Lyft Pink & Lyft Ride Pass? What Worth to Buy in 2021?

Lyft subscription is for the riders who took Lyft daily for traveling to office to home and vice-versa.

Lyft is the most used ridesharing service after Uber and the biggest rival of Uber in the United States.

Surely, riders prefer Lyft trips mainly due to the service and good behavior of a driver with the customers.

So if you are not the frequent traveler on Lyft, then taking a Lyft pass doesn’t make any sense.

And, I try to explain the Lyft ride pass benefits especially for corporate people or employees.

How To Buy Lyft Ride Pass?

Previously, Lyft provided passes to a limited customer who has received the email, but now it’s eligible to everyone.

Lyft covers the passes only in the USA, operate cities, and specific customers and passes have benefits for a set number of the promotional voucher.

Below is the instruction to purchase the Lyft ride pass,

  1. Click on “Setting” in the Lyft App.
  2. Select the Subscription.
  3. Redirect to the payment page.
  4. Accept Terms and select ‘Buy.’ That’s it!

Lyft ride amount cannot be refunded, and the cancellation amount would be applied to the next Lyft rides.

Offers and credit amounts will appear on the promo tab section in your Lyft account.

You can go and check your current offers and promo code.

How Does it Work?

Lyft Pink and Lyft Pass

Currently, there are no offers to pass users.

However, previously riders had to complete ten trips, and they received a 5 dollar discount on each ride.

After that, they can have an additional 5 percent discount for 30 days.

Passes applied to Lyft Standard, Lyft XL, Lux, Lux Black, and Lyft Lux LX

Lyft ride passes can be operated anywhere in the USA.

Lyft Ride Pass Plans

Lyft ride passes have different plans and different discounts on each plan such as you can have a 15 dollar discount on the next 30 rides for 30 days, but you need to pay $299.

You need to pay the difference if you take an expensive ride, which is more than $15.

This is the first step toward delivering on our goal of making car ownership optional, and we’re constantly looking for more ways to provide passengers with the easiest, most convenient options possible,” Lyft said in the announcement.

After 30 trips, riders will receive a discount of 5 percent on every ride till the billing cycle, which is up to 28 days or 30 days.

However, we can cancel the Lyft subscription at any time, follow the below instructions

  1. Go to Setting.
  2. Select the Subscription.
  3. Select the cancel subscription.
  4. Confirm the subscription.

Remember, after canceling, auto-renewal will stop, and your benefits till the current billing period.

Does the Lyft Ride Pass apply to Lyft Bikes and Scooter?

Lyft does not allow pass members to use the pass on Bikes. 

In shorts, you cannot use the pass for Bikes.

However, Lyft ride pass is available to all the types of vehicles in Lyft and you can benefit by using a discount of 15 dollars.

Should I buy a Lyft Ride Pass?

Depending on the number of rides you take in a month, it can help you to decide whether you should buy it or not.

It only makes sense, if you are a regular traveler on Lyft or you use Lyft mode of transportation for business and traveling to an office.

There are other alternatives to Lyft such as Lyft, which helps many users to get the discount after using Lyft.

After comparing the price, we can also save money by switching Lyft and Uber from time to time.

One more thing I would like to add that unused rides cannot be used for the next billing period.

If you completed the 30 rides, then you are eligible for a 5 percent discount on each ride, and Lyft to ride pass discounts do not work for scheduled rides and tips.

What is Lyft Pink?

Lyft promotes their services with Lyft rides pass and Lyft Pink. 

We can say Lyft Pink is the upgraded version of Lyft Ride Pass.

Lyft ride pass and Lyft Pink

Lyft Pink is a membership for the riders who are taking 2-3 trips per week- and seeking to save money and time for their daily passengers.

With the starting price of $19.19 per month, Lyft pink members can 15% discount on all Lyft Car rides plus Lyft considers them priority passengers, and they make sure to receive you at the airport even in the peak hour, relaxed cancellation, and offer and Lyft promo code.

Perks of Lyft Pink

5% off unlimited car rides. Save a bucks on every car ride to take on Lyft, anywhere, anytime.

Priority airport pickups. Get picked up faster at the airport when it’s busy.

Relaxed cancellations. They will manage not to charge you a cancellation fee for three rides if you rebook within 15 minutes.

Surprise offers. Get seasonal discounts and exclusive savings.

Waived lost and found fees. They’ll take care of the return fee every time and don’t about lost items.

Bikes and scooters. You can have 3 free 30 minutes Scooter and Bike ride if you are a Lyft Pink member.

Lyft Pink vs Lyft Ride Pass

Maybe, you are wondering which one you should take: Lyft Ride pass or Lyft pink.

Lyft Pink was launched by Lyft in December 2019.

Lyft attempts to attract more customers with Lyft Pink Services.

Lyft Ride Pass struggles to make more customers for the company.

Lyft Pink is similar to Uber Pass and they both compete with each other through the service of membership they can hold customers for a longer period, and customers from both parties need to rethink before switching the service.

Final Thoughts

Lyft Pink and Lyft Ride pass attempts to provide goods and something new for their customers so that they can be Lyft customers for a long period.

However, Lyft Pink is considered reliable as compared to Lyft Ride pass.

If you are riders who want to take benefits from these services, – Go ahead and save money.

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