Postmates vs Doordash | Who Will Win 2022?

There are abundant food delivery apps making an eye catching up in the food market, especially on demand food delivery services serve immense importance nowadays.

This can act as an opportunity for an individual who needs to work part time or full time to earn money either to fulfill certain needs or his/her long lasting wishes. 

And, you know what is the best part about this, you can easily make money through Postmates and Doordash, similar  to ubereats, grubhub, and instacart, all of these are equally popular in the gig economy of food delivery apps. 

In this, we are going to discuss about certain factors which you need before starting the journey, Food order delivery is not a rocket science which needs to crack the code of hardest level , one who possess a basics knowledge can do the task, different apps have different features, basically we need to choose wisely, I can think, now you’re in a dilemma of choosing best, Let me know you, there are one ninth similarities in both apps but remaining tenth percent can make a huge different, which exist so far.

Don’t worry, we will guide you like your teacher guided you throughout your school’s learning.

Here is a complete comparison of Postmates vs Doordash food delivery app which helps you to make a decision without regretting afterwards. Let’s embark on this wonderful journey.

What is Postmate?

Postmate is a legitimate American food delivery app that has been spectacularly proposing its service in thousands of cities all over the USA since 2011. 

We’ve now Grubhub, UberEats, Caviar and today the fight comparison Postmates vs Doordash.

It is more accurate to say that Postmates is not just a mere food delivery app, their service – and marketing also involves delivering a wide range of groceries according to customer needs.

 Its notion revolves  around delivering anything, anytime, anywhere. There are opportunities to become Postmates delivery drivers and start earning money.

What is Doordash?

Doordash, on the other hand, is one of the largest American interconnected food delivery services, which was founded in 2013.

To access the service, the customer needs the Doordash app to place an order, which got accepted by a nearer Dasher. 

A dasher is a person assigned by a Doordash service who picks up the order from a restaurant and successfully delivers it to the customer’s address. 

class="wp-block-heading">Let’s compare Postmates and Doordash

Food delivery apps are growing in popularity as a convenient and profitable side hustle. 

As both are somehow food delivery apps, it is convenient to know which provides the best service. 

We will rank Postmates and Doordash as both have their perks, including a breakdown of pay, distance, and availability within the localized area.

How do Doordash and Postmates Work?

Both Postmates and doordash are fast growing online delivery apps, somehow they share a similar niche for the customers, so they work similarly and offer the drivers to earn additional income. Lets understand how Postmates and Doordash works.


You received the first order for delivery, when you reluctantly sign into the postmates, afterwards you need to drive to the restaurant location to pick up the order on the assigned time, as the app offer to order anything to anywhere within a specific radius or area, you can use either accept or reject the request, you can use the map to dictate the nearest location.

Each Postmates driver receives a credit card that can be used to purchase orders from customers. Postmates will charge the vendor’s credit card for all payments, including delivery fees. Then, you will follow the heat map to drive to the customer and deliver the goods on time.

Postmates promises to deliver anything at any time, anywhere, so its drivers need to be able to operate at any time. It is impossible to schedule shifts on the app, so you may have to drive any day of the week and at any time. Postmates may be the right choice for you if you can work with flexible schedules.


Doordash sent you an notification for the delivery, when you log into your doordash driver account, once you received the notification, it solely depends on you to either accept or reject the delivery, if you accept the order, you need to strive on the restaurant to pick up the order on time, if you delay it might came as problem for you.

After you arrive at the restaurant, you need to pick the order once the food is prepared by the restaurant and drive to drop the parcel to the customer specific locations .

Dashing vehicles also come in two different types. Sign in and select the day, time and end point that you prefer to schedule a future dash in the app.

Scheduling your dash shifts allows you to select the best time, regardless of drivers’ availability, and ensures that you will have a spot at that time.

Dash Now is another option available to drivers. Drivers can open the application anytime to begin driving. There is a limitation, however, in that you may not be able to drive at all times. DoorDash offers this unique service, which means fewer Dashers are allowed to drive at any one time.

After all, it does not want to see you get started and then not be able to earn enough money. Dash Now may otherwise be an advantage, but you will not be able to drive in your preferred area or at any desired time if you choose this option.

Postmates Vs Doordash: Availability

If it doesn’t offer service in your area, it shouldn’t be considered the best Food Service app in the world. 

One can expect Postmates to win here as it is older than Doordash.

 The app is currently available in 189 cities across the USA, while Doordash presents in about 50 cities, including few places in Canada.

However, an international advantage is lead by Doordash as it has a more international interconnected network of a restaurant as compared to Postmates

In terms of expansion of service, Postmates win. 

It can be changeable in the upcoming days 

..if Doordash receives round up funding in taking measures to expand their operations or with a proper marketing network.

Who costs more? It is one of the crucial factors to decide which one is better as it directly affects our earning.

Postmates and Doordash are not the only food delivery app in the United States.

The fierce competition has been running in the country between the apps.

Have a look at a brief analysis between Doordash, Grubhub, and UberEats.

DoorDash Vs Postmates: Pricing

Both are charging delivery fees as well as additional fees during rainy or swamped traffic, where generally demands were high.

The delivery fee for Postmates merchants is $3.99, and for all other Merchants, it varies from $5.99 to $9.99 delivery fee is free on orders above $20.

There is no blitz pricing in Postmates – while in the case of Doordash, what you pay is directly proportional to the dasher time and work.

Therefore one can conclude that fee varies based on the market, more, during high demand and lessen in reasonable days.

Analyzing, Postmates shows a higher tip percentage, while Doordash shows high frequency and reliability.

DoorDash Vs Postmates: Customer Service

It is important to note how both of these apps handle customers.

Customer Service on the Doordash app there’s a support page with phone numbers, a live chat option, and frequently asked questions. On the other hand, it’s a lot harder to find individualized support in the Postmates app – whereas there are many pages dedicated to answering FAQS, there is no general chat support option.

Postmates Offer Phone Support to drivers for their query, but the problem is they force you to leave a voicemail, and no one will call them back.

Let’s click on the list icon, on the left side of the screen the menu organized into categories, personally, appreciate this option because we normally look for specific things, so Doordash has a view that allows the customer to quickly local appetizers or dinner items without having to scroll through anything.

Currently, Postmates and Doordash are offering a no contact delivery.

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