Postmates Tipping Guide | How Much is Enough?

Postmates tipping

Postmates is interconnected networking of a food delivery service operated through mobile applications. 

It offers a tip to the driver once the order is completed successfully. Giving tips is a form of smooth gesture in the culture of America. Tipping is not compulsory. 

It is optional for a customer to pay a tip to the delivery person. The customer must fulfill these etiquette to the delivery person. It shows respect for a particular profession; not only the delivery person but drivers, bartenders, and waiters also deserve a tip.

How to tip a Postmates driver?

There are two ways to tip Postmates drivers, either through online mode or directly in cash. 

The most efficient way to tips a Postmate driver is to pay directly through cash after the food delivered successfully or other method is a cashless mode; customers need to pay through debit or credit card once the order complete, these methods of paying tip valid only for one day of the order date, once the time limit exceeds, your Postmates account will disable the tipping to drivers option, the safest option is to cash them because when customers pay through the digital method, Postmates split the total amount in the percentage section, only a fraction amount goes in the driver account as a tip.

How much tip Postmates delivery drivers get?

If you placed an order in Postmate, you are wondering how much you should pay to the driver; it depends on many considerate factors such as the driver’s service and the relation shared within the journey. 

The most approximate amount to pay as a tip will be $5 to $10 per delivery; some delivery drivers got 20% of the tip when you placed an order in Postmates. 

It will automatically calculate 20% of the total amount as a tip to the delivery driver. 

However, it is not compulsory; you have full authority over tipping the delivery driver, most of the time, it depends on the service provided by a delivery driver, when the driver seems rude, or he/she missed items in your order or didn’t obey something you wished for. There is a high chance that a delivery driver will not receive any tip or receive a negligible amount.

What is the other deliberation of tipping Postmates drivers?

It is wise to know that your Postmates delivery driver does not make more than minimum wage from delivering service through Postmates

Even the amount of minimum wage excludes gas/ petrol price, vehicle insurance, the driver may when required wait in hustle traffic or sometimes deliver an order in heavy raining as quickly as possible or even make personal contact with a customer related to order, under this consideration not tipping a driver is a worse excuse.

So it is wise to throw a few bucks in a driver’s wallet if he or she goes above or beyond the service; the etiquette of tipping must be followed in favor of the growing gig economy.

How to tip Postmates delivery drivers?

Once your order is successfully delivered, you are most welcome to tip the driver digitally if you forget or not wish to tip the driver in cash.

Let’s follow the step

  • Open the Postmate app or tab the notification icon mentioning to rate or tip your driver.
  • Click on the ‘tip’ section and add the amount of tip you wish for, or you can select the one option out of three 10%, 15%, or 20%
  • Once that section completed, click on the tab ‘Send Tip’

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