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Instacart tipping 

Similar to ride-sharing services, however, Instacart delivers groceries instead of people. 

It’s the same as ordering pizza, where tips are usually expected. 

Perhaps you are wondering whether or not you should tip Instacart drivers if this is your first time using the service?

The Instacart driver tipping process, tip amounts, and if delivery fees are included in that tip are a few more items to learn about. So let’s move forward!

Instacart Shopping

It’s a relatively straightforward process that can make life so much easier. 

This first part will provide you with a breakdown of the steps you should take to use this at-home shopping  experience.

What is Instacart?

instacart is an online and mobile shopping app that allows you to shop for groceries. 

People are able to shop for products from a store of their choice, as well as view and select products from different stores. 

A shopper/ driver picks up the order from the user, delivers it, and schedules it for delivery after choosing a delivery slot.

Depending on where a person lives, different stores are available to them. A variety of retailers are available through Instacart, including supermarkets, dispenser, high-box stores, pet supply network, and supply stores from the office.

How does it work?

What is Instacart

By implementing an on-demand setup into their business, Instacart has taken advantage of all the benefits. 

They are present in a number of major US cities and serve over 25,000  grocery stores. 

These grocery stores, specialty shops, and pharmacies offer more than 300,000 products to their customers through the app. 

There are many stores they cover, including Safeway, Costco, Sprouts, Wegmans, and  many more.

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‘Users’, ‘Personals’, and ‘ShoppersStores’ make up the entirety of the business concept. 

All of these elements, along with the app as a mediator, define what the company is. 

The app cannot function properly without this complete ecosystem. 

One relief for a company like Instacart is that it owns no grocery stores or employs any permanent workers; the company uses the platform as its main business.

With a platform such as this, shoppers can conveniently buy groceries and earn income while still being able to work away from home whenever they want. 


benefit by gaining a larger audience and reaching more customers than they could ever reach with a physical location. 

Let’s covered the another section of the topic

Is it a good idea to tip Instacart drivers?

Instacart tipping

Even though tipping isn’t technically required, you should definitely tip if you received good service and humbleness in the behaviour. 

Tips are greatly appreciated by shoppers at instacart, whose pay is generally lower than that of restaurant servers.

It’s customary to tip Instacart drivers. 

The company recommends tipping 5%, but if the service is excellent, you should tip more. 

Their wages are heavily dependent on tips, as are those in many service industries.

How much should you tip on Instacart?

If you choose to leave a tip, you’re showing your appreciation for the excellent service your shoppers provide. 

All the tips you leave go to your individual shoppers. 

In the restaurant industry, the standard tip is 15% to 20%; the tip recommended by Instacart is 5%

The Instacart shopper should get a tip of at least $3.75 if you paid $75 for your groceries. Instacart tipping etiquette calls for at least 5%

After the order is delivered, you will be given the opportunity to alter your tip up to 24 hours after it has been delivered to your Instacart Shopper. ( Source)

Is the tip visible to Instacart drivers?

Perhaps you have wondered whether your tip will be visible to your Instacart driver when you leave a tip using the app or website. 


As a result, the driver can even decide if he or she will accept the order depending on the tip.

Despite the fact that they may not appreciate it, you should tell them so they don’t think you’re holding back a  tip. In contrast, the driver who actually sees it may feel it’s too low or not enough in their eyes.

The right amount to tip them is not an issue for most people. 

There is a 5% tip recommended by Instacart, which is much lower than the 15% average restaurant tip. 

Once the job is completed, you can add this on virtually to the order so that it is available immediately. 

A bare minimum of 5% is necessary. Great service should always be tipped more!

Your tip will show up once they’ve delivered your items, and they’ll be paid.

How to tip an instacart driver?

Modifying the tip during the order process or after receiving your delivery is possible.

While checking out in the app, you can leave a tip

  • Scroll down to Delivery Tip after clicking ‘Go to Checkout’.
  • Select ‘Change’ from the drop-down menu.
  • When you are finished tipping, choose ‘Save Tipping’ (If you wish to).

In website

  • On the right side of the checkout page, click’ Change’ next to Delivery Tip.
  • Click’ Save Tip’ after selecting the amount for your tip.

To add or modify a tip after delivery in app—

  • In the upper left-hand corner, tap the 3 horizontal lines.
  • Go to ‘Your orders’.
  • Select the order you just placed.
  • Click Rate and tip.
  • Choose the tip amount.

In website

  • Select either Account or Hey, [Your Name] on the top right
  • Click on ‘Your Orders’
  • On the relevant order, click ‘View order details’
  • To rate an order, click the Rate Order button
  • Update the tip after rating the order.

Do You Tip Instacart in Cash? 

Instacart Grocery

Instacart drivers are typically tipped through the virtual system. 

Using this app you can calculate the tip, but you are also welcome to tip them in cash.

It is also possible to pay them in cash if you do not wish to increase the amount on your debit card or if you have extra cash on hand. 

Regardless of how they receive the tip, they get 100%.

Profits will never be taken from you by the company. The tip is divided amongst all employees and drivers in certain delivery services so that employees and drivers get a balanced tip.

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