Grubhub Pay Cash| Pay With Cash In USA

Payment is like an exchange of something, you have something in return from another party.

Grubhub pay cash means paying cash to the restaurants while ordering.

Before inventing the exchange mode of payment, what was the source of exchange?

Has such a question ever entered into your mind?

In the middle ages, people from a different culture used to exchange things, you have something more, and you give them to someone who needed it?

Americans had their choice of payment in the 21th century. They have several modes of transaction methods such as credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks, and newer forms of electronic payments, such as mobile wallets and wearables.

A new form has become popular, and we are more inclined toward them, and we are adopting the new change wholeheartedly.

A survey was conducted in 2018 by TSYS, and the result was quite amazing that 44% of consumer choice is the debit card as the preferred mode of payment, 26% choice credit card, while 26% choice was cash as a preferred mode of payment.Today we are going to discuss about the detail analysis of Grubhub payments.

What is Grubhub+?

A quick introduction for Grubhub that it is the food delivery mobile application that helps to connect the nearby restaurants to the local diner takeaway.

Established in Chicago in 2004 and currently running more than 50 states with 19.9 million active users and more than 150,000 associates restaurants.

Grubhub+ means free delivery.

GrubHub is launching a new subscription plan at costs of $9.99 for months.

Grubhub+ offers unlimited free delivery, and 10% cashback in every order, and most delivery services already have their subscription plan and customers hardly switch to premium because it only makes sense if you are a regular customer.

Free delivery only applies to those restaurants that have GH+ symbols next to their names.

DoorDash dashPass  is also a subscription free delivery pass and have a great alternative of Grubhub.

Different mode payment in Grubhub

Grubhub accepts almost major modes of payment getaways in their mobile application.

We can have a credit card, Grubhub Gift Cards, Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Amex Express Checkout.

Grubhub always attempted to never lose their orders due to payment gateway, and they must succeed in the commitment.

There is a simple business proverb that customers will come from anywhere and the same rule applies here.

Grubhub knows customers will come for ordering food from the debit cardholder, and some of them from credit and mobile wallet too.


never turn down due to getaway, and the rule is to follow almost every food ordering mobile application such as Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates, and UberEats.

How can you pay with cash on Grubhub?

Before ordering food on Grubhub to pay with cash, I want clear things that only rare restaurants are allowed to accept cash.

I repeat those are the rare restaurants and if your favorite eateries are not on the list, then you need to pay with cards or mobile wallets.

How can you find restaurants that accept cash?

  1. Login into Grubhub accounts or sign up today.
  2. Put the delivery address or zip code of your home.
  3. Enter the food keyword on the search section(for example pasta)
  4. Select the restaurant.
  5. You will find a menu of the restaurants.
  6. Click on the checkout page at the bottom of the page.
  7. You will find multiple modes of payment.
  8. Select one of them and make payment.

If the cash option is not available, that means restaurants do not accept cash. 

Grubhub supported their partner to make their decision about the cash payment, because if they want to accept it so they can.

Grubhub didn’t force the cash mode of payment to their partners.

Why did most restaurants refuse to Accept Cash?

Grubhub Pay cash

The reason is quite simple: accepting the digital mode of payment puts the restaurant to the safe side of the road.

It makes more sense and more convenient if the order is placed through card and mobile wallet payment.

If the order is canceled or many of us are denied payment after food is delivered, then the restaurant could not bear the loss.

Grubhub is the only food delivery service permitted to pay in cash to certain restaurants. Most of the competitors refused to use cash as payment mode such as Instacart, Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and many others.

Though Grubhub includes many major payment options for us, we can use a credit card, Grubhub Gift Cards, Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Amex Express Checkout. These are the great alternatives if our favorite eateries don’t have a cash option.

You can always Tip your courier by Cash

The courier boy always expects tips for their service, and cash is the mode of payment for it.

If your courier boy delivers the food on time, then you should generously give a tip to him, because their income essentially depends on tips.

However, tipping is entirely the individual choice, you can pay it or leave, there is no problem if you don’t want to pay the tip to the courier boy.


Cash is still considered the convenient mode of payment, and if your thoughts are similar, so shoot in the comment and also let us know the current scenario of electronic pay.

If you faced something and you want to let the people know, so it’s our humble request to tell us in the comment.

I believe I answered all your questions about how Grubhub  cash pay works? and if I miss something, so let us know your experiences.

5 thoughts on “Grubhub Pay Cash| Pay With Cash In USA”

  1. I just tried using GrubHub by using cash but that is not an option. I contacted customer service through a chat they informed me that the restaurants are limited that you can use cash. However they could not give me a list of restaurants that I could use nor can you find them by filtering in the app. So in my experience you can’t use cash with GrubHub.

    • I’m sorry so you can use cash is what you’re saying but there’s no easy way to find which ones except cash unless you go through the ordering process of each individual restaurant with today’s technology there should be an easier way.

      • Try to use a debit/credit card or wallet.
        There is no easy way you can find out the cash-accepting restaurants on Grubhub.
        Don’t waste your energy looking for cash-based restaurants.

    • There are many disadvantages to accepting cash.
      Suppose driver’s friend order cash on delivery and switch off the phone then entire food goes to the delivery boy and who bears the loss?
      One thing they surely can do is accepting cash on pick up orders.

  2. Should have filter for cash delivery acceptance. WHY WASTE TIME ON GRUBHUB. To go through the motions of ordering when you’re hungry. Really CHECKOUT is the only way to find out if restaurant takes cash. Surely programming could be better☹☹☹☹☹☹☹


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