How does Instacart work with Costco

How does Instacart work with Costco?

Instacart allows you to order groceries from local stores online, then a personal shopper will fulfill your order and deliver it to you the next day. 

The company does not stockpile fresh produce in a massive warehouse like other grocery delivery services.  

They accept orders through Costco’s website from major grocery stores, which then are transported to one of their part-time employees. 

Retail sales represent the majority of Costco’s revenues, with membership fees representing a small percentage. 

This personal shopper shops for all of the items you need, has it delivered to you in their personal car, and then returns it. You can think of it as the Uber of grocery delivery!

Through the Instacart app or website, you can shop for your favorite products at a Costco near you. 

If you choose Instacart, you will be connected with a personal shopper who will shop for and deliver your order in your area. 

The “Leave at my door” option is available for contactless delivery. Instacart’s mobile app and website allow you to monitor and communicate with your shopper every step of the way.

Can Instacart shoppers enter Costco without presenting ID?

We are now aware that a Costco Shopper can use Instacart, but how do you enter Costco?

Because you’ll be going into the store as an Instacart representative, having a valid form of identification makes sense. 

Instacart uniforms or lanyards, which you have to wear while shopping, offer you access to your account without providing identification.

Alternatively, you can use your Instacart profile on your smartphone to identify yourself. 

You can bring your original ID or a scanned copy of it with your picture.

Does Instacart require shoppers to wait in line at Costco?

Costco’s partnership with Instacart is already well-known. 

It would be inefficient for Instacart customers to stand in line (like everybody else). 

The deadlines have to be met after all. It’s possible that you’ve seen ad campaigns promising that groceries will be delivered in two hours.

Consequently, shoppers using Instacart need not wait in line.

Costco locations sometimes take priority over general shoppers when it comes to Instacart. In some cases, they are allowed access to the Costco more than an hour before opening to the public, and more than an hour after closing to the public. Occasionally, Instacart shoppers can enter and exit Costco through a separate door and go through a dedicated staging area.

Does Instacart mark up prices at Costco?


markups range from 10% to 23%. Are they too high? 

That depends on the individual, but they are not excessive. In order to put things in perspective, you should estimate how much time you would spend at the grocery store – if you’re not an Instacart customer, just an average shopper – walking aisle to aisle and returning home.

Also, it’s important to remember that these online grocery delivery companies employ thousands of workers, some full-time, others part-time. So, mark-ups are the main source of revenue for the restaurant.Tipping is another vital aspect of mark-ups. 

Tipping is considered standard business procedure. 

It is not inappropriate to tip Instacart drivers and shoppers

It is a gesture of appreciation on our part as well as a way to recognize those who provide necessary goods and services.

Can Instacart Shoppers purchase goods from Costco on their own?

It depends. You need to have your own Costco membership first. 

While you’re there and doing a job for a customer, don’t expect to just pick up some stuff for yourself. 

Unless you’re doing a shop for a customer, you won’t find much to buy.

A scannable membership card for the customer being shopped for is displayed when the Instacart Shopper checks out. Customers who do not have Costco memberships will be charged to the company’s Costco account.

Regardless, a Costco account is necessary for purchases. 

Attempts by shoppers to make personal purchases would almost certainly result in the termination!

Does Instacart allow non-members of Costco to shop at Costco?

Yes, you can buy online and have Instacart deliver it to your home regardless of whether or not you are a Costco member. It is true, though, that being a Costco member will result in a lower price.

Those who are not members will have to pay a surcharge of 5% for shopping. 

Furthermore, there is the matter of the steep price tags at Costco.

Prices in some stores are 20 percent higher than they typically are in stores. 

So, if you’re wondering whether it’s worth it, you should compare it to similar products.

Costs vary greatly based on whether you buy directly from the store, whether you buy through Instacart alone, and whether you buy from Costco through Instacart. 

We can compare three costs.

Making a comparison is a good idea if you’re incredibly price-sensitive. 

If you drive to the store to do your shopping, you’ll need to estimate the cost of gas and how long the trip will take.

Using Instacart through Costco makes sense if you’re very busy and value ease. 

In order to focus on the more important things, it’s a good idea to outsource grocery shopping. Instacart users need to be a part of the program to be able to use this feature.

Ordering through Instacart: the pros and cons


  • The convenience is great if you are sick and cannot shop, or if you have young children and cannot leave the house.
  • An extensive selection that’s comparable to what you would find in-store
  • Stores besides supermarkets that you can order from
  • Despite not having a membership, you can visit Costco
  • It is easy to order and the shoppers are communicative when issues or substitutions occur.


  • You can’t pick and choose the product.
  • You may pay a premium since prices are typically higher than actual in-store prices. The markup varies from shop to shop, and it is unclear why some items are more expensive and others less.
  • Discounts, coupons, and other promotions are not considered.

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