4 Ways To Get Postmates Contact Number

Postmates is one of the delivery services in the United States and it very easy to get Postmates contact number and resolve the issue.

You can order food and courier guys to deliver to the customer’s address, and that’s it.

I know it is not easy sometimes as it seems.

Ordering food from Postmates and any other delivery apps such as GrubHub, Doordash, and many others at some point, you may find the error of deduction of unwanted balance and order never being delivered to the address.

The first step is to contact the Postmates customer service, and I would suggest the best way through email.

Let’s figure out why I say email would be the best method to contact them?

#1: How Do I Get Postmates Contact Number?

Dial 1-888-815-7726, and you will reach out to the customer department and make sure you chose option 3 to reach a customer relation representative.

Option 3 redirects to you, but you may get the voicemail, and we know the situation of a voicemail, sometimes they return a callback, and sometimes they never, and this number is especially for merchants, option 1 for merchants and won’t help you with anything.

Remember, don’t choose option 1 to get help from merchants because some representative speaks rudely with the customer because they can only help merchants.

If you get connected to a representative, explain everything to them and ask them if they need additional information regarding the issue and explain calmly and no need to get frustrated and speak rudely.

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#2: Postmates Apps Support

There is another way of contacting Postmates through Apps.

Login to your Postmates account.

Scroll to the Profile and click on the support button to get help through apps.

There you find FAQs, and if there is no proper answer is there in FAQs, you have an option of reporting the issue and clicking there is a form, and you need to fill it with a comment, phone, states, and address, order id, etc.

The explanation needs to be filled in the comment box and also needs to fill the essential information such as phone number and address.

#3: Email Support

Postmates recommend customers to contact them first through email, and wait 24 hours to get the reply.

Put the account information and general description as an issue so that the representative could understand easily and process the query and reply to you soon.

For example, your subject of email could look like:

Account #981234567- Margaret Dwyer – Overcharged Account.

Postmates Email: [email protected]

You can email Gmail, outlook, and you also send through the application, there is an email button in the apps, and that will redirect you to the email or outlook.

#4:  Twitter Support

Twitter is a short blogging social platform, and many delivery service companies such as UberEats, GrubHub, and Doordash provide their help to their customers.

Postmates twitter supports you and guides you to solve the query and make sure you provide a proper detailed explanation regarding the issue.

And most of the time they’ll tell you to contact the Postmates through email, and email is the popular and most effective support service having in any delivery platform they’ll reply fast and forward the concern to someone immediately.

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There are 4 effective ways to contact the Postmates, and there is a chance none of them work, and all of them help you.

Email is useful, it will take time, but they help with your concern, and phone numbers forced you to leave the voicemail, and who knows when they reply to your voicemail.

Postmates Apps support works the same way as the email they redirect your email, and you can send an email and wait for it to resolve.

Note: Driver can contact them in the same way, make sure you communicate with them as a driver and choose option 2 while choosing the number.

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