GrubHub Insurance Policy for Driver

GrubHub Insurance Policy

GrubHub handles a wide range of food delivery networking sites to deliver food. 

GrubHub assigns drivers to do food delivery service. 

Drivers need to fulfill specific criteria composed by Grubhub company to perform systematically. 

One of many conditions is insurance policy eligibility. 

A driver must know how the Grubhub insurance policy works, whether Grubhub offers any insurance, the advantages of taking auto insurance while being a driver of Grubhub, or insurance benefits for the driver. 

To answer this differential question, one needs to overlook the complete guide of a Grubhub insurance policy.

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Does Grubhub offer insurance to drivers?

Basic requirements to become a Grubhub driver is to be above 18 years, must have to own a smartphone or iPhone of an updated version, must have a car or scooters for food delivery purpose, and the other requirement is to have insurance. 

Grubhub Requirements

Grubhub doesn’t offer any insurance to drivers; before admitting a person as a GrubHub driver, the company asks for the verification of driver insurance and asks to upload the insurance soft copy in their company account; GrubHub doesn’t consign any coverage for driver insurance. 

How to get insurance for Grubhub company?

To get insurance for a particular profession, drivers need to have verified auto insurance. 

Auto insurance provides insurance to delivery drivers; a specific section is designed especially for drivers. 

It holds up to the maximum amount of coverage for accidents and injuries caused during delivery.

A driver needs to contact the insurance company and make them aware with proper documentation that they are currently working with Grubhub company and wish to hold that company’s coverage during accidents and damage to vehicles. 

Drivers need to contact the insurance company immediately and have an endorsement added to the policy to cover personal auto insurance used for business.

When doesn’t auto insurance cover the accident?

Auto insurance provides coverage for personal use or commercial purpose. 

There is a sharp difference between the insurance coverage of personal and commercial use. 

If drivers use the vehicles for business purposes, the insurance company doesn’t provide any coverage during accidents. 

Suppose drivers didn’t interconnect the insurance company with GrubHub. 

In that case, there is a high-risk category that driving for Grubhub comes under personal use for that the auto insurance company provides no coverage. 

Commercial auto insurance policies aren’t only for food delivery but any business work-related stuff.

How Auto Insurance policy impacts GrubHub rules?

When GrubHub appoints a delivery driver, Grubhub presents specific requirements that drivers need to follow up. 


Grubhub company checks the driver’s background and makes sure drivers have a valid license identity card followed by insurance.

The other requirement is to have an active insurance policy to hold maximum coverage during accidents or injuries. 

The Grubhub company denies associating with persons if drivers don’t have a valid insurance policy. 

Having localized insurance is not enough to hold coverage. 

Drivers must have valid auto insurance that holds maximum compensation for accidents.

Drivers need to ensure that the vehicles are not used for business use if he has no specific insurance coverage. If by any chance, that happens, the outcome would be devastating for the drivers.

Average auto insurance rates for drivers

  • Average monthly rates for personal insurance is up to $180.53, and the annual rates $1,270.00
  • The average monthly rates for catering (insurance) is up to $216.92, and the annual rates are $2,603.00
  • Average monthly rates for food and pizza delivery id $273.08 and the annual rate $3,277.00
  • The average monthly rate for a food truck is up to $434.32, and the annual rate is $5,213.00

Grubhub Auto Insurance Policy

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