Lyft Headquarters & Address

Lyft is the second largest rideshare transportation service after Uber in America.

It provides services, operates and designs vehicles through an online mobile application and hep driver at Lyft headquarter and online email chat.

Both Uber and Lyft compete with each other every year in terms of total revenue.

Logan Green and John Zimmer launched Lyft in 2012.

Previously they founded a carpooling company as a service of Zimride in 2007, an extended carpooling service of more than two cities at an intercity level.

The rideshare idea came into existence after their tour to Zimbabwe.

Currently, Lyft is recognized as a well-known and reputed rideshare company in almost every corner of the United States of America.

Its logo presents a tiny, pink mustache also called Glowstache,

cars contain a big mustache on the front side.

The Lyft headquarters are located in San Francisco, California, and provide active service in 644 more cities in the United States.

 It also operates its service in 12 cities in Canada.

How to become an Lyft driver?

San Francisco (HQ), CA

United States

185 Berry St #5000

Mailing Address: 548 Market Street Suite 68514 San Francisco, CA 94104.

Phone Number: +1 855-865-9553


Lyft Regional and other Offices

Austin, TX

United States

1021 E 7th St #102

Mailing address: 814 Bellemeade Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States.

Phone Number: +1 855-865-9553


Nashville, TN

United States

Mailing address: 150 2nd Ave N 4th floor, Nashville, TN 37201, United States

Phone Number: +1 855-865-9553


New York, NY

United States

Mailing address: 245 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011, United States

Phone Number: +1 844-331-1215


Houston, TX

United States

Located: Keystone Plaza

Mailing address: 2855 Mangum Rd b106, Houston, TX 77092, United States

Phone Number: +1 713-698-5683


Seattle, WA

United States

Mailing Address: 4323 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108


Salt Lake City, UT

United States

Mailing Address: 1321 W North Temple St, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Status: Permanently Closed

How Many Employees Work in the Lyft Headquarter?

As of 2020, the number of employees working with Lyft is 5,683 – with each passing year, Lyft shows a peak in the number of working employees – which makes Lyft competitive with other rideshare services.

Lyft ranked among 5th position in the top 10th rideshare company. In the year 2019, it has an estimated revenue of 361.60 crores in USD.

Lyft provides many advantages to the customer as well as its driver or employees.

According to the grassroots report, Lyft offers a wide range of well-being benefits and health insurance other perks are financial planning, parental leave, transportation off, etc.

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Office Location

Lyft provides personal assistance service to drivers.

For access to the service, drivers need to make an appointment for assistance service, it is not open for all general public, but a specialized service for drivers to outlook unsolvable problems.

After an appointment, Lyft scheduled a meeting with drivers.

Drivers need to follow the guidelines of Lyft.

Due to the pandemic, all Lyft riders and drivers must follow a few health safety requirements, like wearing face masks, sanitizing cars and hands, maintaining social distancing, etc.

It’s on each of us to look out for all of us.

Lyft Hub

Lyft Office Operating Time

Visiting hours of the Lyft office is to on a weekday.

Lyft operated 10 hours daily by rotating staff to fulfill the service.

Its office remains closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Office members with valid id cards are allowed to visit headquarters, the general public, and drivers can visit only by booking an appointment via online or emails, after the appointment get fixed, officers will schedule a date and time and arrange a meeting with drivers.

The route to Lyft Headquarter

There are direct routes and connecting routes that help you to visit the Lyft Headquarter. The moovit provides the best route direction and time taken for you to reach the headquarter.

  • Bus: Bus – 10, Bus – 30, Bus – 82X, Bus – 83X
  • Train: Train – LOCAL
  • Light Rail: Light Rail – KT

How to get to Lyft headquarters?

Visits to their corporate headquarters and regional offices are by appointment only. 

The mailing is 548 Market Street Suite 68514 San Francisco, CA 94104

Drivers need to carry all proper documents that support the issues, If a driver has an issue of ride or any queries regarding ride service, then it is appropriate to have a rideshare history along with you. 

Lyft headquarters also offer help regarding bank deposits, auto insurance, etc.

During bulk in numbers of people, one may have to wait in a queue.  

There are numerous customer service representatives present in the headquarter, different kind of queries are handle by different department of the Lyft office, and someone presents there to guide you about your inquiry such as, if you are the driver, and needs help to set up the driver account, then there are representatives who will provide help

Visit to Lyft Hub

Lyft Help generally helps lots of drivers and passengers, you can also visit the Lyft Hub, and depending on the size of the customers, you may encounter a line, and you need to wait in a line for your turn.

There are several customer service representatives, and you asked someone from someone who handles your inquiry such as, if you are the driver, and needs help to set up the account, then there are representatives who will help you.

Frequently Asked Question

#1. Can we report Lyft Hub for lost and found items?

No, you cannot go there for lost and found items, you need to contact Lyft through the Help center, and they will guide how to collect the lost items. They will arrange a meeting.

#2. Can I visit the Lyft Emergency Office?

We don’t recommend visiting the Lyft emergency Office if the issue is critical and needs urgent help, dial 911 helpline number and after the contact, the Lyft, and they will help you with the procedure and guide you step by step.

#3. Can someone have a ride along with drivers?

   No, only drivers are eligible to ride the car

#4. Is appointment compulsory for visiting the HQ?

Yes, an appointment is a must for visiting the HQs. no meeting can arrange without an appointment.

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