How To Download Uber Receipt?

There are only two ways you can get the Uber receipt.

When the trips end – Uber automatically sends the receipt to the rider’s email address, and the second is that you can get the invoice through the Uber app by viewing the past trips.

However, Uber receipts are saved in the spam or junk folder of the inbox.

Due to technical issues, you may not sometimes receive the Uber receipts, but you can check in the Uber account and Uber Web Page.

Your Uber account having a trip history, check the below steps to get the Uber invoice.

Your Uber account includes a trip history of every ride you’ve taken. To review:

  1. Choose “Your Trips” from the app menu.
  2. Then Select a past trip.
  3. You can analyze the trip’s route, pick up location, and final destination.

4 For a full breakdown of your fare, tap Receipt.

How do I download Uber receipts?

Uber app does not provide the direct option to download or print the receipts.

There are two convenient ways to download the Uber receipts, and I tell you both procedures for downloading the receipts.

Uber receipts clearly show the breakdown of payment such as traveling time, distance, pickup, and destination location, and even the route.

The first method to get the Uber receipts is through the Uber official website.

Step #1: Login in the Uber Official website by registered email/phone number and password.

Step #2: Select the profile name in the Uber.

Step #3: Click on the drop-down menu, and there you find your All trips that you have taken.

Step #4: Select the trip that you have doubt or concern by clicking on the Detail button.

Step #5: Next step is to view the Uber receipts.

Steps #6: A popup option of download or print the receipt appears on your screen.

Note your receipt carries more information.

There is also a save invoice or resend option there, so if you want to save the invoice, you can do so, but the invoice doesn’t have much information as compared to receipts.

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How to get the Uber receipt from Gmail?

Gmail provides to print or download the email or invoice through the Gmail app.

Step #1: Click the Uber receipts email in the Gmail inbox.

Step #2: View the receipt.

Step #3: Gmail gives you the three option download, save pdf, and print option.

Step #4: Now you can print the receipt or download the receipts.

If you didn’t receive the Uber receipt in your email inbox, make sure you check the junk and spam folder and turn to Not Span, so Gmail knows this email is not spam.


can also request to resend the receipt through the Uber official website because they give the save invoice and resend the receipts.

The same procedure applies to the iPhone.


In this way, you will get the Uber receipt, and you can also download it and save it.

Many corporate riders require Uber receipts to add in their account, and I hope we have covered everything about the Uber receipts in the article, and if you have questions and queries, then please shoot in the comment section.

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