Lyft Chicago Office Overview

Making money during this economy is quite difficult for everyone, especially pandemic leaves a tremendous impact on the ridesharing industry and traveling sharing economy, and a huge example we have is Airbnb.

So driving for Lyft is still worth it in a pandemic?

The answer is not good up to the mark because the way Uber and Lyft lay off their employees clearly did not give the right indication for long term purpose, and the hype, about the driverless car, always remains in the mind of the people.

However, the driverless car is a hypothesis, and I covered the article What will be consequences of a driverless car?

Lyft Chicago Office Overview

Address: 3976 N Avondale Ave 2nd floor, Chicago, IL 60641, United States

The Lyft Office in Chicago is permanently closed, and drivers want to visit the Lyft and Office, they have only the option to visit the nearby office.

We have covered the Lyft headquarter, and their offices in the United States, and Canada, check it out, you may find one of the nearest Lyft Hub addresses.

Lyft Chicago Requirements

Before joining Lyft as a driver, there are points you must remember to qualify for Lyft Driver.

Vehicle Requirements

  • 2005 or newer car
    • Check the list of cars to make more money on the ride.
  • The car must have 4 doors
  • 5-8 seats, including the driver’s, if you thinking for Luxury cars such as Lyft Lux and Lyft black
  • Valid license plate — Plate belongs to out-of-state are also acceptable.
  • Some of the list of cars that are not eligible.
  • You can rent a car through Express drive.

Driver Requirements

  • Drivers must have a valid driving license — Temporary or out-of-state licenses are also acceptable.
  • The driver must have 1 year of driving experience and 21 years of age older.
  • Pass driver screening: company reviews your driving history and criminal record in their background checking.
  • Any smartphone where you can easily access and run the Lyft driver app.

Documents requirements

  • You must have proof of vehicle insurance.
  • You must have proof of vehicle registration.
  • You must have proof of vehicle inspection.
  • Perfect Driver profile photo with visible corner — Learn how to take the best photo.
  • Learn more about driving with Lyft in Chicago.


First, get all the requirements, and apply for the Lyft driver. Surely, if you have all the documents, then no one can stop you to become a Lyft driver.


Chicago requirements are similar to other States, and cities and if you need personal assistance, please do visit the Lyft Hub, or you can contact the Lyft through their contact us page.

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