride late, just make sure you send an email to Uber Support with details.

Soon Uber tried looking out what was happening and figured out a solution and adjusted the fare.

Another thing asking the rider to pay the cash as a part of a trip is not only against the terms and service – but also an unprofessional and poor experience for a rider. 

Let the payment be handed to the cashless Uber to remind the driver at the end of a trip not to tip.

Best Payment Method for Uber

Some clients feel uncomfortable paying the tip as they expect the ride to be cashless.

If a new rider giving cash as a tip, then let him know tipping is not part of Uber service, or he might have felt cheated later.

However, if the rider insists you keep the tip, then keep it because you earned it.

Uber Tipping

Fare Review segment

Once you have arrived at the drop-off location and confirmed it is the final destination, then press the end trip.

Uber uses the trip data to calculate the fare which appears in the app within seconds.

However, after the ride, you will ask to rate the rider between 1-5 stars, after that, you will see two buttons – one indicates “I need a fare review” about the rider, and the second button will indicate to “go online”.

If you have any issue about the trip or unfair receipt then you put your feedback, and if everything is alright hit the second button, and go back online ready to accept the next ride which comes on your way.

Payment Method for Driver

Getting paid is easy and comfortable with a vault. Vault is secure storage and payout integration for banking information and partner tax.

You can go to the to set up the deposit and if you want to change the direct deposit just go the dashboard of, and click on the banking detail icon.

Once you enter the details of your payment deposit directly every Thursday, the payment period is every Monday at 4 a.m to the following Monday at 4 a.m.

Remember if you forgot to add the banking detail at partner dashboard and completed the ride still you will get the payment after adding the banking detail.

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