Grubhub Pay Cash| Pay With Cash In USA

The online delivery service GrubHub allows cash payments. This is just one reason it’s such an attractive and versatile choice. You won’t have to worry about feeding your credit card information into an online app because some Grubhub restaurants accept cash. 

Cash options are scarce, but they do exist. Using this trial and error method requires patience and time, but it may pay off in the end. Trying it beforehand will help you to find out who accepts cash through Grubhub in the future.

What is Grubhub?

A quick introduction for Grubhub is that it is the food delivery mobile application that helps to connect the nearby restaurants to the local diner takeaway.

Established in Chicago in 2004 and currently running more than 50 states with 19.9 million active users and more than 150,000 associates restaurants.

Grubhub means free delivery. GrubHub is launching a new subscription plan at costs of $9.99 for months. Grubhub offers unlimited free delivery, and 10% cashback in every order, and most delivery services already have their subscription plan and customers hardly switch to premium because it only makes sense if you are a regular customer.

Free delivery only applies to those restaurants that have GH+ symbols next to their names.

DoorDash dashPass  is also a subscription free delivery pass and has a great alternative to Grubhub.

Can I pay with cash on GrubHub?

Grubhub Pay Cash| Pay With Cash In USA

One of the benefits of using some food delivery services is that you can pay with cash when the food is delivered. This is a convenient option for those without a viable online payment option and can order food delivery more easily.

How to pay for your order in cash at GrubHub?

The first thing you want to do is make sure the restaurant accepts cash payments. Some restaurants do not accept cash payments. When ordering with cash, you must:

  • Sign in to the GrubHub app
  • You can search for restaurants based on your preferences
  • Check the menu of the restaurant you have chosen and add the necessary items to the shopping cart
  • You can now place an order by going to your cart
  • You need to fill out this form with your personal information
  • The “Cash payment” option is located at the bottom of the payment screen.
  • Then click “Continue checkout”

Unless the check is checked out, cash payments are not accepted at the restaurant. You should choose another restaurant for your meal.

What GrubHub restaurants accept cash?

GrubbHub’s cash payment feature is great, but many restaurants do not accept cash. GrubHub does not have an accurate list of the restaurants that accept cash payments because restaurants are so regionally dependent.

A simple way to find out if your favorite restaurant accepts cash payments is to add something to your cart and see if you can pay with cash.

Even though it can be a time-consuming process, it is the easiest way to find out whether a restaurant accepts cash.

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Why Most Restaurants Don’t Accept Cash?

Even though some restaurants still accept cash through GrubHub, most don’t. This is for very simple reasons. Cash makes things more complicated. You must give the cash to the GrubHub courier to deliver to the restaurant.

It unnecessarily adds more distance to their drive, takes more time through travel, and does not guarantee that you or the delivery driver will pay. Despite being more convenient for customers, most restaurants would not agree to that.

It’s rare to see a delivery service accept cash payments, but GrubHub is one of them. Most of our competitors decline straight up (Instacart, Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and many more).

Besides credit and debit cards, GrubHub also accepts PayPal, Apple Pay, eGift, and Android Pay. These are good options if you’re ordering from a restaurant that doesn’t accept cash.

How can you check which restaurants accept cash?

The majority of restaurants do not accept cash as a payment method, although it is a great option. Additionally, GrubHub’s list of restaurants accepting cash payments varies by region.

The only way to find out if a restaurant accepts cash is to add an item to your order and see if it is an option. 

Even though it isn’t the fastest method, you’ll be able to find out if you can pay for your meal in cash. Simply follow the previous instructions. Checking doesn’t require you to make a full order, just add one dish.

Are there any payment methods GrubHub accepts?

Apart from cash, GrubHub also accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and GrubHub gift cards.

Cash payments may prevent you from getting a discount or taking advantage of GrubHub’s promotions and deals.

Thus, Apple Pay and PayPal are also great options to make sure you get the best deals while paying on GrubHub. Using them also makes it easier to discover restaurants that are nearby.

Grubhub’s payment model

  • Mileage for each order

Each order is compensated for the distance traveled.

  • A few tips

In addition to your total pay, you keep 100% of your tips.

  • Travel time

The mileage does not always reflect the total time it takes to complete an order, so we make sure to compensate you for the time you spend on the road as well. 

  • Deals and offers

In addition to receiving bonuses and in-offer bonuses, Grubhub delivery partners can earn additional cash by completing Missions (exciting goals to complete) and by participating in fun sweepstakes!

Grubhub Payment Model


Cash is still considered a convenient mode of payment, and if your thoughts are similar, shoot in the comment and also let us know the current scenario of electronic pay.

If you face something and you want to let the people know, so it’s our humble request to tell us in the comment.

I believe I answered all your questions about how Grubhub  cash pay works? and if I miss something, let us know your experiences.

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  1. I just tried using GrubHub by using cash but that is not an option. I contacted customer service through a chat they informed me that the restaurants are limited that you can use cash. However they could not give me a list of restaurants that I could use nor can you find them by filtering in the app. So in my experience you can’t use cash with GrubHub.

    • I’m sorry so you can use cash is what you’re saying but there’s no easy way to find which ones except cash unless you go through the ordering process of each individual restaurant with today’s technology there should be an easier way.

      • Try to use a debit/credit card or wallet.
        There is no easy way you can find out the cash-accepting restaurants on Grubhub.
        Don’t waste your energy looking for cash-based restaurants.

    • There are many disadvantages to accepting cash.
      Suppose driver’s friend order cash on delivery and switch off the phone then entire food goes to the delivery boy and who bears the loss?
      One thing they surely can do is accepting cash on pick up orders.

  2. Should have filter for cash delivery acceptance. WHY WASTE TIME ON GRUBHUB. To go through the motions of ordering when you’re hungry. Really CHECKOUT is the only way to find out if restaurant takes cash. Surely programming could be better☹☹☹☹☹☹☹


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