Priceline Flights and Refund Steps

How Do I cancel my Priceline Flights?

Canceling the flight from Priceline after the deduction of money and confirmation of mail. However, booking a ticket in Priceline is simple but canceling procedure requires a little more efforts from your side due to strict rule and regulation restricting the passenger from changing their travels plans. Still, you can refund for your cancellation in Priceline by following few steps.

STEP 1: 24-hour cancellation

Try to reach out the customer service of Priceline. If you booked a ticket in a disclosed time, try to call them the same day and asks for the return. You can receive the refund on the day same day of booking. You can call on 1-800-774-2354 before 11:30 pm.

Note: Refund on some airline are not allowed such as Air India and JetBlue. The same procedure also applied for hotel cancellation, call them and asks for a refund within the 24 hours of check-in.

STEP 2: Ticket’s terms and condition

Sometimes we booked the ticket the which are non-refundable, always make sure about your trip and be careful about the platform that you are booking the trip. Priceline set the rules of cancellation that all the ticket have a different set of rules and regulation associated with them.

You can go to “Tickets changes and cancellation.” by clicking on Ticket changes and see the rules associated with your ticket then you can call customer service for the refund according to the policy and kindly following the rules of a ticket.

STEP 3: Travel Insurance

If you already paid the insurance for your travel, then you can easily obtain the refund by calling to them and ask the refund. No stress, no trouble. Refund amount will be credited to account or wallet respectively.


Before you get started, make sure you have email and password of the account. All your homework is done and now the time is come to call the customer care of Priceline.

They will let you know the rules and regulation even if you have a non-refundable ticket still, ask them, there may be something they can to do to get the refund, or they allowed to speak one of the representatives if you have some genuine reason for cancellation.

Priceline cheap flights offer

Finding a discount on a flight is not only a hectic work but also a time and energy consuming task. If you search on google “Airline Ticket offer.” Thousands of pages are welcoming you and guide you through the process of getting cheap flight tickets at Priceline.


some of them are right or cool about their code, and some of them are notified you by giving the current on-going offers detail. I am going to put a bunch of currents promo code that might be helpful for you and save your money.

Where do you enter the Priceline flight promo codes?

The truth is you can’t enter the promo code on Priceline flight section. Priceline automatically displays the best on-going offers regarding the flight.

If you are in possession that you have a valid promo code and it should be applied at Priceline, then you need to follow the certain instructions, or you have to give a call to Priceline customers service.

How do I know about on-going Priceline flight Offers?

One of the best things about Priceline is “Priceline Express deals.” Click on which you will find at the footer section of the Priceline page. After redirecting to the express deal page, put the detail of your journey and many ongoing Priceline offers pop up on the screen. To be honest, they are considerate price, the amount which is not going to hole in your pocket.

priceline flights

Save up to 50% OFF on Express Deals on Priceline

Directly discount applied is better than searching and hoping to find out the discount code which gives you a high reduction in a price then you are wasting time. Check out the latest discount on Priceline Express deals.

How does Priceline bidding process work?

“Name Your Own Price” is the process of price bidding where one individual put their own price which they want to pay to the hotels.

Priceline will let you that your bidding amount is eligible to get you the hotels or not, there is a various trick to get 5-star hotels in your price by doing little research by yourself and who knows even the small amount gives you a huge output. Bidding price is not applicable to flights and renting a car category anymore they have become history.

priceline flights

Car rental in Priceline

Priceline also allows their user to rent a car for the great experience and fun tour or you can say that allows to remove the burden of booking a cab and local taxi.

All you gotta do is put the pickup and drop-off location, check-in and check-out date of a car, then the select the car of your needs and pay for it.

Vacation Packages

Priceline is a commercial website that deals with online hotels, flights, renting a car, and cruise. Priceline flight almost gives the affordable and convenient price, but if you go through the vacation packages you can save a lot more from the current budget. Choose the best packages and travel dates that would be suitable for you and can create a great experience for you.

Do visit may be some good offer waiting for you at Spirit Airline Coupon and Discount.


Keep checking or looking at our site whenever you make plans and follow the instruction of cancellation if you want to change the plans and want to cancel the tickets.

Best of luck from my side, I hope you have a great experience and have a marvelous travel journey. Create unforgettable moments along with friends and family.

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