Best Lime Promo Code In 2020

LimeBike was founded by Brad Bao and Toby Sun in early 2017.

Neutron Holdings Inc manages its business under the name of Lime.

Lime is formerly known as Limebike.

It rents electric scooters, electric bikes, normal pedal bikes, and cars around the world.

Till September, Lime operated 120 cities and more than 30 countries across the globe.

In 2020 Lime removed the service from 11 cites, including the metropolitan city Atlanta.

Let analyse the features and categories of lime service.

However, Lime divided their vehicle into three different categories

  • Lime-S
  • Lime-E
  • Lime-B
  • LimePod

Lime-S: It consists of an electric scooter. All the scooters have an average speed rate of up to 25 km/h (16 mph) and a range of about 20–40 km (12–25 mi).

Lime- E: It consists of an electric Bike. All the bikes have an average speed of up to 25 km/h (16 mph) and a range of about 20–40 km (12–25 mi).

Unlike electric scooters, Lime bike speed depends on peddling, if the users give more power to peddle, then the more speed generated to the Bike.

Lime-B: LimeBike is developed by Lime and has 8 gears. It also has a front basket, a solar panel, and a smart lock.

LimePod: LimePod consists of car service. The car is in use FIAT 500. You need to have a valid US driving license and age must be 21 with at least one year of driving license. The LimePod service is currently available in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington in the United States.

Lime Promo Code for Scooter Ride

Currently Lime launched promo code for new users, if you are the new users and never used Lime for the ride, then it is the best chance to save a dollar while taking the service from Lime.

Lime Promo Code for exisitng users 800x600

Make sure you must have applied the promo code before requesting the ride, and the voucher amount subtracts from the total fare.

There are only referral promo codes are there so try to use your friend and family referral code to get the profit for them and for you.

How Can I Refer My Promo Code?

We can refer and promote our referral code on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest, and more.

We need an audience if we want to get the referral added by users, and if we don’t have the reach, then we need to build it, such as promoting the blog on other platforms.


commenting is another and effective way to promote the promo code, you search on google and click on the page, you need to find a relevant blog and comment on it with your referral code.

When the new users visit, they might use your promo code, and they will get the discount if they are new users and you too if they complete their first ride.

Refer the Friends who never used the Lime Scooter Before

We all have a friend circle, and we know about promo codes and discounts, we need to inform them about the first free discount they can have if they use your referral promo code.

Convince them and let them be aware of the benefits of taking the first ride with fun.

Can promo codes be only used by new users?

Promo code can be used existing as well as new users if they meet the terms and conditions guidelines.

The most start-up launched the promo code to expand the users, and as soon as they made a strong base, they removed the promo code service or shortened the discount voucher rate.

If you are the existing users, you have no choice but to refer to the code to new users and its only way to receive the discount.

What is Group Ride?

Suppose you want to go on a ride with your friends and they are unable to book a ride on lime, and such a situation Group Ride represents their role.

Many of us enjoy the group ride as it is like hanging out with your friends and creating happy moments with them.

How can I Add Promo Code as a New User?

Let have a little sign-up instruction so that you can use the  first users’ promo code and save on the first ride.

Limebike sign-up procedure is the same as other applications, we need to sign up with phone number and email so that they can send the receipt on mail, and juicer can contact us through the phone.

  • Open the Lime account.
  • Click on the menu icon button present on the top left at the apps.
  • Click on Wallet.
  • Click on View.
  • Click on Add a promo code button.
  • Put the promo code of your friends and family.
Lime Scooter Promo Code
Lime promo code
Lime Scooter add a promo code

So next time you take a ride on Lime, a discount voucher will directly be applied to your account, and your friend will earn a discount in his wallet too as soon as the ride is complete.

Log in issue to Lime account

This is a pretty serious issue, and I tried to explain the best way to recover the Lime account.

Check and verify your phone number and email if they are correct, and if they are correct, then you have only the choice to contact the Lime customer service support.

However, if you are thinking of making a new Lime account with a new phone number, then make sure you add a new credit card number contrarily, due to suspicious activity your new account will block too.

Lime Customer Support reviews

Unfortunate LimeBike customer support is not up to the mark. They didn’t stand to the expectation.

If the lime account got blocked due to suspicious activity, then it is quite difficult to regain it, as LimeBike customer service didn’t reply to the email soon.

They take a long time to reply to the email, maybe one if you are lucky, or more than seven days if you are not.

Guide for New User

After signing up in Lime as a new user, you are all set to go for the trip on Lime Scooter.

Lime service is very similar to Uber and Lyft based service, and we need to install the apps for a ride.

Lyft Promo Code

Uber Promo Code

When you complete the sign-up process, then you need to enter payment information such as credit card and debit card before that you must agree with the terms and conditions of lime apps.

Set the location and select button scan to ride, and there is a QR barcode attached on the handle of the scooter, scan QR code by using the phone camera and if due to technical issues if it is not scanning you can also put the scooter number manually on the apps to go.

As soon as the ride is over, scan the code, and click End Trip and park the scooter and payment deducted through the debit or credit card.

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