How Do I Report to Lyft Lost and Found Team

The simplest way to collect the lost item during the trip is by immediately contacting the driver.

If the driver is non-contactable and you have left something during the trip, then contact to lyft lost and found team through lyft application or official website.

According to lyft official statement, they are not responsible if they weren’t able to help to find the lost items.

No refunds will be made for the trip nor the value of lost items.

Don’t panic!

At some point during the trip, we are all lost items, so try to follow the guidelines, as it is a universal human mistake to lose items during the trip.

However, first, we need to contact the Lyft driver, and if he assured you that he found your lost item, and agree to meet a nearby place to give you the lost item.

That would be great and the problem will be solved immediately.

How can I contact my driver?

It is simple to contact the driver after the trip is over.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap to the left corner icon on the app.
  3. Choose the Ride History menu.
  4. Scroll and choose the previous ride in which you lost your item.
  5. There is a call button you can call the driver.
  6. We can also send messages to the driver.

We have only 24 hours to contact the driver through the call if crossed 24 hours, we can only send messages to the driver.

Make sure to contact the driver within 24 hours if you lost the valuable item inside the car.

However, lyft hid the contact number of driver, and rider, and used a masked number.

More than 24 hours

After the 24 hours of the trip, the driver is the non-contactable and only way to get in touch with the driver through the message.

If the driver is not responding to the message, then the only choice we have is to contact them through the lyft help center.

Lyft help center representative will take 24  hours to reply to your concern and guide you through the entire process to find the lost items.

How Do I Contact through a Lyft receipt?

We received the email of our trip whenever we take the trip to the lyft.

We can contact Lyft through receipt and it is similar to sending an email, and just another way of contacting Lyft.

Receipt redirects you to the Lyft account, and we need to follow the same procedure that I mentioned above.

If I lost my phone during the trip?

There are many ways of contacting the driver through the mobile phone, and if you are one who forgot the phone in the car and unable to contact the driver, you need to drop a message to the Lyft help Centre.

You need to contact the Official website for support in such a situation because after mobile application- website is the only source to contact Lyft.

Use someone else’s mobile phones or laptops to report a lost item.

How much return fee does Lyft charge for lost items?

Lyft charged $15 from the rider for the return of lost items successfully. A driver needs to be notified Lyft about the successful return of lost items.

If riders want to pay extra to the driver for the service, they can.

Lyft does not hold the responsibility of the tipping driver of returning items. A returned fee will be charged during the next trip, and the tipping driver is excluded.

Lyft Pink Member waived off charges of lost and found.

How do I get the lost item?

There are two ways to get the lost items: first, you and the driver agree to meet at a particular place, where the driver can return the item to you.

This is an easy and most useful technique if the driver and rider have an agreement, then we can have our items on time and no need to send a text to Lyft.

Lyft is happy to arrange a meeting with the driver to provide all the necessary information so that riders could receive the lost items from the driver.

The procedure may take a bit longer, and Lyft unable to promise to return the lost item on time as shipping entirely depends on the driver’s situation whether they have time to return the item at a given time.

Lyft lost and found

However, lost and found items can also be collected at Lyft Hub if the items dropped at the Lyft Hub, and you are going to pick the time then provide the government ID proof.

If the third person is going to receive the items such as family and friends, make sure you should provide the correct details to Lyft through the contact page and so that Lyft verified the details and handover the items to the third person.

More Info about Lyft Lost and found the procedure

Lyft does not hold the responsibility to make refundment, reimbursement, and insurance for the lost items.

If you have a serious issue, and Lyft couldn’t help you as we know drivers are the independent contractor and not required to keep directly in touch with Lyft.

In such a scenario, contact the local authorities, and Lyft will assist the officials in every way possible.

If you are out of the city and have lost items in a different city, first contact Lyft through email and get in touch with Lyft Local HQ to report the lost items.

Lyft Contact Number

Lyft Help

It more than 3 days since I lost my items?

You have to contact the Lyft help center and explain to them the entire scenario so they could help you to find the lost items.

Include all major information while contacting them:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your trip date
  3. Driver Name
  4. Car model if possible
  5. Time of ride
  6. Pick up and Drop location

You will find this information in the history section of the Lyft app and raise a ticket.


We can know more about lost and found if you like to share your successful recovery of lost items and guide us through your proper process so that people can get more information about the lost and found so please comment and share your story.

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