How to Contact Postmates Driver

Postmates provide the phone number and other contact details to support the customer queries, but how to contact Postmates driver for special instrcution.

Sometimes customers order something special with instructions and want to connect to the driver so they can inform the restaurants and work accordingly.

How to Contact Postmates Drivers?

The answer is you cannot contact the Postmates driver unless he picks up the order from the restaurants, and once he picks up, you can contact him.

Do you know Postmates Driver Requirements?

I know there is no point in contacting them, but there is a merchant number, and you can tell them about the special instruction that you want in your order.

There are other ways you can contact the Postmates support team about the issue, and it will resolve if you provide a detailed explanation, and you can read the article about it.

Contacting the driver before picking up the food is not possible.

Neither you nor they can contact you.

If you have an issue, then get in touch with the restaurant or merchants for special notes and instructions.

Postmates contact number is forced to leave the voicemail, and there is less chance they will call you back – better to deal with the problems with email support.

Why is it so hard to contact Postmates support?

Generally, we all had a bad experience with customer service, whether it was Doordash, GrubHub, and UberEats.

Sometimes we get the reply, and our issues resolve within a fraction of seconds, and sometimes it will take more than expected time.

This is not only the Postmates problem – I have seen it happened to me with many food delivery services.

They have less employees, untrained employees, etc, etc.

It’s hard to get in touch with, so we have email support – yes, I have many email replies.

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Can Customers Change the Order?

The customers are not allowed to change the order, instead, they need to cancel the order and order a new one, and Postmates may or may not refund the money depending upon how fast you cancel the order?.

If the merchant didn’t accept the order and you cancel it, then money will be refunded safely to your account, and you can get a new order.

If you are late and cannot accept or cancel the order, the you will lost the money, and the entire food goes to the delivery boy.


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