GrubHub Tipping | Do You Tip GrubHub Driver?

We already covered the Uber tipping policy and a little known history of tipping and now Grubhub tipping.

As a customer, tipping a Grubhub driver or any food delivery driver, one thing is important to us is service.

Sometimes food gets delivered not in time, and it gets cold.

What do you think like a customer, will they pay you cash tip because whatever reason a driver would have but the customer has a whole different idea in mind.

I talked to many customers, and if they did not deliver food in time, they are going to get less tip or no tip, that’s it.

Circumstances are not going to change their minds.

Many drivers make excuses for late delivery, and customers think they were delivering food late intentionally.

Food delivery drivers prefer to have cash tips rather than tipping in the app. Grubhub tipping has no difference from the rest of the competitor’s apps.

Grubhub Tipping | How Much Gratitude is Enough?

Grubhub Tipping

$5(personal opinion) is considered a minimum tip, one can give to the Grubhub drivers.

As a customer, delivering in time and fresh food, and delivering less than expected time adds value to the tip.

Customers should give tips to food delivery drivers as they put a lot of effort into delivering the food.

I know, it’s their job, but you don’t know they try to do everything to get a handsome tip.

Tipping is part of their structure, if you know the Doordash pay structure, you would know how much tip is important to the food delivery driver.

Quantity of order, distance, delivery on time, even on high traffic, and driver delivery at customer address. These things add value to tips.

GrubHub Tipping Policy?

Tipping to food delivery drivers is the customer’s own choice whether they want to tip, or not-but Grubhub has moved one step forward to encourage the customer to tip as they introduced a suggested tip feature in the app.

What are problems deliverers face during delivery?

UberEats Cash Payment

Getting a handsome is not everyone’s cup of tea you have to prepare for a problem that you are going to face.

  • Food not ready on time at restaurants.
  • Unclear instruction of customers in the apps such as incorrect location, and inappropriate guide to the address.
  • Customer’ s unanswered phone.
  • Customers expect the deliverer to walk a lot of stairs, and elevators for delivery.
  • Customers take a long time to meet and take the food.

Food delivery drivers often faced such situations, and according to a survey from US Food.

You have tackled these things and obligations because of their part of the job.

Tips in Cash

63% of tips done through apps. Customers first prefer to tip through online within the app.

It is a cashless society and the rest of them prefer to see on-time delivery.

Service fee has played a role in tipping, and customer mind changes if restaurants charged too much service fee.

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