Lyft Tipping Guide | How Much You Can Expect?

Lyft tipping

Lyft is a well-known transportation service that deals with the operation and custom designing of mobile applications that help hire different kinds of vehicles applicable to the location. 

Initially, Lyft operating vehicles contain a Lyft logo that represents a moustache in pink colour. Lyft’s tipping policy is quite simple and effective than other transportation services. 

Giving tips to waitresses, bartenders, and cab drivers is sacred in American culture and tradition. 

However, it is not a compulsory act that needs to be done but considered a divine act by customers. It shows the respect of a professional by a customer to the driver.

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How to tip Lyft drivers?

A tip is optional, not a compulsory option to proceed, customers are independent when it comes to a tip, so it entirely depends on the customer whether to leave a tip or not. 

Customers can tip the Lyft driver based on the percentage or fraction of a fare they need to add the total amount and percentage they wish to give as a tip, and the act of tipping almost done. 

The other tipping option is in cash mode, which is more appropriate and effective than digital tipping. 

Customers can tip the Lyft driver directly in cash whatever amount they wish.

How often customers tip Lyft drivers?

Nowadays, the addition of a tip becomes more widespread and expected action by the customer. 

Customers look at different perceptions over driver behaviour when it comes to leaving a tip. Drivers will be more likely to get a high tip for an excellent service and get poor when the rating is relatively low and not appropriate behaviour towards the customer. 

Most of the drivers work hard to maintain good ratings and reviews by the customer. 

These customers are more likely to give tips to the drivers who had done past driving and did excellent rides. 

As we all read up the stories about the minimum wage of labourers and drivers, they work more on an hour or day basis but paid less, which creates empathy towards ridesharing drivers, the other exciting. 

Yet, shocking information is that their total wage becomes even less after the deduction of additional expenses. 

The Lyft transportation service charges for fuel, insurance, car insurance, maintenance, and vehicle payment, which lower the driver’s wage; this is why the tip is considered one of the crucial aspects of drivers’ earnings. Some drivers highly depend on the tip amount.

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much do Lyft drivers earn on average?

The common question arises in most of the customers who share ride with Lyft driver, that how much do they make in a day, the earning depends on many variable factors such as area, zone availability of other company drivers and the radius covering the distance, 

According to the Sherpashare report, Lyft drivers earn an average of $12 per ride, this amount may look appropriate but remember it excludes all other expense which Lyft company deduct after calculation during a pay.

After deduction of all other expenses such as fuel, insurance, and maintenance, the average comes out between $8.55 and $11.77 per hour, which is less than even midrange private-sector workers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Services (BRS), the midrange private-sector workers earn $32 per hour on average, which is quite higher than the driver’s average earning. 

How to tip a Lyft driver online?

The process to tip Lyft driver online is quite simple

  • Open the Lyft app and sign in with the same account; if an account is disclose
  • Click on the options menu and select your previous order history
  • Then go to the section mentioning driver tips 
  • Click on the ‘tip’ option and add an amount 
  • Then proceed with the payment with your wallet, debit, or credit card, and alas process of tipping done successfully

Remember, tips can add up to 72 hours after a ride is completed successfully.

Can Lyft drivers see the tip amount before they rate?

According to Lyft policy, drivers cannot see the tip amount until the customer’s rate shares the ride. 

In Lyft driver apps, when drivers swipe and complete the ride, then immediately Lyft app takes the driver account to a rating screen. 

The drivers need to complete the rating procedure under certain circumstances. 

The drivers will not take another ride if or any other in-app interactions until they complete the rating procedure. 

The passengers received notification at the end of a ride after the driver had taken to the rating screen; drivers can take time to decide to rate, tip, or do one or neither. 

The driver won’t see the impact of that decision the next day’s ratings update.

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