Grubhub Chicago Delivery Driver Salaries

Grubhub delivers the food to the Chicago customer address also because Chicago is considered one of the foodie cities in the United States.

Grubhub is the leading eCommerce food delivery website nationwide, and they are trying to partner with as many as restaurants they can, so customers can have their favorite cuisine at home.

There are also UberEats, Doordash, and Postmates competing with Grubhub, but the way Grubhub provides the service without charging the service fee is attractive for customers, and we have an article on the comparison between the food delivery giants.

Comparison between GrubHub and other food delivery services

Grubhub Chicago Driver

Flexibility and you can decide the schedule are some of the best perks of becoming Grubhub Courier Guy.

And the most important part of any job is money and how much they pay to the Chicago drivers and answer is like any other drivers, so only a matter of time distance and tip bonuses are helped to calculate the money of the driver.

According to the Glassdoor, the approximate pay of a driver in Chicago is 10-13 dollars per hour.

According to the report of Indeed Grubhub, driver pay is $12.

The figure is the same for almost all delivery drivers, and you can be blessed with more money if you get the handsome tip for your service.

Grubhub Partners in Chicago

There are 520 partners currently in Chicago, Illinois.

And Grubhub serves their service in more than 80,000 restaurant partners in over 1,600 U.S. cities and London.

The figure is increasing, and we have seen food brand company KFC and Taco bells delivering their food through Grubhub, and we loved it.

Grubhub mainly centers on local restaurants, and that is why many small local restaurants whose name hasn’t been heard, you may find on Grubhub.

We have everything on fingers, but if you are on a budget, then something may be there in the Grubhub menu, and we surf the food and order.

How much does a Grubhub Delivery Driver in Chicago make?

Based on Indeed , Grubhub Delivery Drivers in Chicago earn approximately $53,000 yearly, which is in line with national averages.

Indeed has collected 75 salary information points in the past 36 months from employees, users, and job ads.

The salary figures displayed on Indeed are approximations based upon third-party submissions. Users are provided with these salary figures as a guide to general comparison. Your employer can provide you with an accurate salary figure. The minimum wage may vary by jurisdiction.

payment is made to delivery partners

The following payment options are available to delivery partners:

The direct deposit method: Get your balance deposited directly into your bank account every Thursday.

Payouts instantly: You can withdraw money from your Chase Bank account whenever you wish-free for Chase bank customers, and $0.50 for everyone else. It costs $0.50 per transaction to withdraw money directly to a debit card. 

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Which pays more: Grubhub or Ubereats?

The mileage earnings breakdown for Uber Eats is not available, so it’s hard to determine who is the best payer. It depends on where you live. 

Despite this, Uber Eats drivers report higher traffic than Grubhub drivers since Uber Eats is more well-known.

In addition, Uber Eats drivers say tipping is better on the Uber Eats app compared to other delivery apps. As a result, GrubHub doesn’t pay as much as Uber Eats.

Grubhub Chicago Coupons

There are referral coupons that are $10 OFF, and if you haven’t used it, so you can use your other account referral code and earn two discounts rather than using someone unknown from the Internet.

  • Restaurants Discount
  • Grubhub + discount
  • Competitor coupons

Every customer gets the discount in one or another way and in such cases competitors consider the best choice, U.S. there is no shortage of food delivery competitors.

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