Postmates Gift Card Discount

Postmates is one of the leading food delivery services in the United States.

The second measure ranks Postmates fourth in terms of popularity and services.

Before we get started the article about postmates gift card, you must know about the Postmates promo code for existing users, and you can get an enormous discount or 100% free promo code for your orders.

There are so many scams going on with gift cards.

Hackers tried to buy the gift card by fake or stolen credit card, and if you buy those Postmates gift cards there are more chances that the gift card code got blocked by Postmates or is no longer in use.

Make sure you buy the gift card from an authentic source such as or amazon and Target official website.

A gift card is a great choice to give someone a present or treat for the occasion, and that’s why we have several gift card sellers such as UberEats gift card, Doordash Gift card, and Grubhub gift card.

Get $10 Free Gift Card When You Purchase Worth of $50 Gift Card

Postmates Gift Card Discount
Source: Email

Terms & Condition

  • Gift card purchases subject to gift card terms and conditions found here.
  • Gift card offer valid through Sunday, 10/04/2020 at 11:59 PM PST.
  • For qualifying purchases, Postmates will award offer to purchaser’s Postmates account on Wednesday, 10/07/2020 and offer will expire on 10/18/2020.
  • Limit 1 per customer. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash or like exchanges.
  • Maximum savings $10. Must have a valid Postmates account to participate.
  • Postmates reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time without notice. Other restrictions may apply.

Postmates Restaurants Gift Card

  • Restaurant Gift Cards:
  • Important restrictions apply to Postmates Restaurant Gift Cards.
  • Restaurant Gift Cards may only be redeemed through the Postmates’ platform toward the purchase of eligible goods provided by the specified restaurant at the specified location for whom you purchased the Restaurant Gift Card.
  • For full Postmates gift card terms and conditions, visit 

Use Postmates Gift Card

Postmates Gift Card Discount

Officially Postmates gives discounts of $10 on buying a gift card of the worth of $50.

This is a special offer for Mother’s day, and the drawback is that you have a few days for using the credit amount.

Postmates always do that, they always give us a little time to use, and their expiry date is much less than a life.

Complete email message posted below with terms and condition:

Offer Terms

  • Gift card purchases subject to gift card terms and conditions found here.
  • Offer validity from Sunday, 5/10/2020 till 11:59 PM PST.
  • The $10 offer will be credited on Wednesday, 5/13/2020, and will expire on 5/17/2020.
  • Offer limited to 1 customer.
  • Must have a valid Postmates account to participate.

How to get a Postmates Discount gift card?

Currently, there is no discount code on, so we need to find out the alternative to get the discount gift card.

The first thing we need to analyze which website is selling the Postmates gift card?

  • Amazon
  • Target

However, Postmates is already out in the race, right now there is no discount anymore.

So Amazon does offer Amex credit and debit cards discount, and in that sense, you can utilize the card to buy Postmates gift card cards. 

If you are eligible for the discount but don’t want to buy anything, so you buy food through Postmates.

If this is working for you, then we can try the best alternative method by using competitor gift cards.

Mcdonalds, KFC, Dominos, and many other food brands offer gift cards. 

You can buy their gift card and use it on their official website.

Can we Mcdonalds Gift Cards in Postmates Ordering?

No, Mcdonald’s gift card only is usable in Mcdonald’s Official website or McDonald’s store that also depends because some McDonald’s store does not accept gift cards as a payment method.

The same goes with the other food delivery brands such as KFC and Chipotle, you can buy their gift card in and amazon and use it through their official website, and one thing please remember, read their terms and conditions before purchasing.


A gift card is more like a digital card, as far as human feeling is concerned, a physical gift is more likely to develop relationships and spread happiness among the loved ones.

A Postmates gift card or any other gift card is good as a  temporary gift and wants to order food and that food is only available in Postmates and no other delivery apps, then buying through a gift card or sending the gift to loved ones is considered as a remarkable gesture.

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