Lyft Lost and Found Procedure

You can easily retrieve the lost item by contacting the driver as soon as possible during the trip.

To contact LYFT’s lost and found team, contact the application or the official website if the driver can’t be reached.

According to Lyft’s official statement, if they weren’t able to help locate the lost item, they are not liable.

You won’t receive a refund for the lost item.

There’s no need to panic!

Losing items is an all-too-common occurrence, so following the guidelines is imperative.

We need to first speak with the driver to see if he has found the item, and then meet in person to hand it over.

We would be able to solve the matter instantly if that were the case.

What is the best way to contact my driver?

After the trip is over, you can easily contact the driver.

  1. You can now open the app.
  2. On the app, tap the left corner icon.
  3. Ride History can be accessed from this menu.
  4. Go to the ride where you lost your item and select it.
  5. You can call the driver using the call button.
  6. The driver can be messaged as well.

Only by telephone can we get in touch with the driver within 24 hours. After that, you can only send messages.

Immediately contact the driver if you lose valuable items inside the car.

Lyft, however, hid the contact numbers of its drivers and riders, using a masked number instead.

More than 24 hours

24 hour

Throughout the trip, the driver is not contactable and the only way to get in touch is through a message.

The driver cannot be contacted through the Lyft help center if they are not responding to the message.

The Lyft help center will respond within 24 hours to your concern and help you locate your lost items.

What should I do if I have a Lyft receipt?

When we take lyft rides, we receive a lyft trip email.

By using the receipt, we are able to contact Lyft as if we were sending an email.

Receiving redirects you to the Lyft account, at which point we would repeat the steps that I described above.

If I lost my phone during the trip?

Using a mobile device, you can contact the driver, and if you forgot your mobile phone in the car, contact the Lyft help center.

In such a situation, you have to go to the official website for support, as contacting Lyft after the app is the only option.

You can report a lost item using someone else’s mobile phone or laptop.

How much return fee does Lyft charge for lost items?

If the driver returned the item successfully, Lyft charged him $15. In order for Lyft to receive notification that lost items have been recovered, a driver must be notified.

Those who wish to pay more to the driver can do so.

Neither Lyft nor the tipping drivers are responsible for returning items. 

A return fee will be charged to the next customer, and the tipping driver will not be included.

A Lyft Pink Member waived lost and found charges.

How do I get the lost item?

Mobile phone lost recovery

There are two ways to retrieve lost items: first, a meeting at a particular place can be arranged whereby the driver will return them to you.

If the driver and rider agree on this technique, we can have our items on time and not have to text Lyft.

LYFT’s customer service representatives can arrange to meet the driver to arrange for riders to receive the lost items from the driver.

Although the process may take longer, Lyft is unable to assure a timely return of the lost item since shipping wholeheartedly depends on whether the driver has time to return it at a given time.

However, lost and found items can also be collected in person if dropped off at Lyft Hub, and you provide government ID proof when you show up.

It is extremely important that you provide accurate details and the correct address to Lyft through the contact form so that Lyft can verify the information and hand the item over to the third party.

More Info about Lyft Lost and found the procedure

Lyft lost and found

The responsibility for refundment, reimbursement, and insurance of lost items does not lie with Lyft.

It’s important to follow up with Lyft if you have a serious issue, as drivers are independent contractors and are not required to keep in touch directly with Lyft.

If this occurs, contact the local authorities, and Lyft will assist them in any way it can.

You can contact Lyft through email if you lost something in a different city and then get in touch with Lyft Local HQ to report it.

Lyft Help

It has been more than 3 days since I lost my items?

The Lyft help center will need to be contacted in order to help you locate the lost items.

Be sure to include all major information when contacting them:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your trip date
  3. Driver Name
  4. Car model if possible
  5. Time of ride
  6. Pick up and Drop location

Lyft provides this information on its app’s history page, where you can raise a support ticket.

Things Driver Should Know

driver responsibility

It’s important for drivers to know that Lyft tells riders they should directly contact you in the first place. Either way, you’ll receive a call or text (through the Lyft messaging system) within After the trip has ended, the next 24 hours will follow. Lyft may not be the first contact you receive.

There are passengers who are in desperate search of their lost  item(s). Furthermore, you need to know that they consider you responsible for returning it.

You should do everything in your power to ensure that the passenger’s belongings are returned to them. You are not required to comply with the law, but you should still do your  best. It would be nice if the driver did what you would expect. Probably, the passenger was irresponsible, but humans make mistakes. We all make mistakes occasionally as part of the human race. There’s a good chance that you’ll lose something, too! Make sure you return lost items to your passengers as soon as possible.

You are responsible for returning the passenger’s call and responding to their communication attempts.

Then take a risk and come up with another solution if you are unable to meet them. If you’re staying at a hotel convenient for you, tell them you’ll leave it at the front desk, and they can pick it up there. If possible, ask the front desk staff to hold the phone for you. Write their names on an envelope and put the letter into an envelope.

A verbal confirmation of the procedure could also be sent via text message. If any theft charges are later asserted, you will be protected. Besides taking a photo of the item in the envelope with your phone, you should also take one with your digital camera.


In order to know more about lost and found, please share what you have done to recover the items and the process you followed, so that people are able to get more information, so please comment and tell us your story.

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