How Late Does DoorDash Deliver Food?

Hungriness with frustration is a deadly combination!

DoorDash funding,How Late does DoorDash Deliver food?

Yesterday I was talking to my friend about the fastest delivery service in our state.

Our perception was different from each other, and we didn’t come with a conclusion.

Then I decided to test by ordering three consecutive days of food from Grubhub, Doordash, and UberEats.

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The distance between restaurants and my home was equally the same.

And so does the time of ordering.

The result was not shocking, two of them show on time, and one of them was a little late.

I didn’t get frustrated as it was just part of my experiment.

The driver was given multiple reasons for coming late such traffic- he did not know the map and come all the way long.

One common incident that I have faced and encounter is delaying of food by the restaurant.

I was eating in a restaurant and suddenly a familiar delivery boy arrived at the restaurant.

And I said, “hi” and hello, he replied.

We had a little conversation, and I started to eat my meal.

As I completed the meal, it was almost 25 minutes the delivery boy was still there. 

I asked everything is okay?

He said the chef still preparing the food, and he did not complete it yet.

He said this is the main reason our rating got drop.

And I said to the chef to add more staff to your restaurant for managing orders.

He just nodded.

The manager of the restaurant called the delivery guy, and he explained everything to him.

The chef apologized and gave him the food to Doordash delivery guy.

He was approximately 24 minutes late in delivering food to the customer.

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