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GoPuff is the leading grocery delivery service operated in the United States.

With increasing demand in the sale, there is also an increase in complaints and queries.

GoPuff customer service is helpful, unlike other delivery services, your query is their priority.

We can contact GoPuff customer service in many ways, such as email support, phone support, and social media support.

Sometimes person support is more helpful than any other like email and chats support.

We know it’s frustrating if we don’t get the answer to our queries even after trying multiple times, and sometimes some apps don’t bother to respond, and sometimes we get connected to some Asian people who are not well trained.

Email Support

The first option we try to get in touch with GoPuff customer service is email support.

Chatting over email is always our best option and even gets the reply within 24 hours, and sometimes it gets resolved too quickly, or sometimes it takes more than the expected time.

In the time of the pandemic, we may encounter a different issue like payment and order did not dispatch and help get delayed due to high volume, so the best option we should contact through a phone call, and if you did not get the connection, then try to reach them through email.

While sending the email, make sure you add all the points and don’t break the thread while sending a reply because every email is assigned to an agent and the new thread goes to the new agent.


GoPuff Phone Support(855-400-7833)

GoPuff is ready to solve the problem that you have faced during the order, and with the phone support, you can explain everything in detail very clearly and cleanly.

You might get the long hold time, but this is the only customer service number mentioned in their official help page.

First, contact them through email or social media page if you don’t want to wait too long, and email and chat are also a great option.

If you get connected to the GoPuff customer service, you need to add every point about the order, so can they assist you more conventionally.

How to call goPuff?

You can order many items from GoPuff for delivery to your home.

A local goPuff delivery driver will deliver many items, including food, alcohol, cleaning supplies, medications, and household goods, when you order online or over the phone.

GoPuff allows you to purchase items from the comfort of your home.

class="wp-block-heading">Make contact with GoPuff

As soon as you sign up and create an account on GoPuff, you will be able to order online or through the app. In GoPuff’s warehouses across the country, over two thousand five hundred products are stored.

Orders from goPuff are delivered directly to your home or office from our warehouse shelves.

Unlike courier services, GoPuffs offers very reasonable delivery costs; we won’t charge you excessive amounts.

It is the company’s goal to deliver directly to customers, rather than having them pick up items from stores. The convenience and speed of this service are appreciated by customers.

With goPuff, you can place your order in seconds and receive it within minutes.

Does Gopuff offer a chatting support system?

The goPuff customer service team informed us that live chat is not available. It is likely that goPuff does not have enough customer service staff to handle live chats, since they do not have a live chat option or a phone number.

Using certain tools, we can still assist you with any goPuff problem you encounter with best techniques and tools from Gethuman that will save you time.

A customer engages a third party through a third party for a chat with goPuff because of customer service issues, but gets other information or tools to actually resolve the issue.

We recommend indicating the type of issue you are experiencing above since live chat is not available. Coupon Spirit can help you find the solution to an issue with a specific web page. 

Social Media

Almost every service has a social media page to keep the customer updated with the latest policy and coupon and promo codes.

GoPuff is ready to help you with your query related to a driver, payment, and GoPuff promo code.

Most of the time social media pages just guide us on how to send a query to the GoPuff customer service, and the reason is simple, every team carries different operations.

You can join their official page and get to know about the exciting offers and in this pandemic, they will help with hiring and promo codes currently available and working in GoPuff.

Twitter Support



That’s it

If you have a query from goPuff and didn’t get resolved you can shoot in the comment, and might be someone or our reader help with your query.

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