Lyft Driver Requirements – What They Are Expect in 2021?

When it comes to choosing and signing one of the many apps for delivering and driving, there is no shortage of companies claiming that you will make money fast with their service.

Some of the application is easy and simple, easy to pass – but Lyft driver requirements is not as simple as delivering for Postmates.

If you consider yourself as a driver – Lyft has lots of offers, and in this article, you’ll get all the information that you need to start and help to succeed in Lyft as a driver.

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So, you want to become a Lyft driver and earn money by driving a car as an independent contractor, Lyft would be a great choice.

We’ve gathered all the relevant information you should know, so your application and time won’t get wasted. Below is recorded complete information to qualify for the Lyft Driver.

General Lyft Driver Requirements

Before we get started – one thing I would like to address is that Lyft driver requirements vary from city to city, so follow the link to get to check what are lyft driver requirements in your local area.

  • Lyft Age requirements – 21 years or older in some cities – 25 years or older in some cities require you to become a driver. Check Age requirements State and City Driver Info.( Chicago driver must be 25 years of age)
  • Driving Licence– You have a U.S driving license and one year of licensed driving experience and if you have an international driving license you still require one year U.S driving license..
  • DMV Check – Drivers need to pass a DMV check conducted by Third – Party Safety Holdings Inc. Lyft may disqualify if your bad history reveals.
  • Background Check – Lyft checks your criminal background check with your consent, a crime like domestic violence, and they also need your valid Social Security number and Date of birth.
  • You must have an auto insurance policy with your name.
  • Own a smartphone: iPhone running iOS 11+, Android devices running 7+
  • Fulfill the law and regulations in your local area.
  • Complete vehicle inspection.
  • Vehicle Requirement – Must 4- door car- Model vary from city to city.

#1. Lyft Age requirements

Lyft age requirements differ from city to city – Chicago drivers must be 25 years older to drive for Lyft.

If you are a young student and 21 years old who requires a job part-time, see the Lyft page age requirement in your state before applying to Lyft.

There are many other gigs for students in the United States, such as delivery, renting, and teaching online.

7 Best Gigs work Examples for students who want to make money as part-time employees.

#2. Driving Licence

You are required to have at least one year of driving experience to become a Lyft driver.

If you are getting the error message in your application due to driving experience, you need to check the Lyft page because some states do not provide recently licensed re-issue date.

#3. DMV Check

Before hiring the driver – Lyft conducts the driving history of a driver through a third party Safety Holdings Inc.

The result of DMV determined whether you are eligible to move to the next assessment – if you are not fulfilling the criteria, Lyft holds the right to reject your application – if they found something suspicious, which may be harmful to the passenger.

Key Points you must remember.

  • If you have more than three moving violations such as traffic and accidents in the past three years, then you are rejected.
  •  A suspended license or reckless driving in the past three years, then Lyft can reject you.
  • A driving-related conviction and drug-related violation in the past seven-year, you are rejected.

#4. Background Check 

Drivers always wonder what will happen in the background checking, what they will check, and how much time it will take for background checking processing?

Lyft Background Check

As an onboarding process, Lyft allows the third party to verify the criminal history of a driver and it will take 3-10 days to give the background result.

Potential U.S. driver has to provide the Social Security Number and date of birth, and will check your conviction history through your adult life.

The background check scans your national and county-level database and even check your local courthouse record, and this also includes the United States Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry and the Federal Criminal Records database.

  • There are some of the convictions which lead to disqualification to become a Lyft driver.
  • Your name on National Sex Offender
  • A violent crime like homicide, kidnapping, human trafficking, arson
  • Drug-related offense
  • Felonies
  • Domestic violence

Want to know more about the background check, you can visit the Lyft Official page.

#5. Vehicle Requirement 

Lyft maintains a high standard for the vehicle in their platform. They check age, model, interior, seatbelt, and door before giving the green flag to the driver.

You must have fulfilled the city and state requirements before driving.

All Lyft vehicles should have four seats for passengers, and every seat should consist of seatbelts.

There is an example for a subcompact vehicle – which Lyft rejects without second thoughts, but if you are a driver of a subcompact vehicle before Feb. 25.2019, then you can drive with an existing subcompact car – otherwise you are ineligible.

  • Kia: Rio, Rio 5-Door, Rio Cinco, Rio5
  • Hyundai: Accent
  • Daewoo: Lanos
  • Ford: Fiesta
  • Mazda: Mazda 2
  • Scion: xD
  • Pontiac: G3
  • Chevrolet: Aveo, Aveo5, Metro, Volt
  • MINI: Cooper S Countryman Hybrid, Cooper S Countryman All4, C, Cooper Countryman.

Lyft Lux Car Model

#6. Lyft vehicle inspection

Before you get started with the ride or accepting the request for a ride, you need to pass the vehicle inspection test at a state-certified facility.

The vehicle inspection includes the primary safety feature in your car, such as tires, brakes, mirrors, windows, lights, and safety belts.

If you have followed the instruction recommended by Lyft, then it won’t be intricate to pass the inspection and get the certificate.

Lyft Driver Requirements

They also check that your cars should not have damage, dent, and severely fading paint, or missing body components. You don’t need a perfect vehicle, but you have to maintain the Lyft standard.

#7. Auto insurance policy

Lyft required personal insurance and should have met the minimum state requirement- and you name must be in it – otherwise, you will get an “insurance declaration” from your provider and upload a PDF copy to Lyft.

 I know insurance is a complicated subject, but it’s significant to know what will be covered and what is not during unfortunate events.

Lyft provides insurance to the drivers, and its coverage depends on the scenario of the driver.

When you are offline, you covered by your policy insurance, and if Lyft is on and you are not with Lyft passenger, then Lyft offers limited liability insurance – when you are driving with a Lyft passenger- and you met an accident while driving under Lyft, then Lyft provides $1 million liability policy and a deductible about $2,500.

Most insurance does not cover the claim when an accident occurs while driving for Lyft. Consider having favorable rideshare insurance – if you want to know more about rideshare insurance

How does Contingent Collision Work?

The contingent coverage provides coverage only for the physical damage done to the vehicle during an accident as long as you have obtained collision coverage on your personal automobile policy.

The contingent covers all the cost of repair to your vehicle, and it will apply under the actual cash value of $2,500 deductible.

Can we Reapply if we get rejected by Lyft?

Lyft holds the right to reject the application if they reject your application – it tough to reapply – but possible. You can apply after 6 months from the initial first attempt – otherwise contact Lyft.

It is irritating because they don’t give the specific reason why they did deny the application.

I recommend you to go to the nearby Lyft headquarters & Hub. Lyft has offered Hub for in-person support for the driver in larger cities. It can be faster and easier to process your application.

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