Lyft background Check Guide

Lyft background check: Here’s everything you need to know

Lyft drivers must undergo a background check before they can earn income as rideshare drivers. 

To ensure riders are provided with safe rides, Lyft ensures that every driver in their company complies with state and federal safety regulations.

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Often, when people are preparing to apply to drive with Lyft, they ask a lot of questions regarding these background checks. 

Others have expressed concern about Lyft’s lack of background screening, while some have questioned the thoroughness of the company’s checks.

It’s imperative to know about Lyft’s background check if you plan to drive for them. 

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In this post, we’ll help you prepare for your background check with Lyft.

What is a lyft background check?

Lyft Background check

The background check is one of the steps in the application process for Lyft drivers. 

You will be examined for crimes and personal information. 

Many employers run a background check as part of the employment screening process.

Independent contractors are the people who drive for Lyft, Uber, Postmates, and Doordash. 

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As part of Lyft’s commitment to safety, all candidates undergo a thorough background check. Any driver disqualified for safety-related reasons or for acts that disqualify them in the past 7 years may be disqualified by Lyft.

What are the basic requirements for a background check with Lyft?

Lyft requires a few basic details during the application process so that your background check is complete:

  • The full name of the person (10 characters)
  • Please include your full birth date
  • The Social Security Number (SSN) is your identification number.

Which kind of information do they need?

How much lyft takes for background check

In order to be part of the Lyft service, drivers must not …

  • Any individual enrolled in the National Sex Offender Registry or who has ever been convicted of sexual offenses.
  • An act of violence
  • An act of sexual misconduct
  • Terrorist act
  • Drunk or drug-impaired driving (DUI) within seven years
  • During the past seven years, there have been several frauds
  • Infraction involving drugs within the past seven years
  • Recent thefts or property damage

In this list, the time period of seven years is only meant to serve as an average. 

A person’s criminal record may stay on their record for a different period depending on where they lived. 

For information about the laws in the area where you intend to apply to be a Lyft driver, please refer to the relevant Lyft website.

It is also possible for the laws of different jurisdictions to vary as to whether a conviction disqualifies someone from driving with Lyft.

If you have a question about your local laws, you should ask Lyft. 

Number of way you can get in touch with Lyft

How long does a Lyft background check take?

According to most applicants, the background check process takes anywhere from 2-10 days, but Lyft doesn’t make any promises about how long it should take.

Lyft and their background check partner might have to extend that time frame depending on how many driver applications they receive at the moment.

The results of your background check will be sent to you for review, and instructions will be given for disputing the results.

Who conducts the background check for Lyft?

It is Checkr that conducts background checks for most drivers, based on information provided by Lyft. 

In New York City, the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) is the only agency that conducts a background check before issuing or renewing a license. 

A TLC license is required for all drivers working in New York City for Lyft.

What are my options if I am disqualified?

Lyft Background check-disqualified

Upon disqualification and denial of your application for Lyft, you can do a few different things.

After three to six months, you can apply with Lyft again. 

Although Lyft does not actually specify a time limit for waiting before reapplying, the average time people report waiting is usually about the same.

Those who have been previously rejected by Lyft are rarely hired if they submit a new application. 

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Do take the time to find out why you were denied the first time wrong , and get in touch with Lyft before doing so. 

The copies of your background check and DMV check may be requested for your own records if there were problems with ones.

What about my driving record?

Lyft checks your driving record in addition to your background check. 

A third-party company will prepare this report, and Lyft will determine whether or not you are disqualified based on your record. 

You will be monitored by Lyft for any violations or citations you may receive after you officially become a driver. 

The best thing you can do is drive carefully and act responsibly.

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