Postmates Driver Pay

There are various factors we need to check to calculate the earning of a Postmates driver pay and salaries.

Being a Postmates is not easy, or everyone’s cup of tea – the job may seem easy when people listen to the word flexibly, work anytime you want, no target pressure, no boss or manager, nothing to prove to anyone.

Postmates drivers climbed to many stories when the elevator stopped working – they stood outside at the customer’s address because the customer told him to wait, sometimes they received less tip even if everything was delivered on time.

If you are thinking of becoming a Postmates driver – I suggest that an independent contractor is still better than working underboss.

Earning is also great if you are doing accurately, and you will earn handsome money.

Postmates Driver Pay in Los Angeles

According to the Reddit users who were a Postmates driver two years back in LA stated that he made $7.50 per delivery, about 75 deliveries per week, working about 35hrs/wk. That’s about $16/hr. 

The figure is different for every state – you may not get to know that everyone is earning the same amount and even if you come across the glassdoor and indeed their estimated salary listed up to $10-$15 per hour which is 11% above national average.

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How are Earnings Calculated in Postmates?

Postmates calculate differently for every city, and you can check which city can pay you decent money.

Postmates will be paid by concluding five factors, and you can have a bonus if you complete the five deliveries in 14 days in Acton, CA.

  1. The amount for complete pick-up
  2. The amount for complete drop-off
  3. The amount for per minute waited at the pick-up location
  4. Distance covered from pick-up to the drop-off location
  5. 100% tips.

In other words, you will earn for successful pickup and drop-off, the time you waited in the store, as well as the distance you have covered from to store to the customer’s address.

Postmates have different terms and conditions for every city.

For example – Alburn earning is different- just so you know their referral amount is also distinct – if you refer your friend for Postmates, then you will receive a $275 bonus if your referral completed the 35 deliveries in 30 days.

Postmates driver earnings as per states.

Postmates Driver Pay out

You can check the status and the balance amount within the app in real-time.

Postmates pay the driver every week – There is no limit to how many times you can cash out in a week.

Your amount credit to Mondays and it reflects in your bank account on Wednesday.

By any chance, if you want to cash out instantly, then you need to link the Visa or Master Debit to the Postmates fleet app.

The instant amount charged you $0.50 per instant deposit, and you must have $5 in the fleet app.

The total amount you earned till 11.59 pm on Sunday that will credit to your bank account on Monday.

Postmates driver earning in Alburn


You deliver, and you will earn – Postmates follow the same system as other deliveries apps like Instacart and Doordash.

We can also call Postmates a mixture of Instacart and Doordash.

If you have a question about the Postmates payment structure, then shoot in the comment.

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