Postmates Background Check for Driver | How To Pass?

When you are applying for the Postmates courier service, you must go through a Postmates background check to become the Postmates driver.

Before moving the onboarding session, the driver needs a clear background record – otherwise, you will be rejected by Postmates.

Postmates drivers hold responsibility, and Postmates want to ensure that their independent contractor did not misuse it irresponsibly.

Postmates are a combination of two services Instacart and Doordash – other than the food – they deliver the groceries and convenience items.

If you read the complete article about the Postmates driver requirements, and Postmates Insurance policy then you will know that it is mandatory to pass the background check, and we want to cover the information for you regarding the background – and how it works? – what they check? – and what are Postmates looking for throughout the process?

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How Does Postmates Conduct Driver’s Background check?

All the Postmates drivers need to pass the background check, and once the fleet member will receive the Postmates card, cross your finger because your background check will begin.

You can upload your selfie on Postmates fleet apps if your market does not have a Postmates card.

The two main points that Postmates are looking for from drivers are clean criminal history and DMV driving history, and you need to pass them.

This is all done by third party – so no one guarantees that the timeframe is 2-3 days – it gets done within a couple of days.

Unfortunately, third- party do not give a set time frame for how long it will take, but you can check the status at

What Is the Background Check Looking For?

Postmates background includes a criminal record check and rough driving history.

If you have a clean history, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

However, these two are the common factor in a background check, but Postmates hold to reject the application because it is their preference as to which offenses they consider unacceptable and refuse to accept your application, and you have no right to raise a concern.

If you have a concern about the minor accident and unpaid parking ticket, then go with Postmates thoroughly and read the article about what thing you are missing that leads to disqualification – and you can contact them for more info.

href="">Postmates Contact Number

Criminal Background Check

The criminal background check will browse nationwide and county-level databases and look for a serious crime.

And if they found something that is not relevant to them and significant criminal record, a immediate disqualification from working with Postmates.

Some of the example

  • Violent crimes
  • Sexual offenses
  • Felonies
  • Drug-related convictions

If Postmates found anything that is a red flag for them apart from the above points, you still could get disqualified from the Postmates.

Driving Record Check

Postmates want to make sure that giving employment to safe and good driver’s hands who have no record of accidents and Postmates  want to know they are not working with an unsafe driver.  Here are some of the examples that Postmates consider disqualifying to become the fleet member.

  • DUI
  • Reckless driving
  • Hit and run
  • Accidents
  • Suspensions or revocations

If there is a minor incident that happens in the past, and you think you can qualify, but if the Postmates rejected it, still you have no employment from Postmates – if they don’t consider your minor accident is minor, unfortunately, you can’t drive for Postmates.

Can you raise a dispute again Postmates Background Check results?

If you are thinking – you are disqualified due to an error occurred in a background check results, then you should raise the issue to the Postmates, and you can reach them and let them know your side of the story.

Your dispute is genuine, then may Postmates reconsider your application – still, Postmates disqualify if they find anything that unfits for Postmates drivers.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Postmates background check?

Postmates background check is the requirement of a company to check a person’s activity or background to become a driver or courier in the Postmates company. 

By simple means, Postmates check the history or criminal record of a person before joining to become a driver. Every mega-company has this policy to overcome the vexation in the future.

What are the requirements of Postmates background check?

A driver needs to provide some necessary information to be eligible for background checks during the form-filled-up Postmates application process.

  • Candidates’ full names also need to mention the middle name.
  • Candidates’ full date of birth as I.D. card or some legalized document
  • Candidates social security number(S.S.N)
  • Valid driver’s license must be upgraded and actively in use.

What criteria does Postmates background check look for?

Postmates background check looks at the record of drivers’ life history, whether it has any criminal record, and checks the records of vehicles used by that driver.

How does Postmates Background check for a criminal record?

Postmates background checks criminal records based on national and country-level database records. 

The company performs the screening of a database that gathers the information available in a database record. 

The report includes violent and sexual crimes, the activity of theft and any property damage, etc.

Does Postmates background check take permission from the driver to proceed?

Yes, Postmates background takes the permission to initiate the process of a background check.

How much time Postmates background takes?

Once the driver activates the card received and a welcome kit, Postmates begin the background check process.

How to check the status of Postmates background check?

For checking the status, it involves a third company known as a checker to process the database screening.

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