How To Deal With Your Uber Text Codes

What is an Uber Text Code?

Verification code sent to the users or rider to confirm the first stage of identity, they send the code in text inbox to verify the users.

Uber is not only who this kind of verification, almost every application verify the number through the text to examine whether the users/riders are reliable or fraudulent number has been enrolled.

uber text code, how to change uber passowrd

Email verification is additionally done in many applications to investigate the user/riders identification, sometimes it’s annoying but the riders have no choice just to verify and request for the service.

What is Spam Uber Text Code?

Uber sent you the code to verify the identity and created the account in the Uber BEFORE requesting the ride. One phone number allows one account per rider. There is always a spamming in every field so does in Uber.

Hacker or anyone can access the Uber account if the rider shares the four-digit verification text code to anyone or revealing to the friends that means full access given to Uber account to them.

You can block the spamming messages by installing the other blocking application from the app store or play store. It will help to stop those text messages.

uber text codes, how to change uber password

How Do I Stop Getting Uber Text Codes?

Unsubscribing from the newsletter from the Uber, it will stop from getting continuous emails from Uber, but also you will not receive any promotional offers such as discounts and coupon on occasion.

Riders still will receive the receipt of a trip and helps regarding replies, can not do anything in such cases.

To stop getting messages from the Uber, the rider needs to send the messages to this number +14152370403 and text STOP, the rider won’t receive SMS messages from Uber sides. 

However, if they want to restart the SMS service again, send messages to Uber on same given number and text START, or reach out to the Uber Help Page if want to regain the message service again.

What is Uber Messages?

Uber send text verification code and promotional offers code to the riders. If you find messages suspicious, then do not click on it.

Riders can chat through the Uber account with driver for confirming the ride or by providing detailed information about the pickup location.

It helpful instead of calling, riders can text every detail through text without dialing the number and get connected through the app.

uber text codes, how to change uber password

My Uber account Temporarily Disabled?

Uber may block the account after multiple attempts of putting the wrong password. Regaining the Uber account is simple if they are convinced that the rider did not commit the suspicious activity. 

The question arises here, how do you convince, no need to send 100s of replies, Uber will ask to verify your passport/driving license detail, as soon as you upload the details, your account will regain once again.

How To regain Uber account once it’s disabled?

uber text codes, how to change uber password

How To Change Uber Password?

Changing the Uber password is no different than any other method, you need to remember your email login. Many users initially put the incorrect email login and later it difficult to change the password as you may forget the password and lost the account because you do not have access to your mail.

The simple way to regain the account is that, go to the Help section – put the email then Uber will send you link and follow the instructions given in the link.

Why Rider Want to Change Uber Password?

Several reasons are there to change Uber password, to make the account more secure, to make the Uber password more unique so that nobody could crack.

Riders account may get hacked or misused by a third party and that is the reason, they may want to change the Uber password to save their card credential.

However one must keep in mind that the password should be strong and powerful because if the account goes in the wrong hand it would create so much inconvenience and loss of money, be careful while sharing the details of the account and never shared the Uber Text Code if you don’t know the person, and whoever will be.

Uber Sign-in Not Working?

It happens to every application due to some error, if you find that sign in problem continuously, then you need to contact Uber Support Team.

Support team will let you know the error so that you can fix it.

Sometimes what happens we forget the password or email and we face the login issue and in such scenario, you need to change the Uber password by ticking on forget a password button.

But if you are sure your password is correct then you can submit this form and re-identify your identity.

Some of the reason you may not able to log in

  • You have an outstanding balance on the account.
  • Uber may not able to get the payment from a previous ride.
  • Multiple Logins attempt you made.
  • Uber does not allow the service in your location.
  • You got blocked due to suspicious activity.
  • You have not confirmed the email before creating the account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I give my phone to Uber driver regarding any issue?

Several incidents have been seen where Uber driver took the phone and misuse with rider login credential information such as email id and credit card.

He may be changed the password and gain access to the login. Make sure you avoid such things and never share the authentication code.

How To Deal With Fake Uber Call?

Recently scammer called the driver from different states as customer support representative so that they get the details of driver log in and scam them.

Drivers are the priority in such scam, they make such allegation that you being rude with riders and your account will deactivate and send you an activation link which allows them to give full access to your account.

How To Delete My Uber Account?

Deleting Uber account is easy, you can delete account whenever you want to delete it.

  1. Click on menu icon
  2. Go to Setting
  3. Click on Privacy
  4. Click on Delete Account
  5. Verify your password
  6. Done-you are no longer to be part of Uber

I did not receive a Uber Text code for Verification?

This text verification code is a common issue these days that new users are not able to request the ride.

However, if you are not receiving the code over text then try to book a cab through the web browser and if still facing the same error.

I suggest asking help to the Uber Help page by emailing them issue regarding the verification text. Keep your message short and clear and on one thread they will reach you soon.

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