Uber First Ride Free Code

The word ‘free’, discount and coupons are always appreciated and sweetest sounds, one would want to listen after individual names and today we have Uber first ride free codes.

Promo code helps in little saving because we can use the same money in buying the other stuff.

Tech companies like Lyft and Uber initially welcome us with huge discounts and coupons, but after reaching the peak point, they decrease the value or completely vanish the promo code.

There are still several promo code available in the market, and currently the value is not like previously, $20 OFF.

Those were the days we almost got the first free Uber ride.

It is hard these days to get the free rides discount by referring and earning the credit.

In the time of 2014-2016, the world barely knew the Uber transportation service, and they were promoting Uber in the best way by giving huge discounts of 20-25 dollar, and at that time it was almost free, that was an amazing day!

Currently, Uber has reached a high peak, and now they give discounts with less amount of 5-10 dollars.


Something is better than nothing.

Uber First Ride Free Code in 2020

Maximum DiscountCode Term & Conditions
$25 offUp to $2.50 off each of your first 10 rides
$18 offUp to $3 off each of your first 6 rides
$16 offUp to $4 off each of your first 4 rides
$15 offUp to $5 off each of your first 3 rides
Uber Free Ride Code

Need a Uber Ride with Great Discounts

There are many ways to save money on Uber trips.

A little effort toward saving might help you to save on the next uber trip.

It’s true, every company only gives discounts to reach the customers as soon as they approach the target market, and once they achieve a stable and solid foundation, promo code is rare to find.

Customers might need to think to save in such a situation rather than searching for a discount, it’s high time looking for a saving method.

Referral code

Ask your friends and family who did not install an Uber application in their device via your invite code. 

After completing the ride, you and your friend will earn one free ride. It’s a win-win game for everyone.

Watch and ask the friend who wants to take a ride and install it on his/her device, help them, and earn the ride for your next trip.

These days you won’t find anyone without the smartphone, and transportation service is popular among the gathering.

Install the Uber app to each of the party smartphones by using your referral promo code and then take the ride, you will get the referral account in the main account, and your family members also get the discount ride.

I got 20-25 dollars for my ride, and I saved lots of money, and those days Uber rides were almost free for everyone..

Split your fare

There is no magic trick in saving Uber.

Splitting fare is one kind of way to contribute to a ride, and instead of paying the entire cab bills, pay individually.

Share your bill and reduce your fare.

This method works for the students who share the same path to the destination and everyone can split the fare.

Individuals can use the UberPool service for splitting the fare, and cost fewer bucks as compared to other Uber services in the United States.

Surge Pricing

Increase in price due to the high demand at a particular time such as rush hour, bad weather, and large gathering events like a concert and sports and those times Uber changes the pricing model.

It is called a surge or dynamic pricing.

How does surge price calculate?

When requesting a ride, a surge price number displays before confirming the trip.

For example, it’s like a 1.8x or 2.5x.

Those numbers will get multiplied to the actual fare at the end of the trip.

Suppose the trip fare is $10, and surge pricing is 1.8x, which means customers need to pay $18 at the end of the trip.

Avoid surge pricing

Immense traffic, heavy rain, fewer vehicles available around you, and how Uber and Lyft service are thankful to God because they are going to put a hole in your pocket and business from here.

Avoid rideshare services Uber and Lyft and try local taxis.

Uber Contact Number,uber first ride free

If you are in an emergency, then make sure you switch to other cab services, or even go for the local taxi, or analyze competitor fare to make your trip more suitable to your budget.

If you face such a situation, then there is a working trick that might help you to save from surge pricing.

I recommend turning off your location, try to put the pickup address manually, and still, it doesn’t seem any different to switch other cab services available nearby you or call your family and friends to pick up.

Lyft Free Ride COde

Without a fierce competitor, the company won’t progress.

Yes, Lyft is the most elegant rival of Uber.

Uber is established almost in every country in the world.

  • Uber’s competitor is Lyft in the United States.
  • Uber’s competitor is Careem in the middle east.
  • Uber’s competitor is Ola in India.

Customers would choose as per service and price.

Every new company gives the first free ride to the users or little discount for testing the service and we have Lyft free ride code also.

That would reduce the little money on our next trip. 

We should test both the services along with coupons, and it’s good for existing users to receive the discount, and you can refer a friend and family, and earn the credits also.

Everyone should try every service, then choose the best among them.

Selecting between competitors and Uber is not rocket science, you need to check how they charged you based on distance and time you covered on your trip.

Credit and Visa card

Via and other cards also help us to save money on Uber trips.

The Uber visa gives a discount on the trip, and it is recommended by Uber too, to gain more popularity and try to make the base stable in the Uber visa.

On the other hand, credit cards of the specific bank are also eligible to get the discount on trips.

I have used a card to gain more profit and save little bucks.

These offers depend on the bank that you are currently holding.

I highly recommend that if you have a credit card or on-going offers from a bank, do add the credit and debit card and save money.

Use UberPool and UberX

When you download the Uber app, a different kind of service will display on your screen while requesting for the trip. 

These cabs get requested by passengers according to the requirement.

 If you are a group of four people, you can book the UberX, which is also a four-seater car as UberLUX.(UberLUX feature and car model)

UberX is an excellent service if you don’t have much baggage. Try it, and save a bundle of money for the next trip.

UberLUX gives you a luxurious feeling, a flashy car’ door open for your service.

It’s marvelous, and if you have money, then take the service of UberLUX  and be ready for the unusual experience.

Uber Paid Promotion

Pay to the website that has many audiences and advertise your referral promo code.

These days it is common to have paid promotion, the thing that made me laugh is that claims of having 50$ or 100$ coupon, there is no such promo code right now.

I suggest you join the uber official social media account because many times short term promo code are launched by them.

UberEats promo code for existing user

UberEats online delivery food service of Uber, there are various on-going promo code available at this platform.

You need to put the high discount promo code to the checkout section, many times you don’t need to add promo because Ubereats directly gives you a discount by a restaurant if you analyze the restaurant around us and offers a great discount to attract the user.

Look there is maybe a promo code is available for you otherwise go for the restaurant discount.


Uber comes with exciting offers, might be we are wrong to conclude that it only offers a coupon for the existing user.

Promo code is the best part of any company to attract the user, and all of them such as Lyft and Ola keep attracting us by introducing those code even for the sake of a short time.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Do People Need an Uber Ride Instead of Lyft?

No doubt, Lyft is the best service in the rideshare community after Uber. Uber has excellent features and a great user experience that drives the passenger’s crazy such as the quality of services and luxurious cars. Needing a Uber ride is preferable and convenient if comparing the other taxi services around the world Uber stands above them.

Can I get an Uber at a certain time?

Uber has a feature of pre-scheduled booking, scheduling a ride is a perfect way to make sure that the driver will receive you at the right time. The “Scheduled Rides” of Uber or Lyft are not confirmed. This is due to the on-demand nature of their drivers. Nobody is 100% sure whether the driver will receive you or may you not be able to find the cab, such things entirely depend on the situation and time.

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