How Does Postmates Delivery Driver Work?

There are advantages and disadvantages to every job you work in the world.

Today, we will dig deeper into how Postmates delivery drivers work and is it worth it to deliver for Postmates?

If you are willing to handle the traffic, and thinking of becoming a part-time earner so you can pay your bills, working as a Postmates delivery driver is a great way to make money, extra income and helps to pay your college fees, or simply choose the career because it has flexibility, if flexibility important to you.

Working as a Postmates driver is not the same as working in another field.

Postmates drivers are entitled as an independent contractor and there is no minimum wage or other benefits you found in other industries’s employees.

Salary is directly proportional to the number of deliveries done.

Postmates delivery helps you to make around 10-15 dollars per hour, and these are not the typical salary,  also delivery service does not need any degree, as well as to do much training, a clean background will help to become a Postmates delivery driver.

If you’re looking to use your spare time to earn some extra cash by hitting into the gig industry, Postmates is a great and powerful resource to fill the pocket with money and flexibility.

All you need a car, bike, and willingness to work and deliver on time.

According to the many delivery drivers, Postmates can make up to average $15 per hour when the demand is at the peak.

Basic Requirement for Postmates Delivery Driver

The initial process is quite simple – you need to fill the online form and wait for the approval – you may wait for a background check for a little while

  • Drivers must live near a Postmates market.
  • Must be an 18-year-old 
  • Permanent U.S citizens
  • Own a car, truck, functional bike, scooter, or motorcycle, with valid vehicle insurance.
  • Driving license.

Postmates delivery drivers have previous delivery experience which helps them to be considered as more liable and suitable for the job because they’ve worked for restaurants, logistics like FedEx and DHL, and Instacart or Grubhub.

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What Happens After Approval?

After approval for Postmates as a delivery driver, you can hit the road right away.

Whenever you want to go out and make deliveries – just open the apps and go online and make yourself available for the deliveries.

Open the app, and you will find whether Postmates deliveries available in your area.

Coming to the delivery process, the merchants first received the notification about the order, and as a delivery driver – you have time to arrive at the pickup location.

Always remember to take the itemized recipe of the order from the merchants, in case of customer dispute of accuracy of the order.

A little note about the Postmates prepaid card, Postmates gives the prepaid card to the driver, and they need to activate the card within the apps.

When a customer places an order, money automatically transfers to a prepaid card, and the driver can pay with a card to the merchants and deliver the food.

Sometimes for pay to pick up service, drivers need to pay the merchants with the card and collect it from the customer.

It will take minimum timing to add funds and pay for it.

For advanced pay, your job is to collect the food from the merchants and leave the restaurant and deliver it on time. You then take the goods to the shopper, take payments, and move on to the next delivery.

For advanced pay, your job is to collect the food from the merchants and leave the restaurant and deliver it on time. After delivering, you just need to accept the payments and move on to the next order.


For every delivery done by you – a payment receipt sent by Postmates, and that will let you know how much you earn and did Postmates promo code or Postmates gift card apply to the order..

Postmates driver pay and how they Postmates broke down the delivery payment which helps to understand the Postmates payment module

  • Pickup
  • Drop-off
  • 100% tip
  • The time you wait at the merchant
  • The distance you covered from pickup to drop-off

Your entire earning is paid weekly via direct bank deposit. If you need the funds sooner,  then you have to pay the fee by linking your bank account using the Postmates Instant deposit feature, and read the article below about the Postmates Payment system.

Postmates Driver Pay

Postmates is a non-cash delivery service and does its best to remove the cash system from its platform. If you have seen cash payments in Postmates, make sure to inform contact Postmates.

You are not allowed to pay for deliveries from your pocket and never accept cash deliveries – even the merchants pressure you.

Final Word

An article published on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average U.S. employee gets paid more than $25 per hour by the private sector and its data of early 2020.

Many jobs pay more than $25 per hour depending on your education, experience, and degree.

There are a million workers out there who don’t have certification and are making less than $10 to pay the fees or support the family.

From this perspective, working as a Postmates driver provides a better solution for the money problems, helps you a lot in paying bills and college fees without affecting much life-style.

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