How to Make $1000 a Week with Uber Eats?

In 2009 Uber was born and since then, the face of the sharing economy that we used to see is getting change and change.

From picking up a stranger to selling jewelry and rent online, with the high security, sharing economy platform developing every day and playing a crucial role in our day-to-day life.

Everyone wants to make some extra money for their income and savings – and we want to retire early and delivery driver knows how to make $1000 a week with Uber Eats or other food delivery platform.

Uber is a ride-hailing app for passengers, and car owners can put their car in Uber to make extra money.

Car owners can drive the car by themselves, or they can hire a driver who can drive for them.

A driver can make money driving for UberEats in their spare time to make money and pay their college fees and other expenses.

How to Make $1000 a Week with Uber Eats?

In this article, we are going to talk about some tips for getting started with Ubereats.

First, –  I would like to address how great it is to work with Ubereats and other delivery systems on your own schedule because I know there are many places people work 80-90 hours per week.

Second- Don’t limit yourself to one delivery system – Sign up with GrubHub and drive for doordash to make extra money and have more options available for yourself.

If possible, get the secondary phone for delivery, and you need to go online in one app, accept the delivery, and just go offline in other applications.

Tips to Make $2000 a Week

Famous Youtube Sabby became an internet sensation after completing the challenging 12 hours a day for 30 days in Ubereats.

SabbyLyon tip helps many Uber Eats drivers to make extra money and he made $8K in the month of June.

#1. Set Your Goal

The very first thing you need to do is set a goal to get motivated himself to the exhausting 12-hour delivery.

The goal helped you to, Ubereats is flexible, but if you worked hard, surely you can make more in delivering.

The goal encourages you to work 12 hour, Ubereats is flexible, but if you work hard, surely you can make more in delivering.

To touch the parameter of $1000 in a week, at least you have to make 10 deliveries every day. Whether you worked 10 or 12 hours, a minimum of 10 deliveries helps you earn $1000

in a week.

#2. Your Profile Pic Help You to Get Handsome Tip

One thing remember – you can’t change your UberEats profile without a good reason –  so make sure you put a great profile pic in the first attempt in the apps because your customer has no idea who you are- little did they know about the tiny car, your name with an initial of last name and hopefully your tiny smiley face.

It is a harsh truth that your profile pic helps to dictate about you. The people judge how presentable you look. Have a good, high-quality profile picture.”

And UberEats Policy does not allow you to change the profile pic once you updated the original pic – you need to contact UberEats help if you want to change the profile picture.

#3. Analyze Your Market

Los Angeles is great for earning because there is a high chance you will receive a handsome tip.

In a different city, you may see a strange figure,  and usually on campus or somewhere with students you get to pay less tip.

Depending on what you’re in, you will find a lot of Ubereats, Doordash drivers, and lots of bike drivers.

You cant compete with them in  urban, downtown areas

#4. Stop Wasting Your Time on Referral Bonus

UberEats gives a driver referral code to promote the new driver that they can start delivering. As soon as the new driver completes a certain target of deliveries, the recruiter will make money up to $50.

Bonus amounts vary from market to market – in some cities UberEats give $50 after completing the 50 deliveries, and in some cities $10 with 20 accomplished targets.

A referral bonus only works for a certain driver who has a large following and a close friend who is serious about working as a delivery driver.

When your mind tries to make money quickly, then you may lose focus, and that leads to fewer deliveries.

#5. Follow the Trends in Your Area

“When you are a new driver and starting to pass every single small or large order to make more delivery.”

“In the UberEats delivery quantity-over-quality is more important for learning and experience.”

Accepting every order in the hope of getting a big order can backfire you as an inexperienced order.

After making several deliveries you will find the best restaurants which help to get more deliveries and never avoid small deliveries because 3 small deliveries mean 3 different tips.

You may be seen as different results in your market, but you should adopt the scale.

#6. Invade Your Downtime

Nobody knows when the customers are up for order. If you have two cellphones?

Then it is a lot more comfortable for you to stay online for a longer time.

Taking a nap and other breaks is a kind of trick to go offline. So vowed to yourself  not to fall into that temptation.

You can have your own time while staying online in the app – you can give time to other courses – you have joined.

Lyon stated ” if he were delivering in the suburb – then make sure to park near the McDonalds, an Applebees, a Red Robin.

To reduce the costs, Lyon eats his own homemade food while delivering.

You can take out the time, prepare the food at home, and hit the road again for the next delivery.

Do you want to see great results?

You can stop eating fast food for the next 30 days.

#7. Accept Odd Requests That Could End up in a Big Tips

When you hit the road – you come in contact with many experienced drivers.

You can ask him, ” how much and what types of an odd request driver received during the trip?.

Cigarettes are common, and sometimes customers request you to bring other things on your way.

Customers love to give more tip when you fulfill their wish and request during the trip.

Denying leads you to a bad impression and rating.

You are not supposed to bring alcohol during the trip –  in that case, If the customer is forcing and given a poor rating, then you can contact customer service and let them know about the situation.

UberEats Support Phone Number for Drivers : 1-800-253-9435

#8. Keep the Record of Your Expenses

When you receive the paycheck from a side hustle, then the total amount is not actually earned if you include the tax and expenses.

However, 30% of the earnings goes into tax and car depreciation.

Sometimes, it pains being a 1099 worker.

To calculate the actual amount – keep the 30% amount from the actual paycheck, and you can see the earning of your deliveries. 

If you can keep tracking you can reduce some of the unwanted expenses.

Gas and car depreciation can cost almost $1000 in a month.

Driver experts Lyon suggested to keep fixed $20 for gas price. That totaled $599. He had one oil change ($49) and also factored in his car’s depreciation ($500) based on the miles he drove.

It breaks down like this: The total earnings were $8,357. Your expenses account for $1,148, and he set aside an estimated 30% of the difference for taxes, about $2,100. That brought the actual profits to roughly $5,100.

Source: ThePennyHoarder

How Delivery Fare are Calculated?

There are 4 ways to calculate your earnings in UberEats.

  • Base Fare: Includes your pick-up, drop-off, time, and the distance you have covered.
  • Trip Supplement: Added to your trip to make every trip worthwhile.
  • Promotion: Surge and Boost price only available in selected cities.
  • Tips: Money after every delivery from the customer for service.

Additional Incentives

Boost is the multiplied amount applied to your base fare amount. To know more about how it works?

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