Lyft Peak Hour: Best Times to Drive for Lyft

Earning from any platform is not a cup of everyone’s tea – even if you are a driver.

You have to follow the strategy and find out the best times to drive for Lyft.

No one would tell you Lyft peak hours.

It comes with experience, and every one area is different and according to plan and they drive and earn money with more profit.

What is the Lyft Peak Hour?

The best time to drive for Lyft would be during the peak.

Usually, Lyft peak hour is from 5 a.m – 7 a.m during weekdays, and you will get the great ride during a weekend night, the only thing you have to deal with an intoxicated person, but the pay is worth it.

Even Lyft increases the surge price during weekends and special events. 

If you have a luxury car, then you can also do really well during the event and earn big pay.

Weekend middays aren’t too bad. You can earn money at least in the Airport area.

When would the best times be to be a Lyft driver at an Airport?

USA cities are full of the airport and do you know there were 13,513 public airports in the U.S.( source)

Most of the Lyft and Uber drivers completed their target or began the first trip from the airport because you will find many potential riders, and you can have guaranteed that you will not have the short ride.

If you ask, what is the best time to go on strike, then depending on the flight schedule, there is a high chance from morning 5 am to 7 am. You will have a long trip passenger – and don’t forget this is the Lyft peak hour also for corporate people with Lyf promo code.

Hotel and Special Events

Special and big events can help to make money and even for the luxury rides which hardly get the ride.

Lyft drivers can also make through hotels and bars where riders are available for a long trip.

One more crucial point would like to address, I have read so many Reddit posts about the Lyft peak hour, and driver response is not so good.

Some of them got a good amount of rides – and some of them struggling to get a single ping.


Gain some confidence because area and city play a role in your earning – Friday and Saturday help you get more rides in Atlanta.

The same goes with other cities – once you start taking a ride, you know the market, and I am sure you are a potential driver and certainly will make more and handsome money as a Lyft driver.

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